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Fuji looked at the sickly green of the marble tiles on the floor, how they gleaned and reflected the light. He wondered why people would clean it; it was a hospital, anyways. There was no need to clean a sickly, green floor.

Doctors and nurses scurried past him, one of them actually bumping into him. The nurse apologized and paused for only a second before scurrying along with the rest of the doctors and nurses. Fuji paid her no heed, walking and walking.

Suddenly he came to a crowded corridor, filled with people checking in and others in wheelchairs being pushed around. He realized that there was a door, and assuming it was the exit, went through it.

The sudden sounds of cars rushing past him and the honks that were heard from afar startled him. He hadn't been outside for so long, and the sun was so bright he had to squint for a few minutes.

Fuji suddenly decided that he wanted to get away from the hospital, away from the sickly green that he had seen on those marbled tile floors. He wanted to get away from that artificial smell that was all around inside that damned building, all those wheelchairs, all those nurses scurrying about, all the sickly people coming in and out of hallways.

He just wanted to get away from it all, that stupid revolving door behind him, those stupid chairs that weren't fit for a hospital, the sickly smell of medicine and someone dying, those stupid dreams that he had everyday.

And so he stepped out onto the street, not even bothering to look at where he was going, not even bothering to look and see if there was a car coming at his direction, too focused on getting away from that nightmarish place.

He didn't even bother to pay attention to the loud honk that followed after he stepped out onto the street, nor the shrieks as the car's wheels protested at the sudden stop.

He probably didn't even notice that he had been hit, or the anguished cry a boy only a few feet away from him gave out.


"I'm sorry," the doctor apologized, bowing. "We were too late in saving him."

"He got hit right next to a hospital," Echizen said slowly, looking at the cloth that was draped over Fuji's body, wanting it all to be a dream. "What do you mean you couldn't save him?"

"I'm afraid the car was going at too high of a speed," the doctor answered. "I'm sorry," he said again, fiddling with something that was in his coat pocket.

He fell silent, staring at the green tiles on the floor. He suddenly wanted to get away from this place, to get away from those silent beeps of a machine that were coming from another room. He didn't see the doctor slip out something from his pocket.

Nor did he see the doctor running at him a few seconds later, slamming him against the wall, knife gleaming in his hands, eyes wide, smiling a maniacal grin.


He woke up suddenly, sitting straight up, eyes wide, his clothes damp with sweat, his sheets in a tangled mess. He spotted the phone next to his bed and grabbed it, flipping it open and punching a bunch of numbers. He listened to the dial tone and impatiently waited for the other boy to pick up.

"Hello?" a slightly tired voice asked. "Is there something wrong?"

"You're not dead," Echizen stated, his breathing slowing down into a more normal pace.

The boy on the other end laughed. "No, of course I'm not dead. Why would I be? You must've had a bad dream."

He relaxed a little, his grip on his cellphone not as menacing. "Don't forget to meet us on the tennis courts tomorrow, okay?"

"I won't, I won't," Fuji assured him. "Oh, and I'll bring some cash and extra tennis balls, okay?"

Echizen nodded, and after they both hung up, he flopped back down on his bed.

It was only a dream…