These are going to be a series of unrelated (unless stated otherwise) incredibly short, humerus one-shots that are meant to be kind of like the omakes(sp?) that you find at the end of each novel. These are strictly manga based with no anime references at all (unless stated otherwise) those who have only seen the anime risk utter confusion, you have been warned. There will be a possibility for spoilers, but I'll give you a heads up first (yeah I'm considerate like that). If you have any suggestions, or a fav character you would like me to write about, feel free to ask. I will write about any character!(but when it comes to pairings I'm pretty much a cannon queen :P)

Life's a roller coaster

It was a beautiful and sunny day, so Ed and Winry decided to go to the amusement park.

"Come on Ed! Lets go on this ride!" Winry shouted enthusiastically, dragging Ed in line to go on a huge roller coaster. "Look at all those loops! Ooh, I bet it goes really fast too!"

"Yeah, yeah," replied Ed after taking a bite of the corn dog he was eating. Scar got in line behind them. They waited for what seemed like forever, but when it was finally their turn to ride they were stopped by one of the supervisors.

"I'm sorry little boy, but I'm afraid you aren't tall enough for this ride"

Ed glared at the man. "What?"

"You see, you need to be this tall to ride this ride," the man stated, pointing at a sign behind him. Ed looked down, fists clenched, as a dark cloud started to form above him.

Winry sighed, "Here we go again. Three . . . Two . . . One . . . "


"I'm sorry sir, but it's a safety issue."

"SAFETY ISSUE MY ASS!" Then he turned around and pointed at Scar. "Scar! Destroy the godforsaken coaster!" he ordered.

"Why me?" Scar moaned.

So yeah the last part was kind of a reference to the omakes in volumes 14 and 15 in which both Riza and Al ordered Scar to blow up different places for not letting them in. So, I thought it was Ed's turn XD. stick around there will be more, I got a ton of these ideas.