I sat up in my bed and flicked on my light. I knew I wasn't going to be able to sleep, I don't know why I tried. It was nearly two in the morning. I pulled out my favorite book, Wuthering Heights, and started reading it for the twentith time.

At about quarter after two I heard the front door open and Renee's voice. It was about itme she got home I was just about to walk out of my room and make a joke about her taking forever to get home when I heard what she was saying.

"Come on in Phil, no no don't worry about Bella, she's sleeping by now, the rooms up this way." she said with a giggle. Her door closed and I let out a breath of relief.

"One minute Phil" she said giggling again. "I have to go check on Bella and make sure she's sleeping."

"Crap" I whispered to myself. I Qucikly flicked out my light a hauled the covers up over my head. Holding the book close to me chest. Renee quickly glanced in the room looked over towards me shut the door quietly and went back to her room.

I sighed flicked my light back on and opened the book to find where I left off. I knew this would be a long like, much like the other long nights I endured. I would mention this to Renee tomorrow, I would simply say she woke me up…again, that's all.

It was at least five in the morning before the bed stopped thump, thump thumping on my wall softly, soon I heard snores.

"Finally I said to myself." I turned out my lights once more and fell quickly into dreamland.

My dream was so realistic, I was sitting in a meadow surrounded by tree except for the little clearing. Next to me was a boy, my age with glimmering gold eyes and a stone cold body, it was so realistic I couldn't believe it. Waking up was a struggle I didn't want to leave my dream boy, but what can I do?

I climbed out of bed grabbed my shower stuff and a change of clothes and walked into the bathroom. The light was already on so I just walked in.

"AHHH!" Renee screamed

"Holy crap!" I screamed back, then I turned around and ran to my room. I closed the door behind me and sat there waiting, thinking. I heard the bathroom door open and close and then Renee's room opened and closed as well. I figured now that it was safe now and I walked towards the bathroom. I closed the door behind me securely locking it and took my shower, it was so relaxing, but I couldn't stay in there forever even as much as I wanted to, I knew Renee would want to talk, hopefully I could get out of the house before she found me.

I changed in the bathroom, for safe measures, and then returned to my room to do my hair, I kept it simple like always, I put it up in a messy bun and just a little lip gloss. I stepped out of my room and walked down the stairs, I wasn't hungry yet, I could wait until lunch.

Renee met me at the bottom of the stairs

"Hi" she said

"Hi mom."

"Look I just wanted to say sorry for this morning, I thought I locked the door, I guess I was wrong."

"It's okay, but if we're in an apologizing mood then you should probably start with last night, you guys woke me up…again, so I couldn't go to sleep until like five this morning.

"Oh hunny! I'm so sorry! Really, I am"

"I know mom, you wouldn't try to wake me up in the middle of the night." she laughed. "but, umm I have a suggestion if you want to hear it."

"Okay, I would love to."

"Well, I was just thinking since I know how much you miss Phil when he goes on his trips…well I was thinking I could go stay with Charlie for awhile and you could travel with Phil."

"Darling, Phil is going for almost a year this time! You wouldn't be able to come home until at least next August if you did want to come home to me."

"I know mom, but I figure it can't be to bad in Forks, and I'm sure I can stick it out for a year."

"You're sure?"


"Okay I'll go call your father." she was beaming, I knew I made the right choice.

"Everything's set." was the next thing she said. "You leave tomorrow."

"Well if I leave tomorrow and you leave the day after that, then we better get packing."

We walked up the stairs together and I blasted my music loud enough to hear it all through out the house, we spent almost all of the day packing. I couldn't wait to be able to sleep at night.

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