I Know He Doesn't Love Me

Marry Me

It's been 5 years and Sasuke was there at the Konoha gate.

"Konoha…" he smirked.

He was covered with sweat, bruises, blood, cuts, and wounds. Sasuke panted heavily.

"I wonder how much…they've all changed-," he collapsed.

Sasuke's back?!" Naruto's eyes widened. "Yea, heard it from the Hokage…the news is spreading all over the village," Sai murmured. "Oh hell! Where is he?!" Naruto asked eagerly. "In the hospital," Kakashi shrugged. "Ok-," Naruto's eyes widened. "Oh shit…Sakura Chan!!" he dashed out. Sai and Kakashi shrugged.

"A new patient, hm?" Sakura smiled. "Yes…he's a missing nin from this village. I believe his name was-," "SAKURA CHAN!!" Sakura and the nurse both covered their ears. "What, Naruto?" Sakura glared at him. "Did…you….hear?" Naruto panted heavily. "What?" Sakura raised an eyebrow. "That…that…Sasuke is back!" he exclaimed. Sakura froze. She dropped her clipboard on the ground. "Oh, that's right! His name was Sasuke…Sasuke Uchiha," the nurse smiled. Sakura didn't waste time and ran to his room.

"Sasuke Kun!" Sakura burst in the hospital room. Sasuke was sitting on the bed looking at her. "Sakura…?" he murmured. He looked at her steadily. Her hair was still short. Her curves stood out more. Her eyes still had that brilliant shine. She looked like she was an angel, glowing, and just standing there in shock. "It really…it really is you…" Sakura stared at him with sad eyes. Tears dropped down her cheeks. She ran to him and hugged him tightly. "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" she sobbed in his chest. "I hate you…so much…" Sakura cried softly. Sasuke brought his hand up. Sakura gasped when Sasuke hugged her tightly. "Sakura…back then…you said you'd do anything for me…" Sasuke murmured. Sakura nodded slowly. "Sakura, marry me," he replied firmly. Her eyes widened. Sakura noticed that it wasn't a request or statement. It was an order. Sakura let go of him and stared at him with wide eyes. "You're…serious?" she murmured. "I'm serious, Sakura…." Sasuke nodded. "Marry me," he repeated. Sakura stayed quiet for a bit. 'I did say that I would do anything for him…and right now, he's giving me that opportunity to be with him,' she thought and smiled. "Of course!!"

"Sasuke, your punishment is to not go out of the village at all, you are forbidden to take on any missions, and you are not allowed to train any further more," Tsunande replied. "…understood…but can I request one thing?" Sasuke murmured. "And what would that be?" Tsunande raised an eyebrow. "Today…will you hold a marriage for me and Sakura?" he asked formally. Tsunande blinked once. Twice. Three times. "EH?!"

"Sakura Chan?! You're marrying Sasuke?!" Naruto cried. "Yea," Sakura chirped happily. "Good for you," Neji, Shino, Kiba, Shikimaru, and Choji replied. Sakura smiled at them. "Nice to know such an ugly hag like you is getting married," Sai smiled. Sakura punched his arm lightly and glared at him. "My Sakura San!! You do not deserve such torture, for you are a much too beautiful blooming blossom!!" Lee wept. Sakura laughed softly and sweat dropped. "Lucky for you, forehead girl," Ino smirked. "Congratulations…Sakura San…" Hinata muttered quietly. "I'm so happy for you!" Tenten smiled. "Thanks you guys!" Sakura smiled happily. "…are you sure about this, Sakura Chan?" Naruto asked worriedly. "Of course…why?" Sakura blinked. "Nothing…but…if he ever hurts you, I won't hold back, got it?" Naruto grinned. "And I'll do the pleasure of calling him the most nerve racking nick names," Sai smiled innocently. Sakura laughed. "Thanks for worrying about me," she nodded.

"Will you take care of her, Sasuke?" Tsunande sighed. "Yes," Sasuke murmured. "I will accept for you two to get married, but!" Tsunande stared at him. "If you ever hurt Sakura, I

will not forgive you, and I know that a lot more people will not forgive you also because Sakura is Konoha's most precious treasure…and I guarantee that Naruto will have something to say to you if you do something to Sakura, got that?" Tsunande glared at him. "I promise to never hurt Sakura," Sasuke bowed and walked away. Tsunande sighed sadly. "Sakura…I know that you're very happy…but…I just have a really bad feeling about this. I just hope that he'll take care of you and treat you well."

"Sasuke Kun, what did Tsunande say?" Sakura asked. "I received a few punishments and we're getting married today, in five hours," Sasuke murmured quietly. "Eh? Already?" Sakura blushed. "Yea," Sasuke sighed. "Oh, well I have to go buy a dress this evening-," "I already bought it for you," Sasuke replied. "Eh?" Sakura blinked. "I bought one for you already," Sasuke repeated. "…you didn't need to, but arigato Sasuke kun!" Sakura smiled and hugged his arm. Sasuke gently pushed her away. "I'll make sure the preparations are done," he walked away. Sakura looked down sadly. "It's ok, I know he doesn't love me, but…it's ok…as long as I can help him with something at last, and I can stay together with him…it'll be ok…" she sighed softly and kneeled down. "But….I'm kind of scared…scared…to get hurt again…Sasuke Kun is marrying me. So…I shouldn't be afraid. I know that he'll treat me well…at least…I hope he does," Sakura hugged herself.


Sakura looked at herself. The dress was white and long. It was strapless with pink flowers embroidered on it sideways. The bottom flowed at the back to about 2 feet long. Her hair was put up and the strands that fell down were curled to framed her face. Her earrings were white diamond flowers and her necklace was pearl. She had on a light pink blush and lip gloss with cherry eye shadow. "You look really beautiful, forehead girl," Ino smiled. Sakura smiled faintly. "Oh come on…don't be nervous! You're getting married to Sasuke! Isn't that your dream?" Ino asked. Sakura sighed. "Yea, I'm really happy…but I'm just scared, that's all. I mean…I don't really know how I'm going to live with Sasuke without any love from him," Sakura looked down sadly. "Don't worry, I'm sure that he'll fall in love with you eventually once he notices how much you've sacrificed to be with him," Ino hugged Sakura tightly. "Come on, it's time…"

Sasuke stood there, facing Tsunande. The whole village was there. "You better take care of her, Sasuke…if not, I'll kill you," Naruto whispered to him. "I will," Sasuke smirked at him. The music began as Sakura walked down the lane with Kakashi. Everyone gasped at her. "She looks so beautiful!" they all whispered. Sakura looked down when she was next to Sasuke. . "Treat her well…she is giving up everything to be with you," Kakashi murmured. Sasuke nodded. And so, they did the wedding ritual, saying this and that, repeating words, and saying the I do's. "You may kiss the bride," Tsunande announced. Sasuke turned to Sakura and lifted up Sakura's face. And of course, he didn't kiss her. His nose touched Sakura's. He leaned sideways so it looked like he was kissing her. The village cheered and clapped. Sasuke drew back and took her hand as they walked down the lane. Tsunande sighed and shook her head. "He didn't even kiss her…Sakura, I don't how you'll live with him," she murmured sadly.