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Note: Amu and the other guardian people are 15, I decided Ikuto would be 19 for this story, 20 seemed too old.

Chapter 1

New Self

(Amu's POV)

I stood on the stage, everyone was cheering in the crowd, and I sighed. I wouldn't look at any of them, it only made me sad to look at them. I opened my golden eyes, staring at the crowd but not really seeing them. My pink hair was now to the middle of my back, and I was more filled out that before, having good sized breasts and all my curves. It has been two months since it happened, but I wouldn't let it bother me any longer. I took a deep breath as the music started playing, and I began singing.

Sora tooi sora

Tsubuyaita koe

Anata no yume wa ima

Hoshi no sharin wo mawasu

Watashi itsumo doko ni mo inai

Sou kanjite'ta

Sono hitomi shiru made wa

Mune no katasumi

Kaketa tsuki ga hitotsu aru dake

Demo donna ni hosoi michi mo

Terasu you ni hikaru


Sotto hoshi-tachi ga


Anata no yuku saki wa

Suishou no mori ni naru

Watashi itsuka kono te no hira de

Anata no koto

Subete kara mamoritai

Atatakai yoru

Mada chiisa na tsuki no sumu ie

Demo anata ga nemuru toki wa

Yasashii akari tomosu no


I watched as five people became motionless, and their hearts' eggs came out, now X eggs.

Mune no katasumi

Kaketa tsuki ha hitotsu aru dake

Demo donna ni hosoi michi mo

Terasu you ni hikaru

(For full affect, please listen to Tsuki No Ie while reading those lyrics)

I closed my eyes and turned to get off the stage as the music stopped. There, the manager stood waiting, as did Utau. As usual, Utau had a slight scowl on her face, Iru was grinning, pleased by my job, and Eru looked sad. Yukari was grinning, pleased that there were some heart eggs.

"Good job Amu-chan." Yukari said, and I kept walking.

"Thanks Sanjo-san." I muttered, and Utau stopped me.

"You were okay Amu..." Utau muttered as she ran on stage for her turn. "Whatever... can I go now?" I asked Yukari, she was hardly paying attention, examining the X eggs and writing things down. "Report back to Eater Co. Amu-chan." She replied and I nodded, and began walking, and opened the exit, and walked out. The sky was filled with stars, yet it was very dark. I saw my charas coming towards me, they were obviously excited I was back. I missed Ran, Miki, and Suu, since that night... they disappeared and I got new eggs.

Two months ago

"Mama! Papa! Ami! I'm home!" I called when I arrived home from school, everything had gone well, and when I opened the door, no one had answered. I walked inside and looked around, no one. I heard a small voice, 'Onee-chan..." I turned and saw Ami lying on the ground a few feet away. I ran over to her, large cuts ans gashes were all over her, I felt tears in my eyes.

"Ami! What happened?! Where are mama and papa?!" I asked her, unsure of what to do.

"I'm so glad to see onee-chan..." Ami said quietly before her eyes closed and her body became limp. I felt my heart simply close altogether right then and there, not letting in any affection or emotion. I stopped going to school, I left my house and soon after, lost Ran, Miki, and Suu.

I sighed, looking at the sky as I walked. I still remember what the first words Yukari said to me were. I was sitting alone in a dark and wet alley, not having much food for about a month.

"You... look like you could help Easter greatly..." She said, I looked up to her, no emotion.

"Easter...? You'll take me there?" I asked quietly, she held her hand out, I hesitated and then took it firmly. She took me to Easter company, where I signed a contract, and they tested me to see what I could do. Apparently I can sing, so they set me up to be a famous singer. Of course, Utau and Ikuto recognized me immediately, and Utau was angered by this. I haven't talked to Ikuto in the whole time I have been here, I've hardly seen him.

"Amu-chan... are you okay nya?" Kira asked me, she was one of my new charas, she had bright red hair, it was messy and long, somewhat like Yoru's. When she was born I was surprised, for she had cat ears and a tail, black boots and a white dress. There was a black heart in the middle of the torso, and she had a headband on it with black drama masks on it. Her eyes were a blue color, and she was always messing around. Her egg was bright red also, a black band around the middle, and the drama masks were symboled on it.

"Yeah, you don't look so good..." That was Lulu, my other chara. She had dark blue hair, it was slightly neater, but still long and messy. Her hair hung around her shoulders, and she wore white high-heel shoes. She had a black skirt and blue shirt. Her shirt had a picture of a cross in the middle, it was white. She had a pin in her hair which was a white cross also. Her egg had been light blue and had crosses all over it. Her personality was much like Kira's, they both were like cats, even though she had no cat features.

"Yeah... I'm fine. Let's hurry." My hair had no X clip in it now, it was simply hanging down loosely, I felt it bounce on my back.

"Okay nya! Chara change!" Kira shouted excitedly, and I got pink ears and a tail and we hurried to Easter Co. When we got there we jumped onto the roof, and I returned to normal.

"I love chara changes! They are exhilarating nya!" She said loudly, dancing around me in the air, Lulu chasing after her. I sighed and lied down on the roof, staring up at the sky. My hands were comfortably behind my head, propping it up. Kira floated into my view while Lulu sat down on my stomach.

"Amu nya, what're you doing? Shouldn't you wait inside for Sanjo-san?" she asked me, of course, being dramatic. That was her specialty besides being a cat. Lulu is how I can sing so well in front of so many people, that's her power.

"Sanjo-san can find me if I'm needed later..." I muttered, and closed my eyes. I heard footsteps, and felt Kira sit down on my stomach next to Lulu.

"You've been hanging around me too much Amu..." I felt my eyes widen and I saw Ikuto peering over me, Ikuto looking closely at my new charas. I sat up and looked at Ikuto, my charas floating close to me. "Amu nya, who is he?" Kira asked me, and I looked to her.

"What're you doing in Easter Amu?" Ikuto asked me, examining the changes I'd made over the years he hadn't seen me. I turned away from him. "And where are your charas?" I flinched and looked into his sapphire eyes.

"Kira, Lulu, this is Ikuto. He too works for Easter. His chara is Yoru." I said ignoring Ikuto's question. Yoru had floated over and was messing with Kira, and she held up her fists, daring him to pick on her. I watched them and didn't notice when Ikuto knelt on his knee in front of me. "Answer my question." He said, but I didn't look at him. I felt him grip my chin and turn my head back so I had to look at him.

"Why are you here Amu? What about the guardians?" I narrowed my eyes at him, and he looked appalled from this.

"Ah! Amu-chan! Ikuto-kun! Come inside, it's time for a meeting!" Yukari called from the door, and I got up, Lulu and Kira following me. I walked to the door and was grabbed by the arm. "Why?" He asked me again, and I sighed.

"My parents died... my home was gone... my sister died...I lost Ran, Miki, and Suu... and Sanjo-san found me. Story told." I muttered and continued walking, Ikuto close behind. He and I didn't speak the entire meeting, we had very similar expressions.


I was walking outside and Ikuto suddenly came in front of me, and walked towards me, making me back into the wall. He leaned closer and pressed his forehead against mine, and suddenly, a very unfamiliar blush warmed my cheeks, and my eyes widened. He smirked, and laughed slightly. "Good, same ol' Amu...come on, I'll take you home." He said as he backed away. I narrowed my eyes and walked out the door, ignoring him. "Fine, follow me, I don't care."

He walked behind me the whole time, and we eventually reached a large apartment building, and I walked inside. "You're living here?" He asked, and I saw Lulu nod for me, meanwhile Kira and Yoru were chasing each other around. I got to my apartment which was on the fourth floor, and I sighed as I unlocked it and walked in, but before I could close it Ikuto walked in.

"Hey! You can't just waltz into my apartment uninvited! Get out!" I said to him, my hands on his chest as I tried to push him out. He grabbed both my wrists in his hand and held them high above my head, and he walked, forcing me to back up into a wall again. He got closer than before though, and his body was against mine, and my eyes were wide. He took his other hand and stroked my hair gently.

"Can I stay with you tonight Amu? I don't want to go home..." He whispered huskily, and I shivered. He leaned down and blew lightly into my ear, and then bit it. I felt a shiver ripple through my spine, and he chuckled as he continued biting my ear. I felt a light purr rumble in my throat and Ikuto back away slightly, a smirk on his face. He had loosened his grip on my wrists so I pulled them away and covered my mouth.

"Did you just purr?" He asked, he was very amused.

"N-No! Pervert! You can't stay!" I said and he smirked even wider.

"Awwww, but Amu! I want him to nya!" Kira and Lulu said at the same time.(only Lulu didn't say 'nya')

"Yeah, but Amu! I want to stay! Pleaaase?" He asked me, getting in close again. I sighed with defeat. "Fine, but if you touch my bed you're dead." I said as I closed my door and locked it. Then I turned and walked into my bedroom, changing quickly into a purple tank top and white shorts. Ikuto walked in, all the charas following close behind. I lied down, the light was already off, and I had put a pillow and blanket on the floor. Kira and Lulu had gone to their eggs, and Ikuto lied down. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep. Tonight was the same as all the others, except Ikuto was there. I didn't even think about tomorrow, most likely it would be the same.

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