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Bella's POV

"Can I talk to you?"

I had to think about it. I was concerned for Bella, as she was in a rough spot right now.

"That depends." I answered cautiously.

Renee nodded, understanding.

"I won't upset her." She said softly, taking Bella's ice cold hand in hers.

I nodded. "Alright, we're listening."

"I love you." Renee told Bella, looking her straight in the eyes.

Bella looked at Renee and sighed deeply.

"I love you to mom."

"I think it would be best for you to come home with me, but." Renee paused, she bit on her lip, her habits very similar to Bella's. "Forks seems to be your home now, and I can't take that away from you. I'm going home tonight Bella, but your staying here. I switched the ticket around. I love you Bella, keep in touch, i have to go pack."

"Thank you." I whispered, just loud enough for Renee to hear.

Renee smiled softly, "You can always come home though, to my home, if you ever need me.

"Thanks mom." I paused, my eyes flickered to Edward, and then back to Renee. "This means everything to me."

"I know." Was all Renee said, she kissed my forehead, slipped off the bed and shut the door almost silently.

Edward put his hand softly under my chin and lifted my face up to look at his.

"Are you happy love?"

"Yes." I made a choking noise, as if I was crying. He held her close rocking her back and forth.

He had begun to sing, "Storms never last, do they baby, bad times always pass, with the wind." He continued the song until the last word. Holding me in his arms the whole time.

"You've never sung that before, you've only ever sung my lullaby,"

He smiled, "I tried something different."

"You're amazing." Was my reply.

"You're spectacular." I opened her mouth and let out a small, quiet laugh.

"Edward!" There was a cry from downstairs and the next thing i knew Edward leapt off the bed with me on his back and Alice and run through the door.

"Renee needs to leave now. You and Bella have to bring her to the airport now."

"I can't leave you here." I cried, knowing it would be because of the wolves. "I'll call a cab."

Edward flipped out his phone. He gave his address and told them if they got here within 5 minutes we would pay double the amount needed.

The family went through to the backyard waiting the arrival of the wolves while Edward and I said goodbye to my mom.

"I love you Bells,"

"Please. Don't call me that."

"Sorry." Renee said softly, her eyes looking at her feet.

"It's okay.. no problem, i love you too mom, have a nice flight, i'll call you in a few days to say hi."

"Alright, Goodbye, and Isabella Swan you behave yourself." She Renee said with a small smile

"Of course." With that Renee climbed into the taxi and drove off, we walked quickly back into the house closing the door and made our way to the back to join the family.

The doorbell rang.

"I'll get it, i said quietly, "It's probably just someone selling something."

"Bella, nobody comes in here. I'm coming too, it's the wolves."

I gulped. "FIne."

I peeped through the peep hole on the door and saw Jacob standing on the front step.

I opened the door.

"Jacob? Where's the pack?"

"I don't know."


He sighed.

"What's going on Jacob?" Edward stepped in front of me defensively.

"Oh cool off bloodsucker."

"What's going on Jake?" I asked softly

Jacob looked at his feet. "I can't let them hurt you." He said quietly. "I won't let them harm you Bells."

"Don't call me that." I said, my tone harsh.

"Sorry," he replied, softer than before.

"How can we trust you?" Edward asked, stepping in again.

"You'd just have to trust me."

"I want to trust you Jake, but..." I trailed off, leaving m sentence unfinished.

"I understand."

"I guess this is it then." I said, my voice beginning to leave me."Bella, they're coming in an hour, thye wanted it to be a surprise, thats all i know.""You can't find out anymore."

He shook his head.

"BUt they can't keep anything from you."

"They can now. I left the pack Bells."

"Don't call me that!" I nearly shrieked. my shoulders begun to shake.

"I'm sorry!" He replied, putting his hands up in front of him.

"He's being honest." Edwards whispered. He truly wants to help.

I licked my lips.

"Okay. Come on Jake, we have to tell the others."

We moved towards the back door, I could tell Jacob was nervous, I smiled taking Edward's stone cold hand in one of mine, and Jacob's warm, soft hand in my other hand.

"Jacob wants to help."

I eard a hiss from Rosalie, but that was the only objection. I kept a strong hold on both Edward and Jacob's hands.

We would face this together, and we would win.

I heard rustling in the trees.

"They're here." Alice whispered,

"Bring it." I called almost silently.

Jacob was tense. Which was no surprise, these were his 'brothers'

"It'll be okay. We try talking to them first."

"Hello?" I called

"They won't want to give away their location." Jacob told me.

"We don't want a fight, and we're sure you don't either. You have to understand the situation, and what my choices were."

"I wanted to be vampire, and I would have died if they hadn't saved me. Carlisle tried everything to save me and keep me human, but there was no hope, i couldn't leave this world behind without seeing that my father was put where he belonged, in the jailhouse. You boys know me, you know i will be no harm to anyone around her, please, just let us be." There was a long silence.

Suddenly, there was a huge roar from behind us and i felt something smash into my back knocking me off my feet.

"Please." I told the wolf, "Let us be."

The wolf paused but then resumed, it pinned me to the ground."

Edward hissed loudly, snapping at them. "Get off of her now." He growled.

There was a voice from the woods.

"Make no move bloodsucker, or her can and will crush her."Edward twitched, knowing the truth in the voice. "Fine." Edward conceded.

"Sam." I called "Please. You know me, you can't do this, please."

There was a snarl from the woods, and I held my breath waiting for the verdict.

There was another snarl and a bark, and i heard a faint voice.

"Please." Edward's plead was almost inaudible.

There was rustling in the woods, and I braced myself for the worst

"Let her go." Sam walked out of the woods, his jeans hanging around his waist. "There is no need, what they did is not wrong."

There was a snarl from one of the wolves, clearly an objection of Sam's verdict.

"Thank you."

I heard another snarl, and then something smack into me from behind, the next thing i knew i was on the ground. I whimpered in pain. I heard another snarl and two wolves were fighting. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and slowly bring me back to a standing position.

I watched, tension running through me, while the two wolves fought.

"Shhh, Bella, love, do not worry. Alice has seen, it will be fine."

I waited still, still tense.

A big wolf emerged from the trees, it looked around, and then found me. We locked eyes and the wolf moved towards me, Edward was tense, but not overly tense.

"Jacob?" I whispered.

A big lopsided smile appeared on the wolf's face, it's tongue hung to the side, giving it a friendly appearance. I moved towards him, wrapping my arms around his big head and neck.

"You scared me!" I scolded. "Don't do that again!"

The wolves big eyes rolled and then he sat down next to me, panting.

"Gee Jake, i know what everyones saying about you stinking. Go take a bath."

The wolf looked at me, it's eyes narrowed and it shoved me playfully.

Edward's hand slipped into mine, "Thank you Jacob. You saved her."

Another smile grew on the wolves face. It licked me and Edward, screwed up its face, i assumed from the taste and then pranced off towards the forest.

I turned to Edward and cuddled close.

"I thought i was going to lose you." He whispered.

"I would never be able to leave you. Not unless we're going out together." I whispered back.

His lips found mine, a feeling that was becoming so familiar.

I heard puking noises.

"Please, get a room. This isn't helping the whole friends thing Bells."

"Don't call me that!" I shrieked.

"Sorry! Sorry! I forget, i've always called you that."

My breathing was heavy, and i laid back into Edward's arms,

"It's okay love, he doesn't try to be an idiot, he can't help it."

"Oh ha ha bloodsucker. You're hilarious." The sarcasm was thick in Jacob's voice. Edward didn't frown, or make move to rebuttal, him simply smiled contently and wrapped his arms tighter around me.

I was going to get my happily ever after, and it was about time.

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