Don's Point of View

3 weeks after the accident…

The paperwork pile was slowly starting to disintegrate. Just the thought of a real case brightened the prospect of my week completely. A.D. Wright promised my team a case as soon as all of our put off paperwork was completed. I glanced up to check on David's and Megan's load. Their piles were almost gone, too. I glanced back down to begin again, only to be interrupted by my cell phone.

I didn't recognize the number. "Eppes." I unconsciously began to read again while I waited for an answer.

"Agent Eppes, this is Dr. Shaw. I have been treating your agent, Colby Granger. I just received word that he has woken up from his coma. You will be allowed to visit him as soon as they get the last few surgeries out of the way."

I sat back into my chair as my mouth fell open.

"Agent?" The doctor probably had somewhere to be and couldn't be on the phone with a stunned FBI agent all day.

"Sorry. We will be over soon." I was aware that my voice sounded overjoyed, a tone that I hadn't even known where to find since Colby came back.

The dial tone on the line brought me back to the present. I hurriedly exited my office and walked past David and Megan. "Where are you going?" Their question was in unison.

"Colby's awake!" My eyes widened at the prospect of the words that came out of my mouth. I realized I was tapping my foot, waiting for the elevator and smiled. I was acting like a girl.

David and Megan joined me seconds later as the elevator doors opened and we shuffled in. I looked at Megan, who was looking intently at David. I followed her gaze. David's face was radiant. It had been especially hard to pull him away from Colby's bedside when he had been released. It was even harder to explain that Colby wouldn't wake up anytime soon. Now that was all going to change. I hadn't ever seen David so happy.

Colby's Point of View

I opened my eyes to the harsh light of the hospital. I had known where I was for a few days, but the stupid sedative hadn't allowed me to wake up completely. I looked around. I was alone. I whimpered a little at the pain that was slowly consuming my whole body. It was going to be torture if I didn't get some more something soon.

It was a few hours until a nurse came in to check on me. I had survived the first few minutes of the pain and then almost fell asleep. I had at first tried to reach for the call button, but I soon realized it would be an impossible feat considering my left arm was in a huge cast and my ribs hurt too much to let me move closer. The nurse almost fell over when I spoke.

"Hey…" My voice was raspy and muffled by the oxygen mask that I had grown familiar with.

"Agent Granger! You're awake! I'll have to let your friends know. They will be so glad." She was clearly excited. She began to mess with some tubes connected to me. I winced when she injected another needle into my already punctured arm. "Sorry… Just a little more morphine."

"How's David?" I was frustrated; I could feel the sleep pulling harshly at my eyelids and fought to stay awake.

"Agent Sinclair? He's great! He was released two weeks ago… He's really missed you, I think. They all have. They've practically been here every day. For a while Dr. Shaw didn't know if you would…"She stopped midsentence and started over. "I should call right now and let them know."

"What do you mean two weeks ago?" I slurred just as she was exiting the room.

"Agent, you've been in a coma for three weeks." She looked at me with pity in her eyes. The words struck me like lightning. Three weeks? How could that even be right? The injuries still felt fresh. And David wouldn't have missed me. The woman must have been crazy.

The new information from the nurse kept me awake for longer than I thought possible. Every time my eyes closed, I opened them quickly, reminding myself that my team was on their way and they had already seen me asleep enough in the recent weeks. I still couldn't believe it.

The drowsiness took over almost completely when Don rushed through the door. He stopped, just looking at me, and then ran to the side of the bed. "Colby! Man, you have no idea how good it is to see you awake!"

"Hey, Don." My voice was barely audible. The pain was starting to take over again. I winced and kept my eyes closed while the wave slowly subsided. The morphine was slowly taking its effect. "David, Megan?" It was all I could manage to get out.

"What hurts, Colb? Do you want me to call the nurse?" Don had completely ignored my question and looked at me with worried eyes. I shook my head. The movement made me dizzy. Seconds later, David and Megan entered the room.

The look on David's face made me stay awake long enough to say something. "Sorry…" I didn't know how they heard but they all shouted at me at the same time. I only heard portions of each rebuking because my consciousness was slipping.

"…not your fault…"

"…should've stayed…"

"…was wrong about you…" It was quiet for a few seconds and then:

"…wanted to save you again…"

The last voice I was sure was David's.

The End