To Love a Werewolf

To Love a Werewolf

Chapter One: Jay

ATTENTION: Do not read this if you haven't finished the Fourth Twilight book. It will give the ending away.

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I was moving to Washington! I couldn't be more excited. I loved the weather there and the scenery was the best. There is nothing more relaxing than running through the woods. Being an 18 year old Vampire always made that even better. You can run forever without getting tired and that was my favorite pastime.

I had been talking with my friend Carlisle Cullen about how I wanted to find a coven like his to live with and he invited me with open arms. I was excited to meet his extraordinary family and was worried I might not fit in or be accepted as another family member. I would try my best.

As I pulled up into their driveway I could see nine figures waiting for me at the door. Of course Alice knew when I would show up and Edward probably heard me coming from a mile away. Carlisle had told me everything about them.

"It is so good to meet you, Jay!" Esme ran to me in a flash and embraced me in a strangling hug. "Carlisle has told us a lot about you. He said that you have been a vampire for about 110 years?"

"Yes that is true. It has been a long life. Carlisle is the one I have to thank for showing me how to get by without killing innocent humans. I owe him a lot. I spent 20 years feeling awful about killing humans before I met him."

"I think we all owe him for that. He has saved us all from being monsters." Esme returned to Carlisle's side and they showed me into the house.

"This is my family." Carlisle turned to his family and started pointing at them and naming them as he went on. "We have all been waiting anxiously to have you join our family. You are welcome to make yourself at home. Alice will show you up to your room." Alice beemed at me as she ran to my side and dragged me up the stairs.

"You will love it here I promise! I'm pretty excited to have another sister of course. You can never have a big enough family." She took me to the room at the end of the hall. It wasn't empty like I thought it would be. That had filled it with cloths and big comfy looking black leather couch.

"Wow I love it. You guys didn't have to do all of this for me. I figured I'd have to find an apartment. If you need this room I can find somewhere else to stay." If I would have been able to I would have cried. I'm sure Carlisle had put them up to this. I didn't know how anyone could wear so many cloths.

"No it is nothing. You're family now and you can stay here as long as you want. Don't feel like you are intruding. Oh I can hear Jacob and Seth. You should come down and meet them but be careful because they are a little different than us. They are werewolves. I don't know if you have met any before but you might want to hold your breath at first." I glared at her in confusion.

"Why would you let werewolves into your house?!"

"They are very good friends of ours. We owe them our lives. They have done so much to help us in so many ways. I'm sure you'll like them. Just give them the chance." I reluctantly followed Alice back down the stairs where I could hear the others chatting and laughing.

I stopped as the smell hit my nose. It smelled like a mix of wet dog and rotten eggs. "UGH, How can you bear that?" Alice chuckled and kept ahold of my wrist dragging me along behind her.

"You'll get use to it." He raised my eyebrow at her and heard Edward chucle at me as he heard my thoughts. How often do they come hear? Geesh. I'll never get use to that.

"Jacob, Seth, this is Jay Hurley." Carlisle pointed towards me and both of the boys eyes met mine. It was then that I felt something I never had before. It was as if a magnet was dragging me towards Seth. His eyes were hypnotizing me and I couldn't look away even when Edward started cracking up on the couch. I didn't care what had caused him to do that. I just knew there was something different about Seth but I couldn't pinpoint it. I knew he was a werewolf but this just felt different.

"Hey Jay!" Seth and Jacob rang in unison.

"Well, I, Uh gotta go meet my sister at the house. I just wanted to come say hi and meet Jay real quick. See you guys later and it was nice meeting you Jay." I watched Seth as he gracefully walked out the door.

"What is going on with you, Edward?" Bella elbowed Edward in the stomach and he straightened up.

"Sorry just a little inside joke I guess. It's hard to stay calm when you can hear everyone's thoughts. So tell us a little bit about yourself, Jay." Everyone faced me to my disliking. I'd been alone for so long attention really wasn't something I enjoyed. I'd rather be in the background or getting ignored.

"Well I was born in 1880 and was turned at the age of 18 in 1898. I don't really recall who it was that changed me. It is all a blurry memory. I just remember after the pain stopped I freaked out. I didn't like the urge to kill. I was always a very kind and sensitive mortal so it wasn't like me to be violent. I couldn't resist though and I ended up murdering….some people that were close to me. I haven't ever really forgiven myself for it.

"Thankfully after 20 miserable years of killing I ran into Carlisle in Italy and talked to him about how upset I was. He was on his way out of Italy and I was on my way to meet the Volturi. Luckily Carlisle stopped me and we traveled together for a while. He taught me how he had managed to suppress his urge to kill humans by filling his need with animals. It was more fun to me. I created more of a challenge and animals aren't as defenseless as humans so it made me feel less guilty about it. When we came to America together I went on my own. I was craving being alone again because it was really all I had known before I met Carlisle.

"Then a couple months ago I snapped and ended up murdering an innocent couple that had been hiking near my home in Canada so I called Carlisle and he comforted me and told me to come live with him. It took me a while to make up my mind but here I am."

"Well for 110 years of being a vampire that is a rather short story. One of these days you will have to tell me what you were doing after you left me up until you came here. I'm very curious. So how have you been coming along with your power?" Carlisle had a hint of curiosity glinting in his eyes as always.

"I'm learning how to understand it more. I've practiced a lot on it but since I never really know when I will be needed it is hard to grasp." I looked down at my hands disappointed in myself.

"Jay here has a very unique ability. Whenever she is needed she is drawn to the person or thing that needs her. Like a magnet that is pulling her towards the object. I was really surprised when you didn't show up here about four months ago when the Volturi came here." He looked into my eyes. "Did you feel it pulling you here?"

"Yeah I did actually but I really thought it was my imagination. I hadn't used it in so long I didn't really believe it. I thought about dropping by but….I don't really know. I just didn't want to disrupt you."

"Well don't hesitate next time. When you feel the pull you should go to it. You know it has never been wrong. Don't doubt yourself, Jay. You've got to trust your feelings."

I thought about it for a moment. The feeling I had when Seth was here was all too familiar. I just couldn't trust that it was real. I knew that I had to see him again soon and see if it was real. If so I wonder why it was drawing me towards him. What could he possibly need from me?

"Well I believe I'm going to bring my things up to my room and then take a tour of the town."

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