Spyro: The Destruction of Malefor

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: A New Begining

Five years had passed since Malefor and his dark reign on the Dragon Realms had been demolished. Ignitis could not have been prouder of Spyro and Cynder. The two young dragons who had once been enmies were now mates. And as the Year of the Dragon approached nigh a new batch of eggs soon crowded the hatchery.

But Ignitis was worried for it was on the night before the eggs hatched that the Dark Master's forces had attacked the hatchery. He voiced his opion to the other guardians and they agreed that someone would stay in the hatchery and guard the eggs.

"And guess who got the job?" said Sparx, Spyro's companion " what happens if those eggs hatch and you guys aren't around?"

"Don't worry Sparx" said Cynder " the eggs won't hatch for a few more nights, everything should run smooth,"

"Yeah right," said Sparx.

" What's the matter Sparx afriad?" said Spyro.

"No" said Sparx " but with you and hers combined DNA those kids are going to be nothing but trouble,"

With that Sparx flew off to the hatchery. Cynder noticed her mate roll his eyes in annoyance at Sparx last comment.

"Don't worry about it Spyro" said Cynder " you know how Sparx can be,"

"Yeah" said Spyro " he never approved of us getting together, so I guess I'll just have get used to taunts like that. But that's not what worries me. What if Ignitis is right? What if the Dark Master does return and tries to harm the eggs I wouldn't want Sparx to face him alone,"

"He won't have to" said Cynder " if there's any trouble we'll be right nearby. Now come on let's get some sleep,"

As the to dragons left to go to bed Sparx was on the urge of taking the same train to slumberland. All twelve eggs hadn't moved an inch and Sparx was getting bored of the lack of action.

"There's got to be something more interesting than watching a whole bunch of eggs," said Sparx.

A sound suddenly attracted the young gold dragonfly's attention. Curious Sparx left the hatchery and stepped into the room were the stone statue of the first purple dragon Malefor stood.

Malefor, more commonly known as the Dark Master, was the reason all this havack had been unleashed on the Dragon Realms. But now that Spyro and Cynder had destroyed him everything was once again becoming peaceful.

Sparx could not resist looking at the statue's eyes. Those pulsing yellow eyes had always sent shivers up his spine. Then, with great shock, Sparx thought he saw the stone dragon's head move, but when he looked again it was motionless.

"Okay" said Sparx " the night air been getting to ya Sparx o' boy, your seeing things,"

Suddenly the stone dragon's mouth opened making Sparx freeze in flight.

"I hope I'm imagining that" said Sparx " help!"

Flame shot from the stone dragon's mouth engulfing the dragonfly before he could warn the dragons, and the dragonfly blacked out.


In the morning Sparx awoke with a ring of dragons surrounding him and a large swell in his head. Looking around he saw Spyro, Cynder,and the Dragon Elders all with concerned looks on thier face.

"What happened?" said Sparx.

"That's just what we were wondering young Sparx" said Terrador " we found you unconious this morning near Malefor's statue,"

"The statue?" said Sparx " now I remember, I heard a sound and left the hatchery to check it out, then it's like the statue came alive and it attacked me,"

"Impossible" said Cyril " stone can not move let alone attack,"

"Never under estistimate the power of the impossible Cyril" said Volteer " right now we must check on the eggs,"

"I'll go" said Ignitis " it was my idea that got Sparx injured and whatever attacked him might return, so I shall stand to face it,"

"Cynder I'm worried" said Spyro " what if it was the Dark Master's spirit that attacked Sparx? We could all be in danger,"

"I know" said Cynder " but if what Sparx said was true, why would Malefor attack him?"

"I don't know" said Spyro " I just have a feeling that when we find out we won't like the answer,"


Later that night Ignitis met the rest of the Dragon Elders around the Spirit Pool to discuss the attack on Sparx and the condition of the eggs.

"What did you discover Iginitis?" asked Cyril.

"I am worried even though the Dark Master's body was destroyed his spirit still dwells within the Well of Souls" said Ignitis " I'm afriad the attack on Sparx was just the begining. If his story is indeed true we are all in great danger,"

"Look into the pool Ignitis" sugguested Volteer " maybe it will give a clue on what we should do,"

Ignitis bent his head down and stared into the mystic green waters of the Spirit Pool. Millions of horrible images jumped at him at once and he found himself jumping back into the wall behind him, with a look of genuie fear on his face.

"What is it?" asked Terrador.

"We're under attack," was all Ignitis could breathe out, and his proved truer than he thought for as he sat cowering in fear of what he saw in the pool the angry cries of a raid sounded outside the temple.