Ianto Jones stood in the centre of a very small and very shabby hotel room. Next to him was a small set of draws, one draw missing from the middle and two of the others missing handles. In the corner was a small camp bed which looked as if it hadn't been used or cleaned in years and Ianto flinched as he eyed the suspicious looking marks staining the sheets. There was a tiny window on the far side of the room, lacking curtains and covered in cracks and smears. The walls Ianto could see had recently been painted a creamy colour but bits of the previous wallpaper still stuck to it. And Ianto didn't even want to think about the carpet he was currently sticking to.

He flung his bag on the floor and sunk down onto the bed. Closing his eyes, he pressed his fingers to his eyelids till he saw stars and found himself wondering "what the hell am I doing here?"

2 days earlier

Well, it was fair to say that none of the team expected to have to deal with anymore wedding disasters so soon after Gwen's...and yet here they were again. Thankfully this wasn't another nostrovite and instead just a weevil inviting itself to the reception. Jack had heard the screams while out on a hunt and reached the B&B before the weevil could get inside and do too much damage. Gwen and Ianto had arrived moments later, Gwen making excuses to the people who had seen it and Ianto getting the weevil in the SUV without too much commotion. People would need to be retconned later on and Gwen would need to come up with a lot more excuses, but for now they just needed to get the weevil out of there and back to the hub.

"Gwen, you hang about here and keep an eye on things, me and Ianto will take the weevil back to the hub. Call if you need anything"

Gwen nodded and went to reassure the guests one last time while Ianto and Jack jumped in the SUV and headed back to the hub.

Jack was quiet for the journey there, he barely said a word when they were putting the weevil in the cells and didn't speak again until about half way back to the reception.

"Will you stay tonight?"

Ianto knew why Jack was asking him. Jack was angry...he wasn't sure why but he figured it was something to do with the wedding. Weddings seemed to have some effect on Jack, always seemed to bring old memories and old wounds to the surface. After Gwen's he spent a lot of his time stood on rooftops for 3 days, barely saying a word to anyone. Then a friend of Gwen's had got married and they all got dragged along for it...Jack was brooding for a week after that one. This time Jack was angry and often when Jack was angry he needed something or someone to relieve the tension. More often than not that someone was Ianto.

"You know I will" Ianto replied.

And he would. He always did.

Jack gave a small smile but kept his eyes on the road ahead. Ianto leaned back in his seat and turned to look out the window until they arrived back at the B&B.

As soon as they were out the SUV they spotted Gwen sat among some of the guests and what looked like the bride at one of the tables. As soon as Gwen saw them she gestured for them to go join them and began introducing everyone.

"And this is Anna, she's the lucky bride!" Gwen grinned and pointed towards the groom who was stood the other side of the party "He's a bit of alright!"

Anna blushed slightly and gave her a small smile in return. She glanced down at her hand and fiddled with the gold ring on her ring finger. "Yeah, I really am lucky" She paused for a moment, lost in her thoughts until she remembered her surroundings and looked up at Jack and Ianto.

"Thanks so much for your help; we'd be delighted if the three of you would stay for a few drinks to show our appreciation"

Jack grinned and turned to Ianto who smiled and nodded.

"We'd love to"

The bride beamed and gestured towards the drinks table. "Help yourself to drinks and everything and then come join the rest of us"

Ianto hadn't really wanted to stay, but was happy to see Jacks mood lift a bit as he chatted and flirted with all the guests, even danced with a couple of the kids. The first part of the evening had been fine...it was when Gwen and the some of the other guests had started talking about their own weddings that he'd started to feel uncomfortable.

"And what about you Ianto, any plan's to get married in the future?"

Ianto's head snapped up from the napkin he was fiddling with and he felt himself blush furiously.

"I, err...well, not really thought about it, I mean...not really much time with work really..."

And it was true; he hadn't thought about it...he didn't really think about the future much. When working for torchwood it was often best to try not to think about the future at all, especially in situations like this when he was surrounded by lots of happy couples living their normal lives.

"You've got to make time for it, everyone needs a life outside of work, it'll be the death of you otherwise!"

'Yeah you got that right' thought Ianto. He forced a smile onto his face and nodded. "Yeah...well, maybe one day..." with that he excused himself from the table and headed for the bathroom.As soon as he'd entered the small room he slumped against the cold tiles and felt a huge wave of emotions wash over him. Why was he feeling like this now? It had never been a problem before, he knew he'd never have the normal life everyone else had, he knew he was likely to never get married or have children. And yet he suddenly wanted that...not necessarily marriage and kids but just something more normal. Gwen had that...why shouldn't he? His thoughts turned to Jack. Jack had told Gwen to keep her normal life outside of torchwood. How come Ianto couldn't have that too? Probably because Ianto was pretty sure he loved Jack in one way or another and simply couldn't be with anyone else.

How could one wedding bring up so many questions that he couldn't answer?

Why the hell couldn't he answer them?

He took a couple deep breaths and straightened his suit jacket. This was stupid. He was getting himself worked up over nothing...'best to just go back and forget about it'

He adjusted his suit for the second time, opened the door and casually strolled back over to the table.

"You're quiet" said Jack on arrival back at the hub.

"Sorry...just tired" Ianto replied, heading over to the coffee machine.

Jack followed and reached to grab his hand before he could switch it on.

"Hey, don't worry about that now...it can wait" He turned the younger man round to face him and pulled him closer. "I have better ideas for now..." Ianto tensed as Jack began to press kisses to his neck, something didn't feel right for him. Probably had something to do with all his thoughts from earlier clogging up his brain again. He pulled away from Jack as the older man began nibbling his ear. "Jack, it's been a long day, I'm exhausted...can't we just...go to sleep?"

Jack took a step back and looked at him inquisitively. "What's wrong?"

Ianto sighed "Nothing's wrong Jack, I just really need some sleep" he forced a yawn to emphasize his point and gave Jack a small smile. "We can do this tomorrow though?"

Jack said nothing for a minute and Ianto felt a sudden rush of guilt at the pain he saw in the other mans eyes, but eventually Jack nodded and gave him a tight smile. "Yeah...okay...you go to sleep, I'll see you later" and with that, he turned and disappeared through the cog door, his coat flapping round his ankles.

Ianto let out a breath and rubbed his eyes. 'Probably just gone to brood on a rooftop somewhere...again...'

It wasn't until Jack arrived back at the hub in the early hours of the morning, smelling of cheap perfume and sex that Ianto knew exactly where Jack had been and what he'd been doing.

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