Danny Phantom: Familiar

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom nor I do own the Addams' Family.

Author's Notes: This is for Fernclaw who gave me the idea do this crossover. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter I: Voco


"Thank you for taking us to the Ghost Hunters' convention, dad," Danielle said as our dad drove along the highway as the scenery zoomed past us at alarming rate. Normally we would be sick to our stomachs but right now we were too tired to vomit after walking for six hours looking at ghost hunting exhibits at the annual Ghost Hunters' convention in Albany, New York.

"Anytime, I just don't understand why the Ghostbusters didn't want to carpool with us," dad said a bit disappointed as I remembered the look on Dr. Venkman's expression when he extended the invitation to them.

"I have no idea," I told him as I heard our stomachs rumbling, "uh dad you think you think we could stop for a bite to eat?" I ask him as Danni nods rubbing her stomach.

"Sure, I know a great place for food," he says as he steps on the gas and we head to get something to eat.

Gomez Addams

"Beautiful," I said smiling at my latest purchase; I couldn't believe that after ten years of searching my collection was finally complete. I am collector of Hermetic texts (That is texts relating to the mage Hermes Trismegistus) and now I have the final book I needed.

"Congratulations, dear," Mortica, my wife said lovingly as I placed the book on the shelf, "Although, I don't understand why someone would exorcise demon," she says as I nod in understanding. Demons make great pets and I had one as a boy.

"I know," I said as I heard an explosion, "I see Fester is teaching the kids about explosions," I said laughing as I took a cigar and lit it. "Come my dear, I believe it is time for our tango to began," I said as we walked to ball room.


"I don't understand what we're doing ot?" one my vultures asked as we arrived in New Jersey, "If you want a book why not go to the library like everyone else," the bird asked as I rolled my eyes looking from the balcony of my hotel.

"I told you this book is one of a kind and this is only place to get it," I told him, "besides if the stories are true, I could have to finally getting desire," I say walking back inside and sitting down thinking how nice it is going to be without Abramelin buzzing around my mind like a fly, "now, if I could get rid of Zazic," I said laughing at the thought of comparing that pest to an insect.

Zile Zazic

"Blast!" I cursed as another search came up negative, "You would think that CW would leave some trace of his existence," I said turning away from the screen and focusing on my spycams that have fool Plasmius. I have found that he always has something I could borrow (or steal) off him.

"On a vacation Plasmius?" I asked him through the monitor as I saw he was some kind of Motel but I needed to know more. I leaned over and activated the intercom, "Stan, get in here!" I shout as my thig comes in.

"You called boss?" he asked me as he entered the room.

"Yes, I want you to find out what our Friend Vladimir is up to," I tell him as he nods, "Oh and Stan don't forget the other project I have you on," I tell him as he looks at me.

"Right boss," Stan says as he leaves, soon I will find out what you are up to and when I do, I will take it leaving you with nothing.


"So kids what are you going to order," dad said as we looked at the menu, when he said he knew a good place to eat I thought he meant a McDonalds not Chinese food.

"Uh, I think I'll have the Chop Suey," Danny said thinking to himself as we heard a noise outside, "what was that?" he asked as we looked at dad who looked at us just as baffled.

"I know it was one of my inventions your mother wouldn't let me bring anything explosive to the convention," he said as I looked to Danny.

"It's my turn," Danny said as he left the booth to find a corner so he could transform into Phantom and save the day. I watch him fly out and go search for whatever was causing the noise while I go back to looking at the menu.

"It's a pity that Speed couldn't come , he would have loved to seen the Ghostbusters cars," dad says as I laugh at the thought of Speed putting up with dad's one man fan club.

Speed Racer

"Connor would you quit moping and help with the modifications," I told him as I slid out from underneath the Mach 6.

"I'm sorry Speed, it's just that I miss lost lecture, why did Clock…," he begins to say until Lucy covers his mouth.

"You know he said not to say his name out loud lest someone should hear it," she warns him as she lets go, "now are you going to help or we are going to have to get Tucker," she asks as I chuckle at the threat.

"If you think you're going to get him out of his stupor you have another thing coming," I tell them knowing ever since Headmaster Spritle stripped him of his internet connection he's be in haze that not even Sam can break him out of.

"You have a point," she says, "Sometimes, I think Tucker and Connor were separated at birth," Lucy says laughing as Connor sticks his tongue out her. "Come on, we have to get this ready for the race coming up," she says as we get back to work.