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"Ianto, please wait" Gwen called for the third time, desperately trying to keep up with him and John. Eventually Ianto slowed to a stop and spun round to face Gwen.

"I can't come back Gwen"

"Look, I know you're concerned about Jack but just let me talk to him...I'm sure we can work this out, just please, you can't leave Ianto..."

Ianto let out a long breath then suddenly pulled Gwen into a firm hug, moving one hand up to stroke her hair.

"I don't want to leave you Gwen" he whispered in her ear "but Jack's not going to let me back while John's in my life...and I don't think I can forgive him that easily for what he did"

Gwen pulled back to look Ianto in the eyes, gripping onto his shoulders as she spoke

"Look, I know there are obviously going to be some issues to work around...and things can't go back to normal just like that...but please Ianto, for me...just consider it. Let me deal with Jack, I know I can talk him round..."

"Gwen..." Ianto hesitated

"Please, Ianto. After Tosh and Owen...well, I need you"

Ianto just stared at her for a moment before sighing in defeat and pulling her back into a hug.

"For you Gwen...I'll try. No promises though, okay?"

He felt Gwen grin against his cheek "Thank you Ianto...you won't regret it, I'll make sure of that"

Ianto nodded but said nothing more, silently contemplating what he was going to say to Jack. Eventually they both stepped out the hug and smiled.

"I'll call you when I've spoken with him" Gwen said quietly before turning back to Martha and walking back to Jack.

Ianto watched her walk away before turning back to John, noting the frown that creased his forehead.

"You okay?"

"Are you going to go back?" John asked softly.

Ianto sighed and ran a hand over his face "Torchwood is my life John...I don't want Gwen to feel she's been abandoned by everyone. She's not used to all this death; she needs people there for her"

"I know, I know...I'm just wondering where I'll fit into your life when you go back to Cardiff"

"Well..." Ianto began nervously "I was thinking...if you want maybe you could come with me...maybe move into my flat with me so, you know...you wouldn't have to pay for another place or a hotel. Unless you'd rather have your own space, it's up to you..."

John had to stop himself from smirking at Ianto stumbling over his words. Ianto, however, didn't miss the look on his face and a slight flush began to creep up his neck.

"Look, it was just an idea, forget it" Ianto said quickly, turning away to hide his face.

Johns smile broke into a grin then and he stepped forward to take Ianto's hand. Ianto peered up at him under his lashes and gave him a questioning look.

"Honey, you know I would love to move in with you" John said with a smirk.

Ianto gave him a small smile and blushed even more. He looked down at his feet and shifted nervously

"Don't call me honey"

"Sorry baby"

"Or baby"


"I think 'Ianto' will do fine"

John crossed his arms and pouted.

"However" Ianto said, stepping closer and leaning in till their lips were just inches apart "I'll let you call me whatever you like when we get back to Cardiff and my king size bed..."

Gwen and Martha found Jack sat on a bench near where they'd left him. He didn't notice them approach, too busy staring into space lost in his thoughts. He'd driven Ianto away. For good. In fact, he'd done such a good job of driving him away that Ianto had turned to his ex boyfriend for comfort. 'Bloody Hart...wish I'd killed him while I had the chance...'

"Jack?" Gwen said softly.

Jack snapped out of his trance at his name and turned to look up at Gwen.

"Jack, we need to talk..."


"Ianto its Gwen"

Ianto's heart began to race; he'd been dreading this call.

"Hey Gwen..."

"Look, I've spoken to Jack...he was difficult at first, typical Jack fashion...but he wants you to come back!"

Ianto froze. He'd never actually thought about having to go back to work for Jack when he'd agreed to it. He was just thinking about going back to Cardiff and making Gwen happy. And of course if he returned to Torchwood that meant he'd have to actually talk to Jack beforehand to work things out. This was all so horribly messy.


"Isn't it?!" Gwen replied excitedly "I knew he'd come round...I know things will be awkward for a while love but I'm sure you'll learn to get along. I think you need to talk with him before though, maybe wait till we're back in Cardiff so everyone can cool off a bit"

"I'll sort something when we get back, thank you Gwen"

"No, thank you Ianto...I know he's treated you badly and what he did was wrong, but I mean...everyone deserves a second chance don't they?"

Ianto smirked. Jack had used up his second chance long ago. In fact he was probably on about his twentieth by now...

"I'll see you soon Gwen, Bye"

"Bye Ianto"

Ianto put the phone down and sighed. This was not going to be easy...