"GET UP!"...someone screamed in a girly voice

"Jack get up,were gonna be late"..said another girl voice but different than before

as his eyes slowly opened, still hazzy from sleeping he look up and mumbeled "Leave me alone"

When he looked up he saw his beautiful but annoying sister Claire and all thier friends Sayid,Shannon,Charlie and Hurley smiling down at him.

"Why are you guys all here,it doesnt take 5 people to wake me up"..he said laughing

"Oh shut up and let's get going"..Charlie said very annoyed

he slowly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom to take a shower.


He's friends were talking in his room..

"Senior year boys" Sayid said excited

"OMG prom"..Shannon squelled

"So Shannon why did you wanna come this morning?"..Claire asked the blonde

"DUH!..Fashion Consultent, Gotta make him look good:..she giggled

They All Laughed Together

"Whats So Funny?"..Jack asked

They are turned around laughing.."nothing man"Hurley said

"Now Jack What Should You Wear?"..Shannon said more as a statement than a question.

She walked over to his closet "Hmmmm" she said with her finger on her lips

Jack looked at his friends with eyebrow up...they all shrugged as if too say you know Shannon.

After about three minutes she made Jack put on a blue pair of levis jeans and a black t-shirt .

"And now for the Jack Shepherd touch" she said smiling

She threw him a off white button up shirt.He put it on but didnt button it and rolled up the sleeves.

"So?"..he asked looking at the blonde girl

She studied him for a minute before saying"Ahhh you look good in anything"

They all just laughed,and made thier way downstairs and out the door.

They were walking down the street to school when they saw that a few houses up their was a moving truck,they quicly realized that someone was moving in not moving out,so they went to check it out.

"I wonder if they havae kids" Claire said

"I hope so we havnt had a new kid in..ever!" Shannon realized

They made thier way to school,once they finally got there they stopped in front of the school doors.

"This is it..senior year" stated Jack

"Yup make or break" Claire added

"Yime to make are dreams come true" Charlie said

"Time to figure out who we are,who we wanna be" Sayid ended

They took a big breath and walked in to the school.For thier last year.To make thier dreams come true.They didn't know then,Just how much thier lifes would change,How many ups and downs but they knew that whatever life threw at them.They could handle it and they would do it...TOGETHER.