Exactly as Terrador had fortold, two days later everyone was gathered in the egg chamber to witness the birth of six new dragons. Spyro and Cynder stood cuddled proudly over the six multicolored eggs; black, blue, white, red, gold, and green.

The red egg hatched first and brought into the world a red dragon with black flame like spines, and piercing yellow eyes.

"I'll think I'll call him Blaze," said Cynder.

"A perfect name," said Ignightus.

Next, the black egg hatched and brought into this world a black, female dragon with blue crescent shaped spines and mysterious purple eyes. This time it was Spyro's turn to pick a name.

" I think I'll call her Luna, because of her moon-shaped spines,"

Next, the green egg decided to hatch and brought to this world a fierce-looking green dragon with dark brown spots and sharp black eyes.

"Boy, would you look at the teeth on this dragon" said Sparx, no longer a dragon since the Lunar Dragon's spell wore off " it looks like he's about to rip something apart with those fangs of his. Why don't we call him Fang?"

" It's alright with me," said Spyro.

Next, the blue egg decided to hatch and brought into this world a blue dragon with yellow lightning bolts painted on his scales, and electric yellow eyes.

" Hmmph" said Cynder " I think the name Lightning will this one rather well,"

Next, the white egg hatched and brought into this world a white dragon with rainbow colored wings and deep blue eyes. It reminded Sparx and Spyro so much of what the Lunar Dragon had looked like. But since the black dragon had taken the name of Luna, what would this one be called? Luckily Ignightus made a suggestion.


Everyone agreed with that name and finally the golden egg that Sparx had saved when the Dragon Temple was under attack decided to hatch and brought into this world a golden dragon with green eyes and white and gold feathered wings. Both Spyro looked at each other and smiled.

"We know exactly what to name this one," said Cynder.

"In honor of all the things he has done" said Spyro " we decided to name this dragon after my best friend Sparx,"

And for the first time in history, the golden dragonfly was speechless.

The End