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"There's an expression, a friend would stab you in the back, but a true friend would stab you in the front... I didn't believe in it until now..."




The two attacks collided. It sounded like a thousand birds trying to escape an invincible storm. Then, as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

There he stood, the winner of the conflict. Uchiha Sasuke. But, if he won, why doesn't it feel like it?

Simple. It really was a bittersweet victory. Uchiha Sasuke, last of the famed Uchiha clan, had just impaled his closest friend.

The friend, Naruto, coughed up some blood. Sasuke felt it land on his cheek, he felt his arm inside of the dobe's body.

He pulled out his arm, a look of shock on his face. What had he done? What the fuck had he done?

His eyes started to cry tears of blood, the Mangekyou Sharingan. Yippee, hooray for Sasuke, he just murdered his closest friend for power.

Then he realized something, Naruto was holding back the entire time.

Slowly, Sasuke examined his bloodied hand, the look of shock plastered onto his face. Then he heard something.

"Hey, teme. -cough- Looks like I won't be able to keep that promise to Sakura-chan. -cough-"

It was Naruto, coughing up blood and almost dead.

Sasuke rushed to his side.

"Come on dobe. Don't die here. What about your dream? What about being Hokage?!" Sasuke was losing it.

"My last promise was to Sakura-chan. -cough- I promised, I'd bring you back. -cough- Sasuke, please, don't follow the path of revenge. -cough- Live, restore your clan, and keep everyone in Konoha safe for me. -cough- Don't let me down... Teme..." Naruto's eyes shut, there was a small smile on his face.

He had it.

Sasuke fell to his knees... and sobbed.

He looked at Naruto again. He was dead, there was no doubt about it. Hopefully, he was in a better place now...


"You're a real fool, you know that, Uzumaki?" asked Kyuubi as he looked down at his vessel.

Naruto smiled, "At least the world will be a safer place without you around." said Naruto.

Kyuubi grinned, started to chuckle, and then he started to laugh.

"What's so funny?" asked Naruto, confused.

"Because Gaki, we're dying. As soon as we're dead, your soul is going to absorb mine and, by the looks of it, we're going somewhere different."

"Hell?" asked Naruto, confused.

"Nope, I believe the place is called... Hueco Mundo..."


A creature's eyes suddenly opened. It was inside of a cave. It dare not leave. It looked around the cave before looking at itself. A fox. A nine-tailed fox.

"Well, I don't believe it. I'm dead." said the fox as it looked around in its cave, a pair of slitted, sapphire-blue eyes behind its skull-like mask. "I wonder what I am..." mused the fox.

The fox peeked its head out from the cave and saw nothing but white sand and a strange moon. It raised a brow behind its mask.

"Better question, where am I? Definitely not Suna. I'm positive. The sand Gaara uses looks nothing like the sand here. Could this be that 'Hueco Mundo place' Kyuubi-teme was talking about? Probably." said the fox, now identified as Naruto.

He looked at himself a little more thoroughly. There was a hole where his heart should have been going straight through his body. The seal on his stomach was still there, but it looked like it was burned there and not painted.

His entire body was white and covered in red and black markings making him look more feral.

His mask wouldn't come off, but, if he could take a look at it, it was black with a red half-circle on the bottom of his left eye and a white half-circle on the bottom of his right eye. The mask itself, if the colors were different, would have looked just like Kyuubi's head. In fact, his entire body was precisely identical to Kyuubi's except for the color and front paws.

These front paws more closely resembled human hands. He made the 'Ram' seal. He could feel chakra. He tried to perform a Kagebunshin no jutsu. He wasn't disappointed, three of him suddenly 'poofed' into existence. Wait, how was this possible? Chakra was an energy for the living... so how could he use it? The Fox! Kyuubi was a demon that could live outside of the rules of death and life. It was probably one of his many reasons for how he became so powerful. So, since Naruto's soul absorbed Kyuubi's soul after they died... that meant that Naruto could do anything Kyuubi could do! He could use both life and death energies!

Whoops... no time for celebrations, no matter how cool it is, he had to assess the situation. Something he was really bad at.

Suddenly, something occurred to Naruto... he was hungry. Was it possible for spirits to become hungry? Apparently so. Naruto's stomach growled. He needed food. Then he felt something. A sort of wierd sixth sense for direction pointing towards something.

Naruto decided to follow this direction. He ran for about an hour before he saw something. It looked like a wolf with an angler for a head and an octopus tentacle for a tail.

Naruto stared intently at this creature. It finally took notice of Naruto and made a cross between a low humming sound and a strange growl.

Naruto continued to stare intently at the creature before him. It also had a mask, but it was white.

Then, several memories flooded into his head, memories that weren't his. It was like he was learning everything about this being he was about to face and then some.

The monster in front of him was named 'Sticky Jaw'.

He was a sadist.

In life, he was arrested and executed for the rape and murder of over two dozen orphaned children and women.

He was nicknamed 'The Whacker' because he'd beat women to death with the dead children he killed and dug up.

He took the coward's way out in prison and shot himself in the head when one of the guards dropped their gun.

In death, he continued his reign of terror and slaughtered hundreds of people before devouring their souls.

His abilities:

Sticky Jaw could tear his enemies apart with his octopus tail or simply rips them to shreds with his teeth, he can fire blasts of energy from each of the suction cups on his tail.

Sticky Jaw, like Naruto, was a 'Hollow', an incomplete soul. Symbolized by the holes on their chests, Hollows need to fix this by eating souls. Any soul will do. Shinigami were like the police of the spirit world, their purpose was to slay Hollows so they could move on to Soul Society. Shinigami were identified by their black robes and swords called Zanpakutou.

Alright. That was enough info for Naruto. He attacked and, rather quickly, ate Sticky Jaw.

Something else occurred to Naruto. He not only was less hungry, but he felt stronger. The inner-compass started working again. 'Well, I'm off to slaughter some Hollows.' Naruto thought to himself.


50 Years Later...

Naruto walked around on a high building trailing a Hollow.

Ok, the building wasn't that high. But, it was high enough. He was in Japan 1904. This Hollow was a real nightmare. It looked like a six-legged Centaur with a spider-like head.

In life, this one illegally traded weaponry with enemy countries and if anyone found out, he'd frame them and have them killed after they were arrested. He had many connections while he was alive, a long criminal network. All of them were psychopaths. After he died, they were all weeded out and executed. Most of them had went straight to hell, some of them stuck around as Hollows.

How ironic that, even in death, this nut still had lackeys. It almost reminded him of Gatou... nope, old memories. Bad memories. Can't think about that.

He'd already eaten the last dozen of 'Arachnitaur's' cronies. That was his name in death.

Suddenly, a small squad of Shinigami appeared. It must have been their first time out in the living world, Naruto decided to observe.

Arachnitaur clearly had the upper hand, he was doing everything in his power to decimate the Shinigami. One by one the squad members were killed.

Arachnitaur was just about to kill the remaining three when suddenly, Naruto intervened.


It was a simple mission. Their first Hollow-hunt in the living world. Soifon was more excited than anyone else at the time. She would be able to prove herself to her idol, Shihōin Yoruichi. It was supposed to be simple...

But it wasn't.

Almost immediately, all of the low-level Hollows started to disappear, then they saw it, a giant monster of a Hollow. This was the Hollow identified as Arachnitaur. Then it attacked.

One by one they were killed until only Soifon and two others remained. One of them needed medical attention, the other two weren't equipped to fight this behemoth.

Then it happened.

As Arachnitaur brought down his mighty hand for the killing blow... he was stopped.

Around each of his appendages was a tail.

Soifon looked at this new Hollow. It looked like a terrifying, nine-tailed fox... with a black mask.

Now, Soifon wasn't a book worm, but she was intelligent enough to know that Hollows with black masks don't exist. But, there, in front of her was a hollow with a black mask!

"Oi oi, you three Ok?" asked an unknown voice.

It sounded like a kid.

Maybe a child with high spiritual pressure.

Soifon and the other members of her squad took a look around.

No kid in sight.

"What are you? Blind? I'm right here."

They looked and saw the black masked Hollow.

Apparently this Hollow was capable of human speech. Soifon blinked twice and stuttered out, "A-are you go-going to eat us?"

The black masked Hollow looked at her. Her eyes widened in shock. She could see its eyes. Blue eyes. Beautiful blue eyes...

"No. You three are innocent in both life and death, I've got no problems with you." said the Hollow.

Soifon's eyes widened in shock. "Wha-?"

"Look, I'm currently holding back an incredibly dangerous Hollow. So, are you going to escape to save your injured comrade or are you going to get caught in the possible crossfire?" asked the Hollow.

The three Shinigami looked at each other and silently nodded. This was their only chance of escape. But, Soifon had to get her last question in, "Who or what are you?"

"Me? I'm the protector of souls. I'm the warrior of truth and all that's right. I am the fox who sends true demons to where they belong. My name is for people of my choice, but my identity is... 'The Kitsune-Hollow'... Believe it!"

Soifon and the other Shinigami looked at each other for a second. The speech was the corniest thing they'd ever heard, but, he was proving it true.

The Shinigami ran off to find their way home.

"Now, it's just you and me, Bug-boy."


It took under an hour for the rescue team to find the three Shinigami. They couldn't help but blab about just about everything that happened on their first trip to the living world.

Word travels rather quickly in Soul Society. Soon enough there wasn't a single Shinigami who didn't know about The Kitsune-Hollow. Some thought he was an angel that appears terrible, others thought he was a monster that would stab them in the back as soon as possible if he gained their trust.

But then there were the many who had no idea what to think of this Hollow. The captains of the Gotei 13 were among them. But, since the Kitsune-Hollow was possibly a devastating beast that could throw Soul Society into panic, they decided to keep it under wraps.

Any and all info on the Kitsune-Hollow was classified or simply passed off as a bed time story in Rukongai.

After sixty years, the Kitsune-Hollow turned into a myth for all who hadn't seen him.


Current day

A single figure walked into the Urahara store. Now, this isn't an unusual thing. Spirits and humans alike visit the candy store for whatever reason. What was strange was the person entering the store.

He appeared to be 16, maybe 17. He had spiky, blond hair with red and black tips. His eyes were sapphire blue with black slits in them. He had a black cloak with red clouds on it. The cloak was open so that an orange shirt with a zipper on the front was visible. The shirt had black sleeves. The pants were orange. There were two giant Zanpakutou strapped to his back. (A/N: Naruto's Shippuden outfit under an Akatsuki cloak with a pair of swords, identical to Ichigo's unreleased Zanpakutou, strapped on his back...) Finally, he had a black, skull-like mask. It was broken so his cheeks, forehead, and the top half of his eyes were visible. Everything else was there. Urahara Kisuke stood behind the counter.

"Konnichiwa Urahara-san!" greeted the person.

"Ah, Uzumaki-san! What will it be today?" asked Kisuke.

"Actually, no. I need a gigai. Recently there was a surge of reiatsu in the area and I plan on investigating. Going undercover as a student should do the trick." responded Naruto.

Kisuke was a nice guy who respected privacy. Naruto was able to trust his name with Urahara a long time ago. In fact, if it weren't for Urahara, Naruto wouldn't have any clothing and the hole in his chest would be visible to the world. As for the Akatsuki cloak...

Naruto hated Akatsuki with a passion. But, he had to admit that their cloaks were pretty damn cool. Also, 'Akatsuki' meant 'Daybreak' or 'Dawn'. Naruto thought it would be a good idea to show the world the rising sun that is the Kitsune-Hollow.

As for his Arrancar appearance...

Naruto became an Arrancar twelve years ago. He had already reached the level of 'Vasto Lorde' so the transformation wasn't too painful or different from his current form. Having the power of the strongest demon to walk the earth does have its advantages.

"Any recent 'penalties' you've given out?" asked Kisuke.

"Well, there was this one guy who went postal and blew up a small chunk of his neighborhood by setting up explosives in the sewers. Killed 2 families of 4. Then he shot another 27 people dead because he could. After that, he burned himself alive and I sent him to hell." finished Naruto, unconsciously rubbing his belly.

Kisuke blinked twice. He shouldn't have asked. Whenever Kisuke asked about Naruto's 'penalties', he'd go into a 2 minute speech on who he 'sent to hell' and why. Thank god it was only one...

"Then I had to deal with this freak who'd sneak into people's homes, robbed them, then tore out their vital organs and sold them on the black market. Thing is, he did it while they were sleeping. Then he'd rape their corpses and burn down their homes. He got himself beheaded in a meat factory by accident and before he could turn into a hollow, I devoured him. Sending him straight to hell." Naruto continued.

:I thought too soon: thought Kisuke to himself.

"Then I-"

"You need a gigai, right?" asked Kisuke quickly.

"Yeah. Say, how'd you know?" asked Naruto.

Kisuke felt his eyebrow twitch :So... dense...: "You said you needed to go undercover so I decided to make a faux body, just for you." said Kisuke. :At least I didn't get him to talk about Ramen... Kami... It's like he worships the stuff...:

Ah yes... Ramen. Once you get Naruto talking about Ramen, nothing short than a thousand Vasto Lorde Hollows can make him stop talking about it.

"So, let's see that gigai." said Naruto.

"Sure, sure..." Kisuke took out the gigai, "Here you go. Now that'll be..." he looked around and saw that Naruto had disappeared with the gigai. "He did it again. I've lost count of how much he owes me... and that's no simple task."

Now, Naruto was very unique for a Hollow. The reason? He was so close to being a Shinigami it was scary. In fact, he was able to do anything a Shinigami or Hollow could do. This included using gigai.


Connections were an important thing to have. If Naruto didn't know the right Hollows in Hueco Mundo, he wouldn't have a long chain of informants there. If Naruto didn't have informants and spies in the Living world, he'd be out of luck. What Naruto didn't have and needed was an information network in Soul Society. But, this was nigh impossible.

No Hollow had ever penetrated Soul Society. But, not one of those Hollows were The Kitsune-Hollow, Uzumaki Naruto. He'd find some way to discover what was going on in Soul Society.


"Class, we have a new student. Now, please show him some respect. This is-" the teacher was cut off by whoever was coming in. Ichigo couldn't care less. Just last week, Rukia started coming to school with him. In all honesty, it was driving him insane... He looked and saw something that would forever be burned into his memory.

"Konnichiwa! My name is Uzumaki Naruto... Prankster Extraordinaire!" exclaimed the new student before paint balling most of the class... Minus the teacher, of coarse.

Ichigo had taken cover underneath his desk.

:Where the hell did this kid get a paintball gun?!: thought Ichigo, eyebrow twitching.

He got up from under his desk to look at the student a little more closely. Something was off about him... Ichigo looked and saw that the teacher had hearts in her eyes.

Raising an eyebrow, Ichigo turned to look at the class. His eyes widened considerably. Rukia followed his gaze and joined the rest of the class in staring and gawking at the sight before them.

Uzumaki Naruto had just made a masterpiece of art from the paint balls. The room, from most of the student's standpoint, looked like a beach during a sunset. Beautiful, yes. Amazing, yes. Impressive, yes again. A work of art that would make most painters turn green with envy, yes. A well-done prank, hell yes. Deserving of a detention...

Ichigo looked to see half of the school board considering labeling the kid a prodigy for art.

Deserving of a detention?


The kid had spiky, blond hair and had sapphire blue eyes. (A/N: Naruto without whiskers in the school uniform.) At this moment, Ichigo decided on one thing...

"I hate this kid."


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But no applause are necessary.

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