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Boys Are Trouble!

Set 2 weeks later, Amu is now 16 (She had a birthday coming up! Go figure!)

(Amu's POV)

I held my hair back as I threw up into the toilet in one of Nagehiko's many bathrooms. I heard a knocking at the door, and I turned my head to see Nagehiko walking in carefully. "Amu-chan, are you okay? You've been in here for the fourth time this morning..." He said worriedly, and I nodded weakly. "I don't know... I'm just so sick lately." Nagehiko and I both had the same reaction, we froze, and then looked at each other, eyes wide. "Amu-chan... you don't think you could be-" I stood up instantly, my mouth tasting foul, "NO! No no no no! There is no way that could've happened!" I wailed, pacing hastily, un-sure what to do.

He stopped me by grabbing my shoulders, I was near-tears. "What do I do Nagehiko...?" I asked desperately, looking into his eyes, hoping to find the answer. "I think you should see a doctor... and then if it's... true, then you need to tell Tsukiyomi-san." He said each word carefully, making sure I understood them. I nodded reluctantly, and then I walked into the bathroom, immediately brushing my teeth to get the taste out.

After the doctors, at a small cafe, trying to calm Amu down

I was breathing into a small paper bag, trying to stop hyperventilating. Nagehiko was whispering 'It's okay," into my ears over and over, yet I could stop rocking back and forth slightly. I finally was able to pull the bag away and breathe normally, I looked down at my stomach, and placed my hand over it. It was still flat as before, but somehow I felt heavy. I looked up to Nagehiko, and he smiled at me, it was reassuring, and I rested my head against his shoulder, and he slowly rubbed my back.

Flashback: The Doctors Office

"Good news Miss Hinamori! You're going to be a mother!" The doctor said happily, and his mustache curled at the ends. I felt all the blood leave my face as he spoke, and I started to hyperventilate. "Amu-chan... it'll be okay..." Nagehiko spoke quietly, and the doctor looked confused. "Was this not a planned pregnancy then, you two..." He motioned at the two of us, and we both looked shocked. "No! we aren't together, he's just my best friend..." I said quietly, and Nagehiko smiled at me, rubbing my back reassuringly. "And no, it wasn't planned..." I said quietly, looking down, my bangs covering my eyes. "Well, there is always adoption..." The doctor trailed off, thinking. I looked up, shocked.

"No... I-I didn't want to be pregnant, but I won't give it up..." I said quietly before standing and getting ready to leave. "Come on Nagehiko, let's go." I said quietly, and he nodded and followed me closely, I avoided all of the mothers' there, round stomachs and everything.

End Flashback

I looked at the steaming cup of tea in front of me, and then looked away. "Nagehiko... how will I tell Ikuto...?" I asked quietly, looking up to him, and he closed his eyes, resting his cheek on the top of my head. "We can come up with something, just be sure not to wait too long..." He murmured, and I nodded slightly before resting back on him.

Later, Having Dinner with Ikuto

I barely ate anything in front of me, and didn't look Ikuto in the eyes. I could feel him staring me down, curious about my behavior. I looked at my plate, the food was already making my stomach churn, so I pushed it away and grabbed the small cup of tea. I sipped it a bit and slowly looked up to see Ikuto staring at me. "Amu..." I was about to look away from him, but he spoke, which caused me to look up at him. "You look pale..." He murmured, and slowly brought his hand up to my cheek, it caused me to blush and shiver. "I-I need to tell you something..." I stuttered nervously, and I looked down, my hair covering my eyes.

I could feel him lean in even closer to me, and his other hand covered my shoulder. "Ikuto... I'm... pregnant." I whispered out the last bit, and raised my head slightly, looking for his reaction, he had froze, staring at me, but seeing nothing. "Ikuto..." I said quietly, snapping him out of his trance. He looked down at me, and he seemed to realize why I was so scared looking now.

(Ikuto's POV)

I moved around the side of the table, and sat next to Amu, I pulled her back against my chest, and I heard her sigh, she must have been relieved I hadn't gotten mad. "You're sure?" I asked quietly, and I felt her nod against my chest. "Yes, Nagehiko took me to the doctor today..." She looked back, tilting her head back to see my reaction. "Are you going to...?" I felt her shudder and shake her head immediately. "No way... I'm not getting rid of this baby... in any way." She said running her fingers against my hands. I slowly brought my hands to her stomach, it was still nice and flat. I looked at her stomach, and I just was at a loss.

How can there be something inside of her... because of me...? I sighed, and placed my chin on top of her head, and I saw her close her eyes and lean into my back.

(Nagehiko's POV)

I lightly knocked on the door, and then slowly slid it open. Amu and Ikuto were lying on the floor, and they were fast asleep. I smiled slightly and placed a blanket over them both, and then cleaned up the table and walked out of the room.

The Next Day

(Amu's POV)

I woke up with Ikuto's arm around my shoulders, and there was a blanket over us,I snuggled into his grip even more, and he chuckled. "You're awake then?" He whispered, and I nodded, and turned to look at him. "We need to tell the others..." He nodded, and then sat up, hugging me gently.

Later, everyone gathered at Nagehiko's house

"Everyone... I thought it would be right to tell you this..." said quietly, and everyone looked at me eager. Ran, Miki, Suu, Lulu, and Kira looked as surprised as anyone else, they stared at me intently. "What is it Amu nya?" Kira asked impatiently, yet she looked worried. "I'm... pregnant." I felt Ikuto cover my ears. "WHAT?!"

"Amu-chi! How can you be pregnant?! This is too hard to believe!" I heard Yaya complain as Ikuto lowered his hands from my ears. "It just...happened." I said quietly, I noticed the very appalled looks on Kairi and especially Tadase's faces. "I just wanted to tell you guys... I really needed you to know." I looked up, and Kukai ruffled my hair. "Don't worry! We'll be here till the end!" I smiled at them, and then sighed, feeling so relieved.

Seven Months Later (WOOT!)

"IKUTO YOU PERVERT I'M NEVER LETTING YOU TOUCH ME AGAIN!!" I shouted, it echoed through the hospital room, and he had covered his ears eagerly. I had sweat all over my face, and bit of my hair was sticking to my face. I was panting heavily, and my hand was on my very large and round stomach. He smirked which made me growl at him, my teeth clenching tightly together. The doctor seemed convinced it was time for me to push out the baby, and made everyone except Ikuto leave. All my charas were around me, and they looked worried. "Fight Amu-chan!" Ran said excitedly, I glared at her, and she backed away.

Ikuto gripped my free hand, and leaned close to me. "You can do it Amu, you said you weren't ever going to back down on the problems in life, remember?" He rested his forehead against mine, and I sighed, and then felt a sharp pain. I squeezed my eyes shut, and squeezed Ikuto's hand tightly. "Miss Hinamori, I need you to start pushing." My eyes widened, and I stared in disbelief. "Already?! I've only been here for-" I was cut off by another sharp pain. "Okay okay... I give in!"

I have no idea what to type for this, so she pushed and now the baby is out

I felt my head drop back against my pillow, breathing heavily. I slowly opened my heavy lids to see a small baby in the doctors arms, and then he walked off. Soon after he brought it back and placed the baby in my arms, I looked down at the baby, and glanced at him un-surely. "Congrats, you have a girl." He said and smiled, going to clean up. I felt a very wide smile creep across my face. I looked down at my daughter, and she had navy blue hair like Ikuto, and she slowly began to open her wide eyes. I felt shock spread across my face when I saw she had golden eyes.

"Don't babies usually have blue eyes...?" I asked the doctor as he stepped back for a moment, and he nodded. "Usually, sometimes they are different though." He smiled and walked off again, I looked down at my daughter, and smiled gently at her. Ran, Miki, Suu, Kira, and Lulu all looked at her carefully. "Amu... what will you name her?" They all asked, looking up at me. I looked to Ikuto, and he had his eyes fixed on the child in my arms. He slowly lifted his gaze to my face, and he smiled.

I heard a knock at the door, and we both turned our heads to see everyone walking in eagerly. They all looked at her excitedly, smiling widely. "A boy or a girl?" Nagehiko asked, and I smiled even wider. "A girl..." Ikuto and I both said together. "What will you guys name her?" Yaya asked as she was examining the baby carefully. I looked to Ikuto and leaned up, and he put his ear next to my mouth. when I finished, he nodded. "We want to name her... Aisha." I finished, and they all turned their attention to me, even Tadase. "That's a good one! I like her already!" They all smiled, and I smiled, and Ikuto kissed my cheek. I smiled and looked at Aisha, she was smiling too faintly, and I looked at all my friends, Things are so perfect now... I'm glad. I thought before I handed Aisha to the doctor since he had come back. "You better go get some sleep you guys... that's what I'm up for..." I said before falling back onto my pillow, closing my eyes. I felt a presence next to me, and I realized Ikuto had climbed onto the bed and wrapped his arms around me. "I knew you could do it..." He whispered as he leaned down and kissed me before we both fell asleep.

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