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Chapter L: Monsters of Long Ago


I have been walking through this desert forever, I am not even sure I am going in the right direction. All I seem to see is sand dune and what seems to be a blood red sun that shines merciless in the wasteland. "No wonder why only holy men live in the desert," I said resting against a dune for a second. My throat burned and went for my backpack when I heard a noise in the distance. "What was that?" I asked myself glaring into the horizon.

"Danny!" a voice whispered in my ear but I shook it off as the heat playing tricks on me. I was thirsty and tired my mind was playing tricks on me. I went to get my canteen when I thought I the ground move. I assured myself it was nothing but before I could move I felt something wrap around me. "Danny," the voice said again as a giant snake appeared from the dunes.

It had to be at least a mile long and ten feet wide. Green and black scales covered its body save for its head which was blood red with beady black eyes. It smiled at me with a demonic grin that revealed fangs larger than a sword. I tried to escape but the monster's coils were too strong to break free. "Who…are…you," I managed to eke out before it's tightened its grip. It identified as Apep, Lord of all Darkness and father of confusion. The creature laughed at me as he tightened his grip on me while I to escape but I was only wasting my energy.

"Any last words m..," Apep begin to say until a voice could be heard chanting, 'Oh Apep, thou accursed serpent of condemnation! In the name Ra, the almighty, the all seeing god of light, you are slain.' The words seem to make the creature angry and tightened his grip on my. "Ra is weak, a dying god who is ineffectual" Apep said as I winced in pain. The voice went on to rebuke the creature by telling it that the 'will of Ra is a death sentence for thee oh Demon of Despair.' The serpent unfurled his hood and hisses angrily.

"Ra is all powerful Lord of the Sun and King of Heliopolis!" another voice called out, this time it was female and sounded angry at the serpent. "The boy is not yours, I command you to relinquish him at my words NOW," she said in a voice that sounded feral. "

"You want him," Apep asked tightening his coils around me. His grip made it impossible even an inch. The voice warned him not defy her but was intent on doing so. "He is mine now," the snake hiss tightening his grip on me until everything went black.


"I don't like this," Tobey fumed pacing back and forth in the kitchen. He went on and on about how Nana left with this Imhotep person and hasn't been seen since. "I bet Kung Li is behind this, he has to be," my idiot brother said as I poured a cup of tea to drink.

"We don't know that," Sid reminded him but it was of little comfort as he got up and declared he was going to save her. "Tobey, Nana would want us to stay here and wait for her," he reasoned but it was too late Tobey was already headed towards the door out to find her. "Come on Sue," he said as he followed our brother to make sure he would not get into trouble.

I asked Tobey where we were headed his only answer was that he knew of a store that sold pseudo Egyptian items and that 'this walking band aid' took her there. I was about to say something when I saw a strange light in the sky. "What was that?" I asked shocked at the sight though I knew who was probably who was behind it.

"I knew it that pile of dust and bones is working with Kung Li," Tobey said as he changed direction to Kung Li's hideout hoping we were not too late.


"Help me get his shirt off," I asked Lucy as we pulled his outer shirt out then his inner long sleeved one. I could tell from the looks that he was slipping fast. Where were Tucker and Connor at with that blasted wash cloth, "leave it to Foley and Fleetwood so long?" I complained as Lucy removed Speed's shoes. She told to calm down and that they would get it done. "You're ri…," I began to say as I heard someone outside enter something into the access pad.

"How is he," the voice of Spritle asked above what sounded like alarms and shouts. I told him we were doing as best we could until they came. "We might have to relocate him, the GIW are on the lookout for you," he said gravely before helping X bring in the vat of ice and bags of saline.

I sighed in frustration while gently placing Speed into the vat. This was not good, Speed needs to be kept in one place until he woke up and having move from place to place is not good for him. "Maybe Tucker and Conner can distract the feds," I said watching Lucy hooking up the unconscious boy to the IV and starting inject with him saline. I asked X if he and the Headmaster had any trouble.

"Not really although we did discover something interesting about our friends from the government," he said cryptically as Spritle nodded in approval. He explained that GIW seem to run what code Onyx, named after some silly UFO myth from the 50s. According to X and Spritle this allows the GIW to operate without congress meddling with their business.

"Whose idea was it to cre…," Lucy began until she heard something outside and ordered us to hide. We could hear people talk outside. She went closer to the door and leaned against the door. I asked what she heard. "It's definitely the nonexistent," she alerted me as they started to walk away and we breathed a sigh of relief now if only Tucker and Connor would get back.

Wednesday Addams

"Accipio cruentis donum O Validus Imperator Contemno et Timidus Praemitto Stips!" the voice of Plasmius rang throughout the castle as I searched for Danni in this great labyrinth. I knew I had to find her soon or I would be too late. I knew the incantation the dark mage was using against Danielle- the Sanguine Sacrament.

I had intended to use it on Pugsley with the in order to become the Devil's Bride and rule the Underworld. I would become the most powerful magic user in the world. "No hold still," I said to him holding the sacred dagger above his heart. "Accept this bloody gift oh Mighty Commander of the Condemned and fearful dispatcher of favors," I chanted but nothing happened. I later learned that one has to chant it in the language of the mages for it to work.

"Let me go!" Danni cried out as I stopped in my tracks, if I was going to save I'll was going start using my head and as father says 'Think like an Addams.' I looked around the vast castle looking for some clue that would lead me to where they were. "Please someone help me!" the ghost girl said, it seemed to come from below us.

I took a small orb from my pocket chanted, "Silex Diluo!" and threw it to the ground with a flash of light. My stomach turned slight as I was freefalling for a second until I hit the floor. The sound disturbed Plasmius as he turned to face me. "Let Danni, go gramps," I threatened taking out another orb but before I could use it an unseen force snatched it from hand.

"Do you really think you can challenge me with your cheap parlor tricks?" he said turning to face me as I took a step back. I told him that I wasn't afraid of him and that I knew spells that could dwarf his. He laughed and raised his hand chanting, "Pedis Expugno Silex!" enveloping me in a flash of light. I closed my eye tight fearful of what would happen but surprisingly there was nothing. I taunted the mage telling him he was losing his touch but when I went to move I found I was stuck. "Losing my touch huh," he said as I tried to free myself. He walked over to Danni and whispered something into her ear that made her frightened.

I fought to free myself but my feet were fused to the ground and only succeeded on landing on my face. I could see Plasmius going to finish the ceremony, time was running out and I need a plan. I searched in my pocket for another spell orb but I was fresh out, "Drat," I hissed until I saw the one he took from me by his feet. "Hey Plasmius, why don't you finish me off," I taunted as he began to walk towards me. I watched as he lifted his foot above the orb laying on the ground and shouted, "Crucis Lumen Caecus Extrico!" The mage stepped on the orb causing a blinding flash of light to fill the room. The chaos allowed me to run over and get Danni out of here before Plasmius could finish the spell, I just we can escape before he realizes what happened.


My head ached as I slowly opened my eyes, "what happened," I asked as I looked around and found that I couldn't move. I tried to gather my strength but found it suddenly missing. I could hear someone coming my way. I screamed for help but all I heard in return was laughter and voice telling me not to fight. "Show yourself fiend!" I demanded as two skeletons walked in the room followed a tall man dressed all in black.

I could see that he wore a full suit of armor underneath his ebony robes. His eyes were shriveled into deep recesses around the sockets and long black beard adorned his chin. "Ah, I should have figured that Tempus would send his cronies on the Ghost Council to make sure his planned worked," the man mused to himself as I looked at him puzzled. I replied that man before was the spirit known as Hades, Lord of the Depths and Monarch of Despair. "My name is of little consequence, all you should know is that you are not escaping," the god of the Underworld said as I asked what his plan was but he said nothing.

A few moments later two more skeletons brought in Pandora in chains, "You want get away with this Hades, Zeus will have your head and the full fury of Mount Olympus will rain upon you oh King of the Hidden Realms," she spat at the Lord of Death who merely laughed at her threats. She asked him what his plan was but reminds silent motioning for his entourage to leave me and Pandora in here, I can only his plan can be stopped.


I paced the halls of palace in fear; I could no longer sense his presence in the desert and feared the worst for him. The dangers that lie out there were numerous and even with the magical devices I have given him the foes could overwhelm him.

While as I thinking the door to my throne room opened and two beings walked in. One was dressed in the armor of a solider of Khem with a pharaoh's war crown. His face was hidden in a hawk's head mask. The other also wore a hawk's head mask but was dressed all in gold and the eyes of the mask seemed to conceal a fire within the beings soul. "You called for us, oh great God of new life," the first one said as they knelt to me. They were the gods of the sky and the sun and the most powerful warriors of my pantheon.

"Rise," I bid them as I began to explain what was happening. I told them of how Danny is travelling into the dismal wasteland that is Akert and how he had come across the dread demon Apep and being trapped by the beast. "I fear not even the wisdom of Thoth, who dwells within the boy, is not strong enough to stop him," I tell them as bring up an image of where I last felt the child's presence.

"Fear not, oh father, as I vanquished your demon brother we shall vanquish this fiend," Horus said drawing sword while Ra used his magic as he transformed into falcon and flew of with Horus behind him. I pray that they will not too late to save the youth.