(Quote from the Episode, Dead Man Talking, Season 1)

Abby: You rule

Gibbs: I know, but remind me why?"


"Cuz you're sweet, kind, authoritative, strong, quiet, good looking, funny, witty, smart, intuitive, loyal, self-sacrificing, honest and did I say cute?"

Gibbs had to smile as he cuddled in closer; wrapping a stealth arm around her. "I'm sorry I missed all that…could you repeat it?"

She playfully punched his shoulder before lying back down beside him. "Did I mention you can be a real pain in the…"

He placed a finger over her lips before she could finish. "Shh…" He then watched her slowly frown and was confused. "What?"

"Cant help but remember the last time you did that…"

It didn't take long for him to grasp where she was headed. "I came back didn't I?"

"Yeah, you're very much back…don't get me wrong, I love that you're back…just cant help those feelings creeping up you know?"

"Abs, we've been over this."

She quickly wrapped both her arms around him. "I know; I just don't want to lose you…not ever….ever, ever, ever."

He smiled at her child-like response. "Abs…"

It was then she reached out to silence his lips. "Shh…let's just lay here and believe that that could never happen okay? Just for tonight."

Without another word, the two spent the remainder of the night in the others arms. There was a silence that spoke volumes; with a physical assurance that was enough for her. No matter what tomorrow would bring…or the next day…or the day after that. Tonight she had him. And he had her. And though both of them knew that day was inevitable…it didn't matter…not tonight.