Title: I Like Short Shorts
Summary: Oneshots. The things you never see in Star Wars. Mostly crack!fic, and almost always canon characters.
Ratings/warnings: T, for occasionally rowdy humor.
Notes: The J Geils band's fabulous song gets all the credit for this chapter's title and idea.

18 year old Anakin Skywalker snuck into the empty apartment he shared with his master. He knew how much trouble he'd be in if his master saw him right now. Glancing up at a nearby clock he realized that he would have to wait before "reading" the magazine. Quickly he shoved it under his sleep couch and grabbed his saber to go duel with his master.

It was several hours later when he finally got a chance to look at the magazine again. The Padawan automatically opened up to the center pages. Then…

Obi-Wan was sitting on the couch when he heard his Padawan scream, "What in the name of the bloody sithing-!" At that point Anakin broke in Huttese, and the master only recognized a few of the words his apprentice said.

He ran into Anakin's sleeping quarters, fearing the worst. "Anakin, what-" he broke off upon seeing the magazine lying on the sleep couch.

"I thought we had a deal, Padawan," he said as he picked up a copy of the underground magazine PlayJedi.

"If the centerfold was a C cup or below, you got it first. If it was above that, I got it first. Senator Amidala is so obviously at least a C and a half."