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"Come on Bella. Just one dance," Jasper pleaded childishly. Jasper Hale was my best friend. He was a tall beautiful blond with electrifying blue eyes and a calming aura.

"Oh go on Bella," Emmett boomed. Breaking away from Rosalie's lips for a fraction of a second before returning to them eagerly. I groaned internally. Only Jasper would be kind or foolish enough to ask me to dance with him.

"Fine," I sighed. Taking his hand that he had offered me. He pulled me towards the crowded dance floor, pushing past the slightly intoxicated.

He turned around so he was facing me. I rolled my eyes at him before throwing my arms around his neck. He smirked at me,smugly and placed his hands firmly on my hips. I began to sway slowly to the music. Being nervous around Jasper was never a problem. We had taken baths together when we were younger. Nothing could or would ever make me feel uncomfortable around him.

"Enjoying yourself?" He shouted over the deafening music. I grinned at him momentarily before answering him truthfully.

"Yes actually," I said " But I soon have to go. I have work in the morning," I added miserably. Jasper gave me an apologetic look before leading me off the dance floor and back to our comfortable booth, where Rose and Emmett were more than likely making out, again.

I flopped down in my seat with Emmett and Rosalie to my left and Jasper to my right. Rosalie who was kissing Emmett finally broke away. Her perfect blond hair disheveled along with her black halter top. She smiled sheepishly while Emmett just had a glazed over expression. I laughed merrily at the couple.

"You have to dance with me Bella," Rosalie stated. A mischievous glint in her eyes. I begun to shake me head but she had already grabbed my hand and pulled me passed Jasper and onto the dance floor. Rosalie Hale was Jaspers brother. She had the same devastating good looks. She however was not like Jasper personality wise. He was shy, calm, quiet while Rose was fiery, loud and kind of bitchy.

"Jeez," I shouted. "Didn't give me much of a choice there Rosalie," I laughed sarcastically. It was her time to roll her eyes at me as she began to dance to the song. I watched her in awe for a moment before following her lead.

One, two, three, four

It's you...And me...moving at the speed of light into eternity

Tonight...Is the night you join me in the middle of ecstasy

Feel the melody and the rhythm of the music

Around you. Around you.

I laughed genuinely at the song that was playing. Personally I wasn't a huge fan of his music however this song was definitely to my liking and Rose seemed to love it as she was belting it out in her musical voice. Her hips swaying and her hands making all different movements. I was coping her slightly but less graciously.

I'ma take you, I'ma take you

So don't be scared, I'm right here baby

We can go anywhere, go anywhere

But first, It's your chance, take my hand,

Come with me

I mouthed the words to Rosaliewho was singing along with them. I laughed at how into this song she had gotten. She was swaying her hip more fluidly now her hands making more motions than I could count. I had kept my pace not able to have caught up to her even if I tried.

It's like I've waited my whole life for this one night

It's goin be me, you and the dance floor

'Cause we only got one night

Double your pleasure, double you fun.

My dancing had begun to fasten as my favorite part of the song neared. Rosalie was going at the same pace but still much faster than me. Strangely I was having a good time even though the thought of work in the morning dampened my would-have-been blissful mood.

And dance forever-ever-ever





I stumbled to the side slightly knocking into someone else. I apologized quickly. The vodka Emmett had bought me was finally taken it's toll. Jasper yet again would have to carry his drunken, unconscious best friend home. Oh well.

Feels like we're on another level

Feels like our love's intwined

We can be two rebels

Breaking the rules, me and you, you and I

All you gotta do is watch me

Look what I can do with my feet

Baby, feel the beat inside.

This time instead of stumbling I fell but of course I brought someone down with me. One minute I was dancing, the next I'm on the ground on top of a God like creature . His eyes a gorgeous emerald green sparkling like diamonds. He had perfect cheekbones, his nose was straight and his lips were turned up into the most heart wrenching crooked smile. His bronze hair was disheveled along with his black shirt that showed his prominent abs that would have given Emmett's a run for their money.

"Sorry," I slurred and then started giggling at the situation I was in. On top of a guy who probably had a girlfriend or wife and I just blatantly checked him out. Maybe Tyler was right. I was a whore.

I'm driving, you could take the front seat

Just need you to trust me,oh oh oh

It's like now

"Don't worry happens all the time," He laughed there was a slight stench of beer on his breath but not much.

"Really?" I asked, flabbergasted.

"No," He shook his head laughing loudly. I rolled my eyes at the stranger.

It's like I've waited my whole life for this one night

It's goin be me, you and the dance floor

'Cause we only got one night

Double your pleasure, double you fun

I stood up shakily as did the man though he was gracious about it. I smiled at him before turning around to find Rosalie. To my surprise she was gone I then spotted her making her way back to our booth. I was about to follow her back when someone tapped me on the shoulder.Spinning around slowly I looked at the bronze haired man that I had fallen on top of.

And dance forever-ever-ever








Forever on the dance floor

"Do you want to dance," He asked politely. I looked at him confused. Why would he want to dance with me?

"Umm...Sure," I shrugged the vodka now taking over my judgment and for once I was okay with that.

He gave me another crooked smile that made my heart stop then go into overdrive. He put his hands my waist and I put my arms around his neck as I had done with Jasper. Though I was more confident now being with a complete drop dead gorgeous stranger and smashed.

It's a long way down,we're so high off the ground

Sending for an angel to bring me your heart

Girl, where did you come from got me so undone

Gaze in your eyes got me saying

I was swaying my hips now again faster and more careful. I turned my back to him and began to sway against him. This newly found confidence was defiantly the alcohol's doing. I reminded myself to thank Emmett in the morning after I had yelled at him for getting me hung over for work. I felt the stranger go stiff around me. I was enjoying myself to be embarrassed but then he placed a small kiss on my neck. A grin spread against my face and I suddenly remembered mine and Rose's conversation a week ago.


"I don't need a holiday Emmett," I snapped massaging my temple.

"She's right Emmett. She doesn't need a holiday," Rosalie disagreed. I smiled gratefully at her and lifted my glass of Coke to my lips.

"She needs to get laid," She added, matter of factly. The mouthful of Coke I had taken was now dripping from Jasper's shocked face after I sprayed it out.

"Oh God, Jazz! I'm sorry," I gushed taking a towel from the counter and wiping my Coke from his face. He laughed softly before looking back at Rosalie. I don't think I was ever as red before. From anger and embarrassment.

"Rose," Jasper warned.

"No. I'm right!" She said merrily. I never wanted to punch anyone before with the exception of Leah Clearwater and that was when she stole my animal crackers in kindergarten. But I really wanted to hit her senseless. Behind closed doors I was fine speaking Rosalie about my...sex life but when you started talking around Jasper and Emmett or anyone else I just wanted to dig myself a hole.

"Oh no need to be embarrassed Bella," Rosalie said softly.

I took in a deep breath moisture gathering in my eyes. I left down my glass on the counter and walked into my bedroom quickly. I slammed the door quickly, walked over to my bed table and put on my headphones and the sounds of apologizes was drowned out by Aerosmith.

Maybe she was right. Turning back to the stranger I left a passionate kiss on his lips. He pulled me against him tightly much to my delight. I let out a quiet moan in his mouth as I felt all his muscles through his shirt. He chuckled softly running his hand through my straight hair.

What a beautiful lady, no if and or maybes

I'm releasing my heart and it's feeling amazing

There's no one else that matters, you love me

And I won't let you fall girl, Let you fall girl

I knotted my hands in his messy hair but broke away from his soft lips gasping for air. His lips never left my skin as they began to travel. My temple to my neck to my collar bone.

I won't let you fall, let you fall, let you fall

Yeah yeah, yeah yeah

"Want to get out of here," He asked huskily.

"Like you wouldn't believe," I moaned. He began to lead me off the dance floor and towards the exit. I tapped him on the shoulder he spun around confusion on his beautiful face.

It's like I've waited my whole life for this one night

It's goin be me, you and the dance floor

'Cause we only got one night

Double your pleasure, double you fun

"I got to tell my friends" I shouted. Relief washed through his face and he dropped my hand. I began to walk towards the booth this time leading him. When I got there Emmett and Rose had smug smiles on there faces. I scowled lightly at them. Jasper seemed tired.

"I'm going home," I shouted smiling cheekily not knowing whether I was or not. Jasper smiled somewhat at me and the stranger.I had yet to be aided with his name.

"Have fun," He shouted the corners of his mouth pulling up into a smile and I saw Emmett and Rose break into a hysterical laugh. As if in sync me and Jasper rolled our eyes.

"Give me your phone for a second," He said holding out his hand. I dug through me back jean pocket and handed my blackberry to him. He took it swiftly, had it for two minutes before returning it to me.

"Bye guys," I giggled and left a quick kiss on their cheeks.

I turned and began to walk towards the exit but I swayed slightly, the stranger had to catch me. I lent against him not trusting my feet to carry me yet. He wrapped an arm around my waist and walked through the exit.

"What's your name?" I asked my voice slightly slurred. God. I really wasn't a drinker.

"Edward," He laughed softly. "Yours?"

"Bella," I chirped.

The cold brisk air hit me full force and I began to shiver against Edward. He began to ran his arm up and down my arm making trying to heat me with friction. We walked up to a taxi and sat in quickly. I let out a quiet breath. Nice and warm. Edward gave his address before wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

Biting my bottom lip I through a leg over Edward's. I climbed on top of him quickly and began kissing his throat. He seemed to like that and I smiled inwardly.

"Bella," He moaned, loudly.

"Edward," I sighed attacking his lips with my own. His hands began to run up my side tracing the almost non existing curves I had.

The cab suddenly came to a halt and we were jerked onto the floor. Looking at Edward's face I couldn't help but laugh. He looked so confused. Once I started laughing he soon joined in.

"We're here,"The taxi driver grunted. Edward lifted himself off of me much to my dismay and gave the taxi a twenty dollar bill. I got up and got out of the smelly cab speedily as did Edward. We ran inside the huge apartment building.

As soon as we got in Edward pushed me up against the hard wall. His lips searched hungrily for my own. I ran my tongue over his bottom lip asking for entrance. He complied. I lifted my left leg slightly. He guessed what I wanted as he lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist. I pressed myself against him so there was no space between us. I wanted to feel each one of his rock hard abs.

"Bed," I breathed. I felt him nod sowly as he walked up the steps with me still wrapped around his waist kissing every bit of him face and neck. I'm not sure if his apartment door was open when we came through it or he opened it.

He walked through the hallway and turned left into his huge bedroom. He fell to the bed me beneath him I began to undo his buttons on his shirt shakily as he tugged of my jeans. I laughed breathless as I pulled my top over my head. He quickly took off his jeans leaving him only in his boxers.

"Good your beautiful," He sighed kissing my bare stomach.

The rest of the night I spent in utter bliss.

Cause we sleep all day, we drink all night

We are not wasting our time

We refuse to hide,

We're going out tonight

"Damn you Jasper," I groaned my eyes fluttering open. I hissed in pain as the sun hit my sensitive eyes. Hungover.

Single in San Diego-Six weeks just wasting time

We moved in with the girls and left it all behind

So whats wrong with this life,you say it's not enough

What does it feel like? You think you're better than us.

Only Jasper would now how to get me up when I had a bad hangover. I rolled out of the bed and fell to the ground with a loud thump to see I was completely naked. I raised an eyebrow I never slept like...this. I looked towards my bed to see there was also a very real naked man under the covers asleep and it wasn't my bed. Suddenly the events of last night rushed back to me. I squinted my eyes as my head throbbed. I looked around for my clothes and slipped into my panties and bra. I quickly dressed in top and jeans that I wore last night

Cause we sleep all day, we drink all night

We are not wasting our time

We refuse to hide,

We're going out tonight

I growled under my breath before reaching into my back pocket and pulling out my buzzing phone. I flipped it open quickly and stopped the irritating song which was ringing as my alarm. I looked back at Edward sleeping peacefully. My heart squeezed uncomfortably as I thought of leaving him for work. He seemed like a good guy from what I remembered of last night. I walked over to him quietly making sure to trip over his clothes that were sprawled all over the ground. Leaning down I left a chaste kiss on his temple. Walking into his bathroom that was across from his bedroom I washed my face and brushed my teeth.

I ran out of his bathroom and walked out his main door. Though my hangover was killing me I was to happy to let it dampen my good mood. I literally skipped out of the massive building blissfully. I walked down the street only stumbling once before I realized I had no idea where I was.

One night and one more time.

Thanks for the memories

Even though they weren't so great

He tastes like you only sweeter

"Jasper," I greeted opening my cell and shoving it against my ear.

"Hey sleepyhead. I thought you would be hungover," He laughed teasingly.

"Oh I am I'm just in too much of a good mood to show it," I laughed softly. I could almost see him roll his eyes at his apartment.

"You get lucky,Bella?" I scowled as Emmett shouted that in the background. Now I would have to yell at him for getting me hungover, angry and then thank him for bringing me to the club and getting me my vodka.

"Hey Jasper. I'm kind of lost," I muttered, embarrassed. It was just typical of me an hour left until I started work and I was lost.

"Do you know what part of the city you in?" He jeered.

"Nope," My lips popped accidentally on the 'p'. I looked around for some landmark to give him as a clue to where I was. I saw a large building with the sign over the door that read 'Canlis Restaurant'.

"Wait.. Do you know where the 'Canlis Restaurant is?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah. You're so lucky that I'm your friend," He laughed mockingly.

"Ahh..I know I am Jazz!" I smiled. I heard a grunt on the other side of the phone and giggled to myself quietly. Jasper wasn't a big fan of the name Jazz.

"I'll be there in a few,"He mumbled before the phone went dead.

As promised Jasper turned up ten minutes later in his red Ferrari Spider. I hopped in and greeted him with a quick peck on the cheek.

"You're a lifesaver, Jazz," I said gratefully pressing play on his CD player as he started to drive. My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. My two hands instantly flew up to my ears to block of the terrible music.

"What the hell," I shouted making Jasper's lips turn into a full on grin. He reached over and turned up the volume much to my horror.

Together, together

Together everyone

Together, together

Come on let's have some fun

Together we're there for each other every time

I banged my head against the dash board hoping to knock myself unconscious. High School Musical was...irritating to say the least but when you're just after getting out of a nice, cozy bed with a bad hangover it's songs just..push you to your limit. Jasper had used this as a weakness so many times. Trying to wake me up or just irritate the crap out me. I put my hand on the door handle planning my escape which hopefully wouldn't involve me dying but it was a risk I was willing to take when Jasper turned it off. I sighed great fully and leaned my head against the head rest. I closed my eyes when he began to hum breaking free.

The car finally came to a stop and I got out rapidly not having the stomach to hear anymore High School Musical songs. I practically ran into the large building but called thanks to Jasper over my shoulder.

The building was gorgeous inside and huge too. I walked straight towards the elevator as my desk and my boss were upstairs. Looking around the elevator which held myself and two blond girls I suddenly thought back to the first day me and Emmett met.

I was in my apartment elevator humming along to the crappy music when a very intimidating Emmett walks in. He's in of all two minutes when he taps me on the shoulder. I looked at him confused and he just stared off into space an innocent expression on his face but his brown eyes twinkled with humor. It went on for a minute or two until someone else came in, a man. He began harassing me about going out with him but I kept declining then Emmett snapped.

"Leave her alone," He had snapped angrily.

"What if I don't," The man snarled. Emmett rolled his eyes and pulled his hand back swinging for the pervert and surely enough it connected. Then at the second the elevator opened and the man fell out. I brought Emmett into my apartment wanting to give him something strong. Coffee, whiskey. We became friends and one day when he was there Rosalie and Jasper walked in and well the rest is history.


The doors opened and we all fled out of it quickly. I walked up to the desk and waited quietly as the red head shouted at the person she was on the phone to.

"No I don't need a anger management classes," She hissed angrily. She had a thick Irish accent. She slammed down the phone on the receiver,seething. Her head turned in my direction though this time she was smiling slightly.

"Sorry about that. I'm Maggie. What can I do for you," She asked raising a perfect eyebrow.

" Hello. I'm Bella. It's my first day here as a secretary," I said carefully.

"Ahh...Yes!" She beamed at me and got out from behind her desk. She was at least three inches shorter than me even in her Jimmy Choos. She was all in black with a black halter and skirt.

"You're the arses new secretary!" She chuckled loudly. I looked at he, shocked. Surely you couldn't talk to your boss like that.

"No. I'm only kidding," She laughed loudly "Though he can be a real arsehole sometimes," She added quietly.

"Well thats his office down there," She muttered pointing to a large door. She walked down towards it quickly. I had to jog to catch up with her long pace but she stopped a bit in front of it.

"And that is your table," She smiled sympathetically as she pointed to the small desk that was pressed up against the right wall. I sighed silently. Typical.

"Lauren. Jessica," She shouted. A flicker of disgust crossed her face quickly before disappearing. The two blonde's I had been in the elevator with came rushing up. They gave me a quick glance before looking at Maggie.

"This is Bella, the new secretary," She said sharply indicating to me. "I hear you give her any trouble like you did with Irina and your skinny arses are on the line. You got that," She asked daring them to object. They nodded quickly. Maggie retired to her desk while the blonde's Jessica and Lauren stayed back.

"Be careful of him. If you let your guard down he'll mess around with you, toss you away and get you fired ," The shorter one with the loose curls growled before she walked from where she came from with the taller one. I raised my eyebrow in confusion. Hostile much? I would be able to deal with my boss though. I mean I had experience with players. I sat down at my small desk not knowing what I was supposed to do.

"Morning Mags. Beautiful day isn't it" A velvet voice came happily.

"Why are you so happy ?" Maggie's asked her voice dripping with curiosity.

"No why," The person chuckled.

"Aw..You got laid" Maggie yelled "Again," Her voice was disgusted.


"Gah..Bad mental images...Your new secretary is here," She said finally mentioning me.

"Right," He said quietly a little bitterly for some reason.

I heard light footsteps coming towards me. I lent back in my chair and let my hair fall around my face. Keeping a curtain between me and my new boss.



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