A/N: Two chapters in a day. Man I'm on a roll! Anyways. So as you can tell, Emmett's my favorite character in general. So I'm probably just going to stick with the Cullens + Bella. Maybe throw in some Jacob, but I really don't find him fun to write from. Not now, anyway, while he still adores Bella.

TripsOnAir - Bella

YouSmellGood01 - Edward

DrMcSexy - Carlisle

IMarriedMcSexy - Esme

PsychicPixiex3 -Alice

BipolarMuch43 -Jasper

YouGotPwned -Emmett

PerfectxBlonde - Rosalie

Forks911 - Charlie

PimptasticBeast - Jacob

LonelySoul69 - Mike

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PsychicPixiex3: i think we should prank the boys.

PerfectxBlonde: sounds exciting! (: but how?

PsychicPixiex3: uh, not sure yet.

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PsychicPixiex3: and that's where human babies come from.

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PerfectxBlonde: HAHAHAH!

PsychicPixiex3: Or I could've brought up coloring pages and playgrounds. He hates those too.

PerfectxBlonde: ...?

PsychicPixiex3: I wouldn't even ask.

PerfectxBlonde: Okay then.

PsychicPixiex3: I say we. What does Emmett love the most?

PerfectxBlonde: Me.

PsychicPixiex3: ...Rose.

PerfectxBlonde: What? Okay, his... dignity?

PsychicPixiex3: I just saw what we're going to do. And it's amazing.

PerfectxBlonde: Gotta keep the non-future-seers in the know, Alice.

PsychicPixiex3: You know those pictures of Emmett we snapped next to his cardboard Hannah Montana cutout? And those pictures we got of Jasper crying watching the Young & the Restless? And the pictures of Edward falling down the stairs?

PerfectxBlonde: Yeah, so?

PsychicPixiex3: We're gonna get those ordered in so many copies and sizes. And hang them EVERYWHERE.

PerfectxBlonde: I LIKE IT.

PsychicPixiex3: Now, to buy the pictures! And I'm brining Bella.

PerfectxBlonde: hmph.

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YouGotPwned: So I was thinking.

BipolarMuch43: You can do that?

YouSmellGood01: Never woulda thunk it.

YouGotPwned: Funny. So I think we should prank the girls.

BipolarMuch43: In case you're forgetting, my wife can. Oh, I don't know... See the future?!

YouSmellGood01: The future always changes, my friend.

YouGotPwned: Right. So I think we should say that Edward ran off to the Volturi.

BipolarMuch43: ...Again.

YouGotPwned: And Jasper. You're going to mess with all of Alice's clothes. But keep changing you're mind on what you're going to do. But make sure it's bad and she freaks. Every time.

YouSmellGood01: And Rosalie...?

YouGotPwned: Don't worry. I'll take care of Rosie.

BipolarMuch43: Whatever you say...

YouGotPwned: Ready?! GO!!

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YouSmellGood01: Going, going...

BipolarMuch43: Gone.

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PerfectxBlonde: You did hang them ALL over the house, right Alice?

PsychicPixiex3: And their cars. And Carlisle's car. And every picture frame in the house. Right, Bella?

TripsOnAir: Of course! (:

PerfectxBlonde: Hm.

PsychicPixiex3: OH NO. JAZZ NO.

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YouGotPwned: Bella. I have bad news. Edward. Well. He's gone to the Volturi again.

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PerfectxBlonde: ...?

YouGotPwned: Rosalie. I've made a decision. And you can't stop me.

PerfectxBlonde: ...Emmy. What are you going to do?

YouGotPwned: Jasper's helping me. But I think I'm going to shave my head.

PerfectxBlonde: o.o I'm coming to your room. Now.

YouGotPwned: Just the way I like it... But he's already up here with the shaver.

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YouGotPwned: Status report?

YouSmellGood01: Bella's running to Carlisle now. And her truck's freaking out. I hate that garbage...

BipolarMuch43: Alice is standing guard in front of her closet.

YouGotPwned: And Rosalie is running around the house/yard/garage trying to find us.

BipolarMuch43: Be right back, I have to ask Esme a question.

YouSmellGood01: Okay.

YouGotPwned: Kays.

YouSmellGood01: I feel bad though...

YouGotPwned: Don't.

BipolarMuch43: Guys. Walk into the living room. Now.

YouSmellGood01: ...Okay.

BipolarMuch43: SEE WHAT THEY DID?!



YouGotPwned: Picturing Bella naked?

BipolarMuch43: That was a good one, Emmett!

YouSmellGood01: -Growls-

YouGotPwned: I know, it's what I do.

YouGotPwned: Now, I gotta find Rosalie and uh. Teach her a lesson.

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YouSmellGood01: So that's what they call it...

BipolarMuch43: Alice is in my room... So, same? Bye.

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YouSmellGood01: I really think the animals are drinking something they shouldn't...

YouSmellGood01: BELLA I'M COMING!

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A/N: I told you I didn't forget about you guys! Two chapters in a night, I believe that's a record for me! So have a wonderful Thanksgiving, seeing as I probably won't update until Friday. So eat lots of turkey and mashed potatoes for me! xoxo, Katie.