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It's good to be king…

Forever Signed in Blood,

Slayer End




"My life was a lie. This place I live now shall recreate fate as I knew it. I hope…"


Naruto looked around the battle field that was once the great city of Los Noches.

He heard a sound echo behind him.

"Well, well, well… what do we have here?" asked a voice.

Naruto turned around and looked at the speaker.

It was a group of ten shrouded individuals. Each of them wore a black cloak with a red circle on the back with a number in the center.

"Espada?" asked Naruto, more to himself.

"No, no, no… we are Akatsuki." said the original speaker.

"Akatsuki? How can that be?" asked Naruto, shocked. Akatsuki was from a different dimension. How would they know of what Akatsuki was?

"You act as though you've heard of us. My name is Madara, essence of Darkness and the origin of all tragedy in the world." said Madara.


"You still don't understand? The conspiracy that has been plotted behind your back since birth? The reality of falseness in your life? The actuality that your dreams are simply blood in the water to attract me? The similarities between then and now?"

"Spit it out!" yelled Naruto, frustrated.

"You, Uzumaki Naruto, Kitsune Hollow, are in the past and from the future! Everything you've done now has altered what would be!" yelled Madara maniacally.


"Hai. This place you live in is actually the distant past. These sands of Hueco Mundo represent the sands of time! When you died against Fate's wish, she turned back the clock and sent your hollowed spirit here! To try and stop Aizen and I from doing what I was later in life! We planned on world domination! We planned on capturing the Biju just like in the future! But, because of your interference, we've failed in that stage! But, we may be in Time's realm here; hell is only a step away! This is more of a vengeance thing, Naruto-kun. Hm… I wonder how much I'll be able to get out of your girlfriend before I kill her…"

That did it.

Something in Naruto snapped.

So he yelled…

"You won't have her you monster! Nine Strikes of Hell: Exist Kyuubi!"


"Attack!" yelled Sanmi, currently wearing a spring green spandex suit.

"For the power of youth!" Was the shout chorused throughout the fellow jumpsuit wearers.

Sasuke, Sharingan ablaze, was trying not to throw up from the countless twisted, revealing images that the spandex wearers produced.

He drew his sword. If one listened closely enough, they would have heard the words 'Let's just get this over with, already…'


As Aizen left his crumbling fortress, he took a last sip of wine.

He looked around him and took note of someone who was standing in front of him.

"Halibel, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, what are you three doing here? Shouldn't you be out there helping your allies?" asked Aizen.

"Oh, they are." spoke a voice behind him.

"And who might you be?" asked Aizen.

"My name is Katsuboro Sanmi, new taicho of the Third Division." spoke Sanmi behind Aizen.

"So, my three most loyal Arrancar have betrayed me? A pity." he said.

They didn't have the chance to blink before Aizen was standing behind them. His blade was barely blocked by Sanmi's claws.

"You three go. I'll stay." said Sanmi.

The Arrancar immediately left.

"You can lift the illusion, Gin." spoke Sanmi.

There was a shimmer of light and Aizen's illusion had vanished showing a grinning former captain of the third division.

"How'd ya guess?" asked Gin.

"Aizen works without help when it comes to combat. His allies are merely for show. I know you're around here, Tousen!" yelled Sanmi.

The blind ex-taicho immediately appeared behind Sanmi.

"How did you discover my location?" asked Tousen.

"I sneak up behind people all the time. I love to terrify people. It makes me feel… happy… any other questions?" asked Sanmi.

"I've got one! Why are you dressed in such a ridiculous outfit." asked Gin, smugly.

"When I saw somebody in this I almost shat myself when two hugged and a sunset appeared. If that freaked me out, then for me to be wearing it, everybody else must be petrified!"

"Actually, we think you look like an idiot." said Tousen.

"…Kuso… and I really thought that it looked intimidating. I guess it only works with at least two people… Ah well," Sanmi immediately tore out of the spandex, "I'd prefer being me any day of the week." he spoke with a shrug.

"This is my replacement? I feel insulted." said Gin.

"You should see Tousen's replacement."

"What's my replacement like?" asked Tousen, worry seeping in.

"We don't know yet. I think they're gonna pick a monkey. A scary skeleton monkey with three heads"

"You're insane." said Tousen, taking a half step backwards.

"No. I just like the number three. Call me Sanmi-san. It has three syllables."

"I don't know your problem, Tousen-san, I like my replacement." spoke Gin.

"Gomen, I don't swing that way, Gin-san. I like girls, maybe in your next life… if you're hot."

"Scratch that. He's a sick, scary pervert and I hate him already."

"Who's 'he'?"

"You!" Tousen and Gin yelled at the same time.

"I've never heard of somebody named 'You' or 'He'… I know somebody named 'Me'."

"That bastard's really getting on my nerves." muttered Gin.

"I can hear you! I'm not deaf! I can see your lips moving! Wait… Ha! In your face blind taicho! I can see and you can't! I can see and you can't!"

Tousen's eyebrow twitched.

"Oh yeah, and that grin you've got has to be the most annoying thing I've ever seen, Gin-teme!" shouted Sanmi.

Gin's eyebrow twitched.

"He's dead." they both said at once.


Naruto stood there in his fox form taking in the Akatsuki's appearance. Madara smirked.

"That won't help you…" he trailed off.

"I don't care. This is personal now, and I plan on destroying you."

"Hmph… I highly doubt that. I am Kami's opposite; I am the second embodiment of darkness. Countless people say that they shall destroy me, but, it will never happen… I may not have the most powerful of Akatsuki quite yet, but, this group behind me should be enough to take you down."

"Their abilities are the same, aren't they?" asked Naruto. Madara flinched. "They're all clones of one another, cheap copies. I can take them… and you know It." said Naruto just as a hundred Kagebunshin appeared and surrounded him.

"Prepare to die… and that's a promise, Dattebayo!" yelled all the clones at once.

They charged.


Sasuke looked around and stopped when he saw something.

"Naruto…" he whispered aloud as he watched him take on the Akatsuki copies.

Sasuke reached for his sword only to stop in surprise when he heard a voice…

"Looking for this?" asked Aizen.

Sasuke's eyes bled red as he charged a Chidori attack, fully intent on driving it through Aizen's heart… Then he stopped.

"No… you're not Aizen. My eyes can see through illusions, and I'm pretty sure Aizen isn't a girl." said Sasuke with a small smirk.

The image of Aizen faded to reveal a girl wearing a tie-dye version of the standard Espada outfit. She had blue-black hair going down her back. Her eyes were a grey-green color, outlined black.

"Who are you?" asked Sasuke, confusion in his red eyes.

"My name is Moroi Kyoko. I'm the new Espada Ten!" she said happily.

"Okay… So, Aizen honestly sent out his number ten to kill me?"



"I was supposed to be guarding some nice, red-head with these cool hair clips. But, I got bored and thought I'd have more fun out here! So… what's up with your eyes? They dispel illusions, right? There's probably more to it than that, right?!" she asked.

Sasuke was inwardly shaking… This girl was way too excited for him… She even topped Sakura in that department, and that wasn't an easy feat.


Orihime was in her cell, shaking. The first explosion or two was shocking enough… but…

…If Ichigo was in it… then…

"Oi, Orihime." said a voice from the other side of the cell.

Orihime looked up to see Ichigo standing there in Shinigami garb.

"I-Ichigo!" she said, stunned.

"I came to get you out. Naruto's been setting up some kind of revolution. The Arrancar are killing each other and he's trying to take over Los Noches and bring down Aizen. Some help just came in from the Seireitei, they've already got somebody fighting off That blind guy and the annoying one with the grin…"

"I think you mean Tousen-san and Gin-san."

"Hai. That sounds about right…"

There was the sound of a small explosion as the wall behind Ichigo was knocked down. Ichigo turned and paled at what he saw…

It was a man in a black cloak with a strange hollow mask. The hole was located in his face.

"Who are you?" asked Ichigo.

"My name is Aradam, the first being of darkness. My son, Madara, is currently fighting against your friend… Naruto, the Kitsune Hollow… correct?" asked the figure as he took a large battle axe off his back, "While my son holds off your friend. It will be my job to kill you."

Ichigo scowled and said one thing…

"Hell no! Bankai!"


Naruto panted as he finished off the last Akatsuki soldier. Several of his tails were missing. In fact, he only had one left.

"Difficult, no? What did you expect, fighting against the second being of darkness?" asked Madara, mockingly.

"What the fuck is a being of darkness you bastard!" yelled Naruto.

"A being of darkness is just that. A being of darkness… I am one of the two current purest expressions of darkness in existence. The first being my father, the second being myself. As beings of darkness, it's our job to cause tragedies in the world. We are the necessary Yin of the universe. We can die, but, we won't stay dead forever. The name Madara is common occurrence for me. When I die, my reincarnation is most likely going to share the name of Madara. My father, however, won't be reincarnated. Because I'm the newest being of Darkness, I'm the more essential."

"So, what you're saying is… that if somebody takes your place as a 'Being of Darkness', you'll die?" asked Naruto.


"Sanmi-san is going to have loads of fun with you." said Naruto with a grin on his fox-face.

Madara rushed forwards just in time for Naruto to yell, "Fuuin!"

There was a massive explosion of smoke as Madara was blown back and the Kitsune Hollow stood there in his black and red cloak wielding his two Zanbatou Zanpakutou. All his wounds had suddenly healed.

"Prepare to die… Te-" Naruto was about to say 'Bastard' before he was stabbed through the chest.

He coughed up some blood and swore.

"So… you can be slain…" said Aizen, the real Aizen as he pulled back his blade.


Sanmi blocked Gin's blade with one of his claws as the other two blocked Tousen's. Sanmi gave another, rather frightening smile before singing…

"Hush little child don't you cry…

"There's gonna be a murder and people will die…

"And if those people do not scream…

"I am going to throw them in a stream…

"And if people do not babble and yell…

"I'll smash their heads on the funeral bell…

"And if those heads just do not crack…

"Then I'm going to have a bloody snack…"

All was silent.

"You like it? I just made it up! I feel it describes this situation perfectly." said Sanmi as he swung his claws around and caused Tousen and Gin to impale each other with their own swords.

Sanmi followed up by thrusting his clawed hand forward, the middle claw broke the two Zanpakutou and the side claws each impaled a captain.

"And if that bloody snack tastes old…

"Then you're going to do as you're told…

"And if you don't do as you're told…

"Then I'm leaving you out in the cold…"

He started to laugh when the two captains let out a bloody scream.


"Can I have my sword back?" asked Sasuke.

"Nope." replied Kyoko with a grin.



"-sigh- Pretty please?"


"Pretty please with sugar on top?"

"Still no…" replied Kyoko in a sing-song voice.

"Just give me the Freaking sword!" yelled Sasuke, finally.

"Okay!" said Kyoko with a large grin.

"…Can I have it now?" asked Sasuke after a few minutes.

"Can I play with it for a little longer?" asked Kyoko using her 'Puppy dog eyes'.

Sasuke's eye twitched, "No!"

"Well, there you go!"

Sasuke screamed and charged up another Chidori. This bitch, no pun intended, was going down.


Ichigo dashed forward and slashed down on Aradam only for Aradam to block the strike with his axe. Ichigo used his speed to jump back and struck from behind, only for the attack to be clocked by the staff part of the long battle axe.

"What the hell?!" shouted Ichigo as he attacked from above.

The strike was blocked and followed with a swing from the axe that dealt a shallow cut across Ichigo's abdomen.

"I have the unique ability to match any speed that my axe is struck with. Then, I charge up my axe. When I blocked your first attack, I could only strike with my axe with the same force you used for the first strike I blocked. But, my weapon just adds this force each time I block. Basically, the more I block your attacks, the stronger my attacks become. That strike was from three of your attacks." said Aradam.

"There's more isn't there?" asked Ichigo, slightly worried.

"Hai. You don't honestly think that three strikes of that strength can only do that much to your chest, do you? I can't use three or more of my opponent's strikes in a single slash. But…"

Aradam dashed forwards and slashed Ichigo across the chest, creating a much deeper wound, registering a gasp from Orihime.

"I can use two at once!"


Sanmi was confused. His victims never turned to dust before… I mean. Sure! He's scary, Sanmi's a terrifying guy… but, not scary enough to turn people to dust.

:If only…: thought Sanmi.

Sanmi's eyes widened before the two captains came up behind him in an attempt to kill him. Sanmi ducked under gin's blade as it extended. Tousen rushed under the extended Zanpakutou and attempted to stab Sanmi only for Sanmi to drop and spin kick at Tousen's ankles, knocking him down. He quickly jumped up to avoid a stab from Tousen but was cut across the side of his face by Gin's sword.

"I somehow knew it was too easy to kill you two so quickly…" said Sanmi, "Arigatou for not dying so quickly."

Tousen scowled and turned his head towards Gin.

They each nodded before yelling at the same time…



"I'll make you a deal. If you give me my Zanpakutou… then I'll do anything you want!" said Sasuke before paling, realizing the implications of the words he had just spoken.

Kyoko grinned, "Anything?"

Sasuke's eye twitched, "Hai… Anything."

He just knew he was going to regret this later…

"Well… I'll give you the Zanpakutou… if you let me come with you to the Seireitei." said Kyoko.

"…Nani?!" Sasuke yelled.

"You want the sword, right?"

"But… are you insane?! You're a Hollow! I can't let you go into the Seireitei!"

"This sword is really shiny, you know…"

Sasuke slapped his forehead.


Naruto was on the ground… bleeding. His life was fading, and he knew it.

"We found out your secret, Kitsune-san. Your tails are like a countdown sequence. Each time you're 'killed', you lose one of your tails, but, gain immense strength." said Aizen.

"When you lose all of your tails, you'll die. If you only have one left when you transform back to your normal form, you only need to be killed once to permanently slay you. It's over. You will no longer be a thorn in my side, Kitsune-Hollow… Uzumaki Naruto." finished Madara.

It was at this time that something unexpected happened…

Naruto smirked and spoke.

"You just can't seem to follow orders, can you?" asked Naruto.

Madara and Aizen shared a brief glance of confusion before Ulquiorra, Halibel, and Grimmjow attacked.

"It's called loyalty, you teme!" yelled Grimmjow.

"Honestly, it wouldn't fit for my Aniki to die here." said Ulquiorra.

"There's no way in hell that I'm losing you." spoke Halibel.

A large group of green spandex warriors made their way to Aizen and Madara.

"Oi! Dobe, don't go dying on me yet!" yelled Sasuke as he and Kyoko made their way to him.

"Are all my followers going to betray me?!" shouted Aizen.

All was silent.


Sanmi stood in the darkness as a massive dragon of swords rushed through the pitch-blackness and struck him down.

Sanmi slowly got up and…


He raised his claws up and called…


All remained silent until…

There was a massive screeching sound as Sanmi turned a bloody red and black.

"Cero Knight of the order of Fear." spoke Sanmi.

Tousen's Bankai had already dispersed with Tousen collapsing, sporting a massive gash and bth of his arms missing from his body.

Sanmi turned to Gin…

…and spoke once more…



Ichigo was on the ground panting. Aradam walked to him and prepared to decapitate the downed Shinigami before there was a sudden interruption…

"Zoten Zanshun… I reject!" shouted Orihime as the Tsubaki spirit rocketed forwards, striking and taking off Aradam's right arm.

"Well… this could prove problematic… Not!" yelled Aradam as most of the staff part of his long battle axe broke apart and reconnected into a skeleton-like arm.

It was a menacing sight, a monster with a giant hole for a face wielding a skeleton arm and a large-bladed axe.

He rocketed forward and landed an uppercut into Orihime's stomach, causing her to drop down and cough up some blood.

"Orihime!" yelled Ichigo.

"You must understand… If we can't have her, you can't either." said Aradam as Orihime passed out.

A massive blue arrow suddenly jettisoned and wedged itself into Aradam's thin right arm.

"Quincy?!" he yelled, shocked.

"That's right, and we will not let you harm our friend." came a voice.

Aradam turned his head to see Chad and Uryū. Rukia and Renji were backing them up from behind.

"Szayel! Aaroniero! Get over here, you two! I'll need reinforcements!" called Aradam as the two Espada appeared.

"Things are about to get interesting…" said Renji, readying his Shikai.


End of Chapter XIV.

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