"Padmé! There's someone here to see you!"

Padmé spun around, a hand clutched to her bosom as her hair fluttered out around her, caught like a sea of brown butterflies swimming through the breeze on Naboo. "Me, Ellé, Moteé? I, Dormé? Who could want to visit me here, in my own private lake house?"

"I would." Anakin Skywalker stepped from behind her closest friend, who also happened to be her maid. "If you would like to be visited…?"

"Anakin! Of course I'd like to be visited by you!" She ran to embrace him, but stopped just short as she noticed, to her shock, that something had marred his innocent, angelic face: a violent, not-quite-scarred-over burn ran over his cerulean eye, giving him a dark, fierce look. Horrified, she demanded to know, "What happened to you? Who did this?" She knew that his hand had been cut off, of course –that was hard to miss—but she had thought him far too vain to even consider letting a lightsaber near what she, and he, perceived as his shockingly beautiful face.

She reached up and carefully pressed a pale, trembling hand to him, tracing it over the mark that crossed from his eyebrow to his cheekbone. Of course, there was little that could cause the dashing Jedi to look truly unattractive –really, over time it would probably only accent his finely sculpted cranium—but it terrified her to imagine that someone or something could get close enough to leave such a mark. Since the hand incident, she though he'd gotten rather better at dueling.

Anakin stepped back and clutched her fingers with his mechanical ones.

"Let me tell you the noble tale,
of my heroic deeds that I fought to much avail,
For the price of a scar,
I battled on a planet quite far,
The evil Temptress,
The one, the only –Asajj Ventress!"

Padmé's handmaidens gasped in unison. "Asajj Ventress?"

"Yes!" Anakin drew his saber, and held it poised, unpowered.

"In a city late one night
I wasn't look for a fight
Or a bald, old sorceress
But I found one in-"

"-Asajj Ventress!" cried Dormé, Sabé, and Moteé. In unison, they pulled off the shapeless, cream-colored robes that had been covering them to reveal sparkly, fringed numbers beneath. They pulled the ties off of their hair and let the three sets of brown locks flow with passion down their backs. Padmé, caught in the heat of the moment, swept her own overcoat off to reveal the simple white robe she had draped on beneath. It was much more suitable for the warm weather anyway. It was the vernal season of Naboo, when flowers could be mistaken for cheap costume jewelry as they dotted the landscape; when trees sprouted forth leaves of an obscenely bright shade of green.

Anakin spun around and dashed down the hall to the open door, Padmé gracefully following on his trail. Her handmaidens leapt along behind her, their steps longer than gazelle's.

Her husband drew his lightsaber and began to dance about the shore of the lake, feigning strikes at imaginary foes. Padmé ducked and leaped at appropriate moments, moving in time with Anakin.

"And when I heard of her plot,
I drew my saber and we fought.
And it was long and dark and hard,
As with strikes I did bombard,
The horror-film holo-film actress-"

"Asajj Ventress!"

Anakin dove into the sparkling water that stretched out from the tree-lined horizon. Padmé dashed after him, her long white dress trailing in her wake.

"O'er the rooftops we ran with haste
There was not a second to waste
We had to parry, thrust-thrust-thrust!"

He stabbed his lightsaber forwards as he spoke, punctuating the last three words.

"I made it clear, my great disgust,
At her Sithly, evil ways,
And the price she'd have to pay!
So confident was I in my strength,
That I almost didn't catch the scarlet length,
Careening forward to my eye,
And I thought for sure I would soon die!"

The brave Jedi collapsed bonelessly and let the lake embrace him. Padmé rushed to cradle his head, and to make sure he didn't accidentally inhale any of the water. Behind them, the three handmaidens wailed their despair at his pantomimed demise.

He reached forward, touching Padmé's cheek.

"But as I was lying giddly,
I began to think of family,
And I realized it was senseless
To die at the hands of—"

"Asajj Ventress!"

Anakin leapt up, using the Force to call his saber back to his hand. Still singing, he continued an elaborate dance that took him back to the shore, with Padmé rushing after him, her water-soaked white dress clinging to her skin.

"So I began to be aggressive:
With each strike that came successive,
I was winning more and more.
And little time passed before,
My dark, bloodthirsty desires,
Were met with electrical wires,
So I used those good cables,
And in a move worthy of fables,
I pushed her right down,
To the Coruscant ground,
And that's how, in a rush of success,
I defeated the mighty, the cruel-"

"Asajj Ventress!"

At the final declaration of the assassin's name, Anakin flipped into the air, twirled his lightsaber around in a swirling tornado of blue light, and landed in a crouch. The handmaidens collapsed behind him, a three-way imitation of Ventress' consequential fall.

"Oh, Anakin! Is it true? Did you really kill Asajj Ventress?" Padmé helped him up and stared deep into his eyes, barely noticing scar, which was probably a good show of how intensely she was focused on him, because they'd just spent the past minutes in a rather impressive musical number about it.

"Well, I didn't kill her. Not really. But I did defeat her, and it'll be awhile before we hear from her again," he replied, sounding immensely satisfied with himself.

"That's wonderful, Ani," she replied. "Your scar is a hero's mark. It's proof of your loyalty to the Republic."

"Do you think so?" His hand reached up and poked at it. "I was going to have it removed. I didn't think you'd like it. And it's on the side that I always get holographed on, you know? But if you really think that it's symbolizes something that deep…"

Padmé sighed and gave him a love-laced smile. "Oh, Anakin, I know so!"

And behind the star-struck pair,
Love did reign amongst the air,
And all the birds crooned,
And the handmaidens swooned,
Thus ending the story,
Of Anakin's scar of glory!

a/n: um. I feel like I should apologize for the lack of updates -and I do, honestly. I've been rather terrible with them. I've been feeling uninspired on all fronts, as of late. Comments are much appreciated, and hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of them this time!

This was written for the Dare Challenge on the JCC forums, for a request so long that I won't paste it here. Essentially, it boiled down to asking me to write a Star Wars "Bollywood" movie. Unfortunately, I'm not a big moviegoer/don't have Netflix, so I just went with the info given in the dare.