Exploring the wonderful complications of a three-way relationship. Enjoy : DDDD


The first thing Roxas woke up to in the morning was the hushed voices outside his bedroom-their bedroom-door. And he was NOT happy.

"Dude, did you see how pissed off he was last night?"

"I'm not blind, retard."

"Me? It wasn't even me, yo. You probably jerked him wrong or something."

"Jerked him wrong?! You were the one with your hand down his pants-"

"I can hear you!" Roxas shouted, sitting up in the huge bed so that he could successfully aim a pillow at the door. He gave it a venomous blue gaze, daring the two men on the other side to start talking again.

"Yo, Rox, you awake?"

"I am now," the blonde seethed, a growling edge to his voice. He flopped back down and yanked the sheets back over his head. He didn't care what the other two said or did, he refused to leave the bed. At least it appreciated him enough to give him a good night's rest.

"C'mon, Roxy, pleaaase come out and tell Reno it was all his fau-ow!"

"Go away!" Roxas shouted back, his clipped voice slightly muffled by the blanket.

"See? He doesn't wanna talk to you, Axel, he'd rath-"

"Both of you! Or I'll make you wish you never tried to get me out of bed!"

"...C'mon, Reno, we better leave him alone for now."

Oh, now they decide to leave me alone, Roxas thought bitterly, frowning to himself. He waited for the two voices to drift away before he dared to venture out from beneath the blanket. Honestly, the two could be such... selfishheartlessSTUPIDmorons sometimes that Roxas would end up wondering what made him agree to get into such a relationship. All the shit they made him put up with yesterday was just the icing on the proverbial crap-tasting cake.

The trio had been making their way back from the movies when the icing just began morphing into hideous, overly sweet roses.

... "Is all you two can think about is the stupid sex scene?" Roxas asked with a sigh as he reluctantly walked between the two redheads. Which basically meant that there was a Roxas-tug-o'-war in effect, so passerby look out.

"Psh, no," Axel scoffed, a cocky grin making its way onto his face. "We think about other things too..."

"...Like sex," Reno finished, his grin matching his brother's and just waiting to be smacked off by an impending blonde. "And..." he added with a little purr, tugging Roxas closer to himself, "I bet we can make you moan and arch and beg so much better than that silly little movie..."

The blonde rolled his eyes, twisting himself out of Reno's grip. Axel took that chance to pull Roxas against his side, earning himself an elbow jammed in his ribs. Roxas wrenched away from the redhead and walked faster, hoping to put some distance between himself and two horndogs. They went twice before the movie and he was not about to have sex again. Hell, he was surprised he wasn't limping. But the brothers were stubborn and persistent and Roxas wanted to punch them in the face. He hated the way they could make his protests melt away with a few kisses plus a couple of heated touches. He hated it and was tired of being their fucktoy.

Reno grinned and nudged Axel, running on ahead to catch up to the fuming blonde. He snuck up behind him and reached out, slowly sliding his hands up the boy's arms and making him jump.

"Hey, love, you look a little tense," Reno whispered, his breath warm against Roxas's year. The younger teen flushed, and wished that God would strike him with something heavy (and preferrably metal) over the head. A group of younger girls walked by, giggling and eyeing them curiously and Roxas nearly rammed his head into a light pole.

"You look like you want a good kick in the balls," Roxas growled, trying to squirm away. His plans for escape were suddenly foiled when Axel came up behind him and slid an arm around his waist.

"Well, you look a little feisty..."

A few more flirty comments later, Roxas ended up being dragged back to the lobby of their appartment and into the elevator despite his furious protests.

"S-seriously, you guys, stop...!" Roxas demanded as the two pushed him against the nearest wall.

Axel chuckled at Roxas's pathetic (read: deadly) attempts at freedom and crushed their lips together. Roxas struggled for a moment before letting out a gasp when he felt Reno's tongue lapping at the sensitive spot below his ear. Axel smirked against Roxas and took that chance to thrust his tongue into the boy's mouth, ignoring his muffled protests.

And Roxas hated it, so, so much. It was like he was a toy to them, and they could do with him as they pleased. He hated how they managed to send hot flashes through his body, make his skin slick with sweat. He hated how Axel was already undoing the clasp on his jeans, how easily Reno was pulling open his shirt, how they were making his breath hitch by barely doing anything. It was only when someone's hand-his head was too foggy to figure out whose-slid beneath the waistband of his boxers was when Roxas finally lost it.

"You fucking sons of bitches, I said stop it!" Roxas roared, mustered just enough strength to shove the brothers off his body. Axel and Reno stumbled back, addressing Roxas with confused glances. It was kind of hard concentrating though when there was a flush, panting,and totally ravished blonde against the wall, jeans undone and shirt hanging open.

"You guys are such assholes!" Roxas snapped, blue eyes blazing angrily beneath his bangs. He didn't bother tacking on anymore insults because the elevator doors opened and he hightailed out of there. Making a beeline for the apartment door and locking himself in the bedroom was his top priority.

...Which led him to now.

Roxas sighed and relaxed into the pillows, feeling much more comfortable once he knew that Reno and Axel weren't hovering outside his door. He spent the next half hour or so staring at the ceiling in peaceful silence which was interrupted occassionally by his growling stomach. As if on cue, a knock came from the door.

"Hey, Rox, come out and eat. It's, like, a quarter to one."

The blonde scowled and flipped Reno, even though the redhead couldn't see it anyway. He didn't care if it was a quarter to one or a quarter to midnight, he wasn't coming out. "Since when do you care about when I eat?"

Reno blinked at the door and glanced over his shoulder at Axel, who was lounging on the couch. Axel shook his head and shrugged. "What are you talking about? Stop bullshitting around and come and eat."

"Fuck you!"

Axel rolled his eyes and heaved himself off the couch, sauntering over to the bedroom door. "How about you stop being a bitch and come out and talk?"

"Oooh, so you care about my feelings now? Y'want a medal or something?"

"Yo, are you still pissed about the whole elevator thing or som-"

"Elevator?! Oh, hell no, it's not just the goddamn elevator-"

"We're opening the door, Roxas-"

"-it's everything, you stupid douchebags-"

"We're coming in-"

Roxas stared in horror as the door swung open to reveal Reno with a bobby pin in his hand and Axel standing behind him.

"I swear... to god," Roxas breathing narrowing his eyes dangerously at the two, "if you ever hope to have children then don't you touch m-"

"Rox, we're gay, if you hadn't noticed."


"Whoa, calm down blondie," Axel said arching an eyebrow. "We won't touch you, just quit screaming..."

Roxas scowled, raising a pillow in defense. He was armed and ready and god help him if those two dared to get near him. ...But Reno didn't really get the picture, instead taking his chances and sitting down at the foot of the bed.


"Take it easy, holy shit," Reno mumbled, raising his hands in the universal sign for peace-please-be-held-don't-kick-me-in-the-balls. Roxas watched him carefully and slowly lowered his pillow.

Axel sighed and walked over to the bed, thighs pressing against the edge of the mattress. "So... you wanna talk, Rox?"

"Why, so that after you guys can fuck me and pretend it's a relationship?" Roxas spat, hitting his fist angrily against the headboard.

"What are you talking about?" Axel asked in surprise. Of course it was a relationship, why wouldn't it be? "We do care, y'know."

"Hah! That's funny. Because now it just seems like I'm some fucktoy for you guys!"

"A fucktoy?! What the hell gave you that-ow!"

Roxas had suddenly sprung up, bashing Axel across the face with his pillow, panting with rage.

"You want to know what gave me that idea?! I'm not even sure where to start!"

Both Axel and Reno flinched at the tone of Roxas voice as the blonde jumped off the bed and began pacing around the bedroom.

"Let's see, a month ago you guys dragged me out in the middle of Riku's party just to have sex in the car. Then I fell asleep and Reno drove us home just so we could fuck again. And two weeks ago you," he turned to glare at Axel who practically shrunk back against the wall, "came on to me while I was studying. I failed my test and had to retake it on the weekend because of you! And of course after you were done with me, Reno came home and fucked me again! And yesterday you tried to seduce me in an elevator, for christ's sake! Not to mention all the things you've done to me in between. It's like I'm here only for your personal enjoyment."

Roxas slowed to a stop and regarded the two redheads with an icy blue stare. The two averted their eyes, guilted into silence.

"Seriously, I don't know the last time we went out to do something just because. I mean, I knew what I was getting into, going after both of you at once, but I never thought you would actually throw away my feelings just for sex! I think Sora was right. One is enough but two is too muc-"

"Whoa, hey, hold up!" Reno cut in, jumping to his feet. "Are you saying you just wanna break it off?"

"...Maybe we should," Roxas muttered, averting his eyes to the floor. As much as he loved the two, he just couldn't handle the relationship. He liked the sex, sure, but not to the point where he was being used for sex whenever one pleased. Even so, he was surprised to see the panicked expressions on his lovers' faces.

"C'mon, Rox... we can work this out," Axel said slowly, moving away from the bed and carefully approaching the blonde. He didn't want to anger him or make him feel uncomfortable, because that would be a bad thing to do, especially now.

"Oh? And how long do you propose it will all last, hm?"

"Well... we got you to tell us what's wrong, right? It's a start."

Reno quickly caught on, also trying to get closer to Roxas. "You can't exactly blame us either. You never said anything, we just thought you were being hard to get-"

"But that's not an excuse for how Reno treated you!"

"...WHAT?!" Reno screeched, eyes widening enough to make a plate jealous. "Half of this was your fault!"

"So! It was your fault too!"

"Yeah, but you suddenly pinned everything on me, you bastard!"

The two redheads glared at each other, identical green eyes practically spitting vemon. Roxas watched quietly (and with some amusement) when Axel and Reno suddenly jumped at each other, trying to wrestle the other to the floor.

"You always do this! Try to make yourself look good and then make me out to be the bad guy...!" Reno gasped and ducked, narrowly missing a punch to the head.

"Well I have to, with you going around and wooing Roxas all over the place-!"

"Guys, stop!" Roxas shouted suddenly, freezing the other two in place. Axel was currently pinned to the floor, a fist in Reno's stomach, while Reno had a hand wound savagely in Axel's hair. They were mildly surprised to see Roxas standing there, laughing.

"Okay, okay, you've.. you've-hahaha-convinced me.."

"..We what?"

Roxas grinned and knelt down beside the two, pulling them off of each other. "I guess there's a lot to be said about two guys who'll fight each other just for me."

"Yeah, well... y'know..." Axel trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"...Since we love you and all," Reno finished, smirking despite the flowering bruise on his cheek.

"And we promise we'll try to make this work," Axel muttered, smiling slightly.

"Exactly what I wanted to hear." Roxas chuckled pressing a kiss against Axel's lips and then Reno's. Of course it was going to be hard having to lovers. Two.. possessive, jealous lovers, but if Axel and Reno were willing to work on it, work for it, then Roxas wasn't going to complain.

Axel and Reno stared at the blonde for a moment, loving the sweet smile gracing his lip and leaned forward for another kiss...

...Only to crack their heads together.



Roxas only laughed, brushing his fingers over their new bruises. He supposed they'd have to work on timing too.


Oh Roxas, you lucky bastard, you D:


...haha hey i rhymed.