Chapter 1

Renesmee opened her eyes blearily and looked up at the ceiling. It was light blue, with a few clouds painted on to entertain the eyes and light up the room a little. Nessie rolled over and banged into a huge lump on the other side of the bed. She heard a tiny groan from said lump, and rolled away quickly, but it was too late. Jacob stirred awake, and looked at her sleepily.

"It's dawn." He mumbled.

"Sorry… didn't mean to…"

"It's fine. You're not going to go back to sleep though, are you?"

"No." she sighed and moved closer to his warm body. He hugged her close and kissed the top of her head. Though they'd only been married for a year, she couldn't realize how they'd managed to wait that long. "I don't know if I'll ever sleep again."

"Ah… them again, huh?"

"It's tonight, Jake. And once again because of me! Couldn't they go study Nahuel, or one of his sisters?"

"They know Carlisle better, I guess."

"That's stupid. Carlisle doesn't want to know them."

"Yeah, but… I don't know. I'm not a vampire, Ness."

"I know that." She let out a breath of frustration, rolled out of his embrace, and slammed her fist into a pillow. Though she wasn't as strong as a full vampire, the pillow still looked considerably worse for wear than it had before. She put one hand on his temple and projected her thoughts—she wasn't just angry, she was furious, and a mixture of several other emotions: worry that they would hurt someone, embarrassment at having to put everyone through this, guilt for the same reason. Then she pulled the blanket over her head and hid beneath it.

Jacob touched her back comfortingly. She would come out when she needed to—he knew that, she was pretty sure. So he got out of bed and headed towards the closet, pulling out a pair of worn jeans and a shirt, only because it was mid-winter and it would look out of place otherwise. Alice had happily gone on a shopping spree for him, without him, to his great relief (although she'd offered to bring him along). Still, that meant his piece of the closet was generously stocked with useless things like shirts and sweaters, and it meant he had to sort through things more.

Nessie peeked out from under the blankets when he was dressed and sat up slowly.

"You look nice when you wear a shirt." She commented absently, twiddling with a sheet.

He took a tentative sniff at it and grimaced. "I still can't get used to her scent. It's still too sweet."

"Don't be mean!"

"I'm not. She knows I can't."

"You got used to me."

"Yeah, but I live with and love you. And yours isn't as strong."

She threw another pillow at him, but got out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. She would be in there for at least twenty minutes, he knew—she couldn't really wake up until she'd showered and brushed her teeth, and Renesmee never did anything quickly. As she closed the door, she heard him trot down the stairs to make himself something to eat. The only human breakfast she could really appreciate were pancakes, and…

Bless him. There was the clink of the pan on the stove, and the cupboard opening to get the blender out.

The water was hot against her skin, which was a nice change from the slight chill she always felt in the winter. Outside, it was snowing, but that didn't make a huge difference unless she fell into it. Which happened, occasionally, but only when Jacob pushed her.

She grinned at the thought, at last night's snowball fight. The Blacks and Cullens had all trooped out for a fight—well, she and Alice had cheerfully given up and built an exquisite snow statue together. But her husband had grabbed her and pummeled her with a rain of snowballs, and of course she'd attacked right back, so they'd both come back soaked.

Although you were wetter, Ness, said her subconscious, don't try to deny it.

Shut up. She thought to herself.

She got out of the shower, toweled her hair dry, and dressed quickly. Then she made her way downstairs, shoving her foot in a sock.

"Jake!" she shouted down.

"Jeez Nessie, are you or aren't you an immortal? Do you always have to yell down the stairs?"

"No," she shrugged as she came into the kitchen and spotted the wonderfully high plate of pancakes sitting on the table. She sat down a forked a few into her own dish. "I just like to get your attention."

"You have nothing but my attention." He told her sarcastically, eating out of her plate, even though he'd already finished his portion.

"Is that a bad thing?" she asked sweetly.

"It sucks!" he kissed her mouth quickly, but she pulled him back to it.

Of course someone had to interrupt. Those were the lows of living right next door to your parents and immediate family—safely out of thought-hearing shot, and yet still walking distance. Bella burst into their kitchen and coughed loudly.

"Hello, children." She greeted softly. "I brought you these, Jake." She thrust a basket of something that smelled warm and delicious into his hands and took a seat at the table.

"You know what to do today." She told them quickly. There was a small furrow between her eyebrows, always a sure sign that the younger Mrs. Cullen was very worried about something or the other. "Alice says they're about ten miles away. Edward will probably hear them when they come close enough, but… Renesmee, please don't give them any reason to take you. Don't show too much of your gift. If they offer you a place with them, say you're glad, but that you're married and settled."

"And that I'm sure one of Nahuel's sisters would gladly accept such an offer."

"That's right." She nodded, and then turned to Jacob. "You keep your temper. Don't phase too much and be careful with them."

"Yes Mother."

Bella grimaced. "I'm eighteen."

"Is that so?" he replied with mock surprised, "So is Nessie!"

"Oh shut up. How old are you, now? Thirties?"

"Somewhere along there. I lost count." He grinned sheepishly and took Nessie's hand automatically. "Ah well. I'll look twenty for most of my life."

"And I won't?" Bella growled.

"I never said that." He answered wisely.

Nessie smiled and patted his face gently, getting up to clear the table at the same time. "Nice save."

"It won't be so nice next time." Her mother said darkly.

"Lighten up, Bells." Jacob scoffed. Both women could tell though, he was deeply concerned about their well-being. "There's only the three creepy old guys this time."

"And the guard." Nessie added, to save him a lecture from her mother.

"That Jane…" Bella muttered.

"Your shield will do us wonders." Nessie said soothingly, beginning, scrubbing at the plates.

"I know…" the vampire sighed and stood. "I'll leave you two to… do whatever you do in the morning. Five o'clock sharp, understood?"

"Go chill, Mom." Jake said tauntingly. Bella stood and walked out the door absently; Nessie stared after her, slightly worried.

"She'll be fine." He told his wife soothingly. She was drying the plates, putting them away carefully. Her brown eyes were wide with anticipation and fright, even though it was so early in the morning. "Tell you what," he told her, tugging her hair out of it's clip. It bothered him a little when he couldn't run his hand through her hair without obstacle.

"What?" she demanded, smacking him lightly with a drying towel.

He could have made a nasty reply to that, but he chose not to. Usually, they bantered in the morning, then kissed and made up, then had lunch and bantered some more… and so on and so forth. She was tense this morning though—her body looked as though it were prepared to jump at the slightest provocation, as much as she'd reassured her mother.

"Ah…" he pulled one of her curls lightly. "I don't know. I should say something reassuring right now, huh?"

She nodded, falling into his chest.

"Got nothing." He murmured, hugging her.