Harry Potter, Shadow Shinigami


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Chapter 1 of men in weird clothes and white monsters

^general pov^

Harry was a curious boy, and he knew it. He also knew well enough not to show it. He also knew not to ask questions, because that would get him a swat on the head. He had also learned to not reveal that he was smarter than Dudley, (even if he was) 'cuz that would get him a beating. Freaks weren't s'pposed to be smart. Nor where they s'pposed to be seen, or heard.

Harry knew he was different, that he could make things happen if he concentrated hard enough. And he knew that he had to keep these things secret. If anyone found out, they'd tell his aunt and uncle and they'd beat him and lock him in the cupboard without food for being 'freaky'. This, as far as Harry was concerned was uncalled for, not that anyone asked him, of course.

Harry sighed and kicked a pebble down the sidewalk. The Dursley's were having a party to celebrate Vernon's promotion at work and they'd told him that he was not allowed back in the house til the next morning. Upon hearing this, he had headed to the park nearby. It was near a forest and there were plenty of hidey-holes for a small person in a forest, he knew this personally as he'd explored the forest many times before.


Harry jumped at hearing the loud noise and looked over in bored curiousity. Then his eyes widened in surprise and fear. There was a large monster getting back to its feet a few feet away from him. The monster was as big as a house and had a large hole through its torso. It was also wearing an elaborate white mask that covered its whole head. Harry swallowed nervously. This thing…whatever it was, was bad, very, very bad and Harry had the feeling that if the monster saw him, he'd be in BIG trouble.

Movement in the corner of his eyes drew his attention away from the monster. There was a man standing across from the monster, he was wearing weird black clothes, socks with sandals, and he had a white cloak with black diamonds on its hem and a sword in his hand.

He had wavy brown hair and wore glasses, so Harry couldn't see his eyes. He could see that the man was wounded and was NOT happy about it, even though his face didn't show anything. Unlike the monster - which was really creeping Harry out, the man, Harry felt, could be trusted…to a certain point.

He had his own goals, his own agenda. He had plots within plots, and nobody would suspect anything without him letting them. Harry knew that the two in front of him were dangerous - but the man, for all his seeming gentleness and polite mask, was the truly dangerous one. Harry jumped when suddenly the man moved and the monster exploded into tiny bits that faded out of existence slowly. Then he frowned and poked at his arm and grimaced. Harry guessed that the man hadn't planned to get hurt and wasn't happy that the monster had drawn blood.

Harry knew he could heal the man, but he wasn't sure he should expose himself. He knew he wasn't supposed to have seen their fight. He knew he wasn't supposed to see the man, but he did. Other people could be looking straight at him and not see, hear or touch him. Harry bet he could, but wondered what would happen in the case that he did show himself. He didn't think it would be a good idea and so turned to go into the forest and one of his hidey holes. Unfortunately, his movement didn't go unnoticed. The man instantly turned to look at him and Harry froze, terrified and unsure of what to do now that he had been spotted.

The man frowned at this action and started to move in Harry's direction. Harry promptly moved back.

Harry threw him a wary glance and darted into the forest. The man was big and he was small - and knew the forest. He'd be able to hide from the man. He knew he could hide very well, and nobody could find him if he didn't want to be found - provided he was in one of his hidey-holes.

Harry moved quickly, and with assurance. Seeing one of his hidey-holes near, he looked over his shoulder quickly, and not seeing the man, darted in and concentrated on not being found.