Chapter title: Of Conversations and Misunderstandings

Part 1/3

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"Harry, you've got to be kidding me."

Ginny's voice made Ron stop in his tracks. What was Ginny doing in the Boy's room with Harry? Something was wrong here. Something was very wrong. He took a few steps back and pressed his ear to the door so he could hear the conversation.

"No, I am dead serious Gin," Harry's voice answered with amusement "Just pretend I am Ron and you are talking about Colin. That should make it easier."

"Colin …" Ginny giggled and Ron started to get even more worried. Harry and Ginny alone in the Boy's room talking about Colin? This could not be good.

Ginny's giggles were followed by a hearty laugh by Harry and couple of incomprehensible noises and Ron cursed the stupid door for being closed. He couldn't see a thing.

"Yes, now do it Ginny," Harry urged and Ron went bright red at the thoughts that passed through his head. Get a hold of yourself Ron Weasley, a little voice inside told him and he struggled to think straight and continue to listen.

"Ron …" Ginny was saying "Ron … I, well I wanted to talk to you because, well, you know…I wanted to tell you that I …I …I…" Ginny stopped talking and Ron could picture her, walking around the room, as she always did when she was nervous.

"I can't do it Harry" Ginny screamed with frustration. "He is going to kill me. He still thinks I am five years old and it's his duty to take care of me"

"He's your brother Gin" Harry replied and the voices quieted for a moment before Harry continued talking. "He cares about you, that's why he gets like that. I'd give anything to have someone care about me as much as he cares about you."

"Harry …" Ginny's voice was softer, a touch of tenderness on it and he could hear some whispers inside the room but he couldn't make out the words. He stayed there, pressing his ear to the door, trying to pick up more of the conversation for about ten minutes and when he was about to give up and enter the room the voices started talking again

"How much?" Ginny asked "Enough to tell him yourself?"

"No. No. No," Harry responded and he could imagine his friends face very well in this moment. "I imagine that would go very well," Harry continued "I'll just go up to him and say "Hey Ron! Your little sister has found herself a new boyfriend… I just thought you might want to know. Oh! But you think that's it...Noooo, I've got more to tell you. You want to know who the lucky guy is … well, it's …"

"Harry …" Ginny's voice warned before Ron could hear the guy's name. Who was it? Suddenly Ron's mind made the connection and he almost stumbled backwards at the realization.

Colin Creevey.

Ginny was dating Colin Creevey. And she wanted Harry to be the one to tell him because she was afraid of how he might react.

Poor Harry, he thought. How did Ginny drag him into this? It was probably Hermione's fault, he decided. I bet she said she wasn't going to be the one to tell me and Harry didn't know how to say no to Ginny.

The voices inside continued but this time Ron wasn't really paying attention to them. He was going to get that Colin Creevey. He was going to go to the library and research like crazy until he found a spell bad enough to put on him. Yes, that's what he was going to do. With that in mind Ron stood up and headed towards the library.

Inside the room the conversation continued.

"Do you think he'll be too mad?" Ginny asked, her head resting on Harry's chest as they lay on his bed.

"I reckon he'll be mad at first. But he'll probably calm down. You are dating me after all, his best friend. It's not like you are dating Colin Creevey."

Ginny giggled at that and placed a small kiss on Harry's neck before resting her head on his chest again and holding him tightly, Ron already forgotten.

To be continued …

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