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Chapter 1: An entire chapter about a computer

"What is it?"

"Is it a magic mirror?"

"So many arrows!"

"Can I ask it a question?"

"'Caps lock'? Does this button ensure your hat stays securely on your head? What an odd request..."

"Magic Mirror, who's the fairest of them all?"

"You don't need a mirror to tell you that one, Peach."

Samus rolled her eyes at the princesses. She couldn't blame them for being confused, though; she doubted there were many computers in medieval-esque Hyrule or squeaky-clean Mushroom Kingdom. Samus, however, was very familiar with the machines due to her voyages through space and distant planets.

The bounty hunter had secretly saved up her winnings from various tournament victories to buy a computer. She loved the Smash Mansion and the company in it but deeply missed her connection to the outside world. Samus hoped the internet would bring her up to date on the news, especially anything to do with the Galactic Federation.

As she bent down to hook up the final cords, Peach poked at the blank screen. "Some mirror," she muttered. "It's not even made of glass."

Samus slapped her hands away, "Careful! You'll smudge it!"

Peach pulled her hand back, offended.

"Sorry, Peach, I've just been waiting to get this for a long time, and I don't want anything messing it up," Samus paused and then brightened. "How about I let you turn it on? Press this button here. Yes, this one on the side."

Peach looked uneasy as she slowly reached for the power button. Her finger paused over it and wavered. "BE CAREFUL, PEACH!" Zelda blurted out and clamped her hands over her mouth in horror.

"For the love of God, just press it!" Samus snapped, grabbing Peach's hand and jamming her finger on the button. Zelda and Peach both screamed as the machine whirred to life.

After a few minutes of registering and downloading all necessary supplements, Samus turned around in her seat. The princesses sat hand-in-hand, as if supporting eachother. They both looked terrified.

"Wha-what sorcery is this?" Zelda whispered, awestruck.

Peach nodded in a daze, "Teach us."

Samus stretched and slumped down in her chair. It was going to be a long night.

A/N: Sorry about the irrelevance of the first chapter. I just wanted to get the ball rolling and introduce the main plot point: the computer. Chapter 2 will officially start the story of the girls discovering the fanfiction - let the madness ensue. Please review!