Hikaru was staring at Kaoru. And not for the usual reasons. For once he was not turned on by his brother but he was getting worried and slightly annoyed by Kaoru's continual sniffing. After a particularly loud sniff which made Hikaru wince, he sat up in bed, gazing down at Kaoru. 'Kaoru, are you ill?' he asked concerned.

Kaoru let out a small cough and shook his head, turning over to look at Hikaru properly with bleary eyes. "No," he replied. "I'm not. I'm not ill, I'm just waking up is all..." He sneezed and sniffed again and sat up slightly. "See? I'm fine?" He tried a smile.

Hikaru frowned. 'You don't look fine to me' he muttered crossly. He leaned over Kaoru, pinning him to the bed with his body and placing his hand on his brother's forehead. 'Kaoru!' he yelped, 'You're burning up.' Hikaru could not stop a knot of nervousness squeezing his stomach. 'I know you're lying Kaoru,' he murmured, 'Tell me what's wrong.'

Kaoru shook his head again, not wanting to worry Hikaru. "I'm fine Hikaru, really," he muttered, wriggling underneath his brother. "I only have a little headache, it's nothing to worry about..." He looked up at Hikaru from under his lashes and tried to look convincing.

'Well there is only one way to settle this,' Hikaru informed his brother, 'I'm taking your temperature.' Hikaru leapt off their bed and hurriedly crossed the bedroom to their en-suite. He grabbed the thermometer quickly but then skidded to a halt when he caught sight of the shower. It was perfectly clean with no traces of what had happened there but he could not stop images of the night before clouding his thoughts, his hot twin moaning, limbs shaking, hips thrusting... Hikaru shook his head forcing these memories from his brain. Kaoru was his priority at the moment and his brother needed him. Rushing back into the room Hikaru bounded onto the bed and straddled his brother. 'Open your mouth Kaoru,' he wheedled, 'Unless you would like me to insert this somewhere else?'

Kaoru grinned despite his headache, shaking his head and opening his mouth, allowing the thermometer to go under his tongue and feeling the cold instrument against his lips. "I really don't see the point of this," he lied around it. "I'm not ill..."

'Just keep quiet Kaoru or I will have to give you something else to suck on.' Hikaru mirrored his brother's grin but the smile was quickly wiped from his face when he saw the temperature reading. '37.8!' he yelped, 'Kaoru you are staying in bed all day and no arguments.' Then Hikaru smiled, 'Besides, this way I get to look after my adorable little brother,' and he leaned in to kiss Kaoru on his hot forehead.

Kaoru was about to argue, but the swift brush of his twin's cool lips against his contrastingly flushed skin stopped him from saying anything else and instead he rolled his eyes. "But I don't want to stay in bed, Hikaru..." he half-muttered, half-whined. "It's so boring!" To emphasise his point, he pushed the duvet off his chest. "And I'm not ill..." He was still arguing, but there wasn't much conviction in his tone.

'Kaoru!' Hikaru cried, exasperated with his brother, 'Just stop trying to protect me, I know you aren't well. Even if your temperature was normal I would still be able to tell that you were sick. We are twins after all.' Hikaru pushed Kaoru back down firmly on the bed, his hands lingering on the silky soft skin of his twin's shoulders. 'Don't you want me to look after you?' he pouted.

Kaoru's look softened at the pout and he stared at Hikaru briefly, finally sighing and lying back. "Fine, maybe I do feel a bit funny..." he replied, a resigned note to his voice. "But only because you seem so desperate to play doctor..." He trailed off, thinking, then added, "Do you remember when we used to do that? Wrapping ourselves up in 'bandages' of toilet paper?" He laughed.

Hikaru grinned. 'Too right I remember, you looked too cute all wrapped up like that for me to forget. But I don't think you need bandages for this illness... How can I make you feel better, Kaoru?' Hikaru asked, innocently enough, though there was an evil glint discernible in his amber eyes.

Kaoru smiled and was about to say something equally as witty and evil back, but a throbbing in his head silenced him. Instead he was forced to groan a little and reply; "Umm... water would be nice..." He flushed slightly, this time from embarrassment rather than illness. He hated feeling so pathetic, but he really didn't know what else to do.

Hikaru, on the other hand, loved having Kaoru need him so much. Although he was a little worried about his twin he knew that he would be better in a few days at most. In the meantime it was not often that Kaoru became so defenceless and needy and therefore Hikaru intended to make the most of it. 'Water... Coming right up,' he winked, trekking back into the bathroom to fetch the required drink. 'Did you miss me?' he asked on his return, despite the fact that he had only left Kaoru's side for a minute at the most.

Kaoru smiled and sat up, pulling the duvet up over his chest and realising that neither of them had bothered with putting on pyjamas after last night's antics. Fortunate really, as he was feeling really rather hot right now. He took the glass of water and hugged his brother, then leaned back and took a sip from the glass. "Thanks," he said, then added, "yes, I did miss you even if that does sound a bit cheesy and I don't know how it's possible."

'Of course it's possible,' Hikaru gave his brother an incredulous look, 'I expect you to miss me every minute that I am not with you, you love being with me so much, ne? I miss you Kaoru.' Hikaru smiled to let his brother know he was joking, he was not quite that demanding... yet. Then he whined, 'Kaoru... Surely you are too hot under that duvet? Wouldn't you prefer someone, uh I mean something else to keep you warm?'

Kaoru took another sip. "Yes, I suppose it is possible... At least for us it is..." He put the half-full glass on the bedside table and tilted his head to one side coquette-ishly, with a small smile, raising his eyebrows too. "If I am too hot..." he decided to see what Hikaru was angling for. "What would you suggest as an alternative?"

'Well...' Hikaru considered for a moment, internally cursing biology for giving him a body that he couldn't make cold at will. That would really help him cool his brother down. Mind you biology had given him an adorable twin instead so he couldn't really complain. 'I could get you a sheet,' he continued, 'or... I could just lie next to you so that you can cuddle up to me when you feel cold.' Hikaru smiled but the smile quickly turned into a smirk, 'That way you don't need anything covering you at all.'

Kaoru grinned and knew that it was quicker just to give in now- he would eventually anyway. Aren't we meant to sweat fevers out? he asked himself, then shrugged mentally and pushed the covers down. Screw that… He took Hikaru's wrist and tugged gently.

Hikaru was more than happy to oblige and snuggled down next to his brother, making sure Kaoru was not too warm and not too cold. For a while he was happy just lying with his brother then, getting a little bored; he twirled a lock of Kaoru's hair round his finger, stroking the rest out of his twin's eyes. Hikaru continued to play with Kaoru's hair, his fingers then working their way downwards. He stroked his fingers slowly and soothingly up and down the baby soft skin of Kaoru's earlobe, not taking his eyes off Kaoru for a moment.

Kaoru sighed a little, eyes closing slightly as Hikaru quietly explored, his own hands gently coming to curl around his brother's free hand and weaving the fingers together loosely. "Thanks for taking care of me Hikaru..." He said quietly, eyes opening and focusing on their linked hands.

'My pleasure,' Hikaru replied instantly, 'and I mean that.' He glanced at the clock and seeing it was almost lunchtime he reluctantly disentangled himself from Kaoru and sat up. 'Time for you to have something to eat Kaoru,' he informed his twin, 'What would you like?'

Kaoru shrugged, honestly not having any kind of desire for anything but knowing that he was hungry. "Surprise me," he finally said, picking up the duvet as he suddenly felt chilly. "Only..." He grinned, and with a tilt of his head, he said, "Maybe put some clothes on so that the maids don't get too shocked..."

Hikaru sighed. 'Spoilsport,' he muttered, grinning as he reluctantly pulled on some boxers and jeans. 'Though I suppose I can't blame you for wanting to keep the sight of my flawless body all to yourself,' he continued, twisting Kaoru's words. He headed downstairs. What do sick people eat? he asked himself. Soup and ice cream seemed to be the standard foods and ice cream took less time to prepare. Better check with Kaoru though. Hikaru pulled out his phone quickly composing a text, 'Vanilla ice cream ok for my sexy little brother? x x', hearing Kaoru's phone beep upstairs as he sent it. Normally he would just call up to his brother but he knew Kaoru couldn't call back with a sore throat.

Kaoru looked up as his phone vibrated and beeped on the bedside table, reading Hikaru's text and smiling lopsidedly. He texted back a quick: 'Sounds good maybe I should be ill more often (!)... xxx', and pulled the covers right around his ears now against the slightly shivery feeling he now had.

Hikaru snatched up his phone the minute it first vibrated and scanned the text greedily, smiling at how cute his brother sounded. He read it again more slowly, savouring each word as one of his maids prepared the ice cream. When she was done Hikaru snatched up the bowl almost before she had put it down and hurried back to Kaoru. Finding him wrapped up so tightly he frowned. 'Kaoru, you ok?' he asked, 'are you sure this ice cream isn't too cold for you?'

Kaoru shook his head, bringing the covers down very slightly even though he was still a bit cold. "Stop fussing Hikaru," he replied. "It's normal to go through strange temperature things when you've got a cold and fever..." He patted the bed next to him, wanting Hikaru near him again although his mind did wonder about Hikaru and whether he'd get it too if he did.

Hikaru smiled at his twin. He didn't mind in the least if he got sick as well, his only concern was for Kaoru and so he wriggled as close to him as possible on the bed without actually sitting on top of his twin. Then Hikaru loaded the spoon in his hand with the soft, light, super-high-quality-of-course ice cream. 'Open,' he instructed.

Kaoru opened smiling pink lips willingly, deciding not to tell Hikaru that he could feed himself. His brother seemed to be enjoying being the carer and Kaoru wasn't going to ruin it for him. The younger twin's mouth closed around the spoon and he savoured the cool, refreshing taste of vanilla on his tongue. The spoon was withdrawn and he murmured a soft "mmm" of appreciation.

Hikaru continued to feed Kaoru, scooping up another spoonful of ice cream. He couldn't help getting a little hot hearing Kaoru making such noises. He crossed his legs to hide his body's response, he was sure Kaoru was doing it on purpose. 'Ne Kaoru,' he asked, 'How are you planning to spend the day? It is going to be boring unless you think of something... And staying in bed doesn't have to be boring you know.'

Kaoru swallowed a bit of ice cream, thinking. "I don't really know. No one really plans to get ill and have to spend the day in bed." He shifted slightly, then added, "Do you have anything to suggest we do?"

Hikaru frowned. 'I was asking you Kaoru,' he complained, 'but I think I have an idea.' Hikaru left Kaoru's side and headed to the twins' closet. 'Be a good boy while I'm gone,' he instructed Kaoru, looking back over his shoulder with a wink. Once Hikaru had reached the wardrobe he turned on the light and closed the door behind him; naturally this room containing purely clothes was the size of an average lounge.

Kaoru watched him go and sat confusedly on the bed, wondering what Hikaru was up to now. "Hikaru?" he called after a minute. "What are you doing?"

Hikaru grinned to himself from inside the room. 'Wait and see,' he called back happily, his voice sounding a little muffled as he changed clothes. Hikaru slipped on the accessories he needed and opened the door of the changing room, revealing himself. He was wearing black patent spiky stilettos, black fishnet stockings, black gloves and a very short, very tight, very revealing white nurse's dress with a little red cross in the corner. Perched on his auburn hair was a small nurses cap and he had a stethoscope round his neck. 'I hear there is a patient in need of some very private healthcare,' he grinned. 'I did actually buy this for you, I was going to get you to dress up for me Kaoru, 'Hikaru added, 'but I decided your need was greater than mine.'

Kaoru raised his eyebrows and looked Hikaru up and down several times over, taking in the whole appearance and thinking that Hikaru really was a wonderful twin. He dragged the covers around his waist, amazed at how even when he felt ill, he could get aroused, especially when he looked at the fishnets. He really liked Hikaru's legs normally, and in the tights they looked incredibly long and sexy. His gaze travelled back up to Hikaru's face and he grinned. "I feel better already..." he said.

'Ahh but you don't look better,' Hikaru frowned, not coming out of character in his role as nurse, 'I think master Kaoru you are going to need an examination. I am going to have to ask you a few questions. Firstly… What seem to be the symptoms of your illness?' Hikaru tilted his head to one side, playing the part of an efficient and concerned nurse scarily well.

Kaoru resisted the urge to roll his eyes but kept the slight grin on his face, unable to keep a straight face when Hikaru looked so sweet and was acting so well. "Well..." he began. "I feel hot and then cold a lot... And there's a pounding in my chest that I can't work out why it's there... What do you think it could be?"

Hikaru pretended to consider it. 'Ah,' he murmured, 'that does sound pretty serious. And when do these symptoms occur?' Hikaru slowly advanced towards Kaoru, walking perfectly comfortably in his heels. He stopped when he got to the bed. 'At this rate you are going to need an examination,' he added.

Kaoru felt a shiver go up his spine, looking up at Hikaru with his mouth slightly open. He eventually closed his mouth, biting his lip slightly, and replied, "It mostly seems to occur when I am around one particular person. He looks exactly like me... And I think I love him... More than as a brother even..." He smiled slightly and tilted his head to one side. "What do you think the symptoms could be telling me?"

'Well...' Hikaru replied, 'I don't know. Your symptoms are inconclusive. I think it is time for a full body examination I am afraid Kaoru.' Secretly however Hikaru felt warmth spreading through his body when he heard Kaoru say he loved him. These words were the sort of thing that never got old. Hikaru stepped forward slightly, attempting to show off his legs but this time his ankle wobbled and he overbalanced. As he tripped he accidentally grabbed hold of Kaoru's thigh, inadvertently digging his nails in slightly.

Kaoru gasped and grabbed at Hikaru's shoulders, wincing slightly at but not really minding the nails in his thigh, more concerned about his brother. "Are you okay?" he asked, completely forgetting the whole cosplay thing they'd had going on before.

'I'm fine... Occupational hazard of the job,' Hikaru grinned, loving the concern his brother had for him. 'Now where was I?' he mused. He hadn't removed his hand. Hikaru began to rub Kaoru's thigh slowly, crawling onto the bed and leaning over his brother. 'Now where does it hurt most?' he asked.

Kaoru sighed softly, the concern evaporating as he realised Hikaru was okay and he felt the light strokes up his leg. He wriggled slightly, thinking to himself, You know very well where it hurts, you cheeky sadist but grinning anyway. "Well," he breathed, "it does hurt in one particular place quite a lot right now..."

'Oh? And where would that be... Kaoru?' Hikaru leaned down and whispered his twin's name lightly in his ear. In truth he had a pretty good idea of the place Kaoru was referring to but he decided to let Kaoru describe it himself. It was more fun that way.

Kaoru moaned very very quietly, not so much of a noise as a rumble in his chest. His face flushed at the thought of saying anything explicit to Hikaru, and so he arched his back towards his twin and hoped to give him enough of an answer that way. "It's... it's there..." he flushed deeper and avoided looking at Hikaru's face.

'Hmm... I see,' Hikaru leaned forward for a closer inspection. He ran his hands down the line of Kaoru's body under the duvet, making sure to apply the right amount of pressure when his palms slid over the lump that was clearly Kaoru's erection. 'Would you like me to take a closer look?' he asked.

Kaoru inhaled through his teeth, hips pushing forwards to Hikaru's hands more, and felt himself go hot all over. He nodded soundlessly, hands coming up to Hikaru's shoulder and clutching at the material of the nurse's outfit, his thumbs brushing against the stethoscope dangling around Hikaru's neck.

Hikaru stepped back off the bed and in one sweeping motion ripped the covers entirely off Kaoru, leaving his twin's flushed body and aching hardness exposed. Kaoru's touching the stethoscope reminded Hikaru of it and he put one end into his ears, placing the other on Kaoru's chest. 'Wow,' he breathed, 'your heartbeat really is fast for some reason. I think I need a more...intimate diagnosis to establish the cause.' Tossing the stethoscope to one side Hikaru trailed his fingers over Kaoru's forehead and stomach, deliberately not touching Kaoru where he knew his twin was aching to be touched.

Kaoru closed his eyes and allowed himself to feel everything around him. The crumpled sheets against his back and clutched in his hands, the stethoscope pressing cold against his chest, and Hikaru's sadistic fingers crawling over his skin, which he knew must be damp with perspiration by now. He squirmed under the ministration from Hikaru's fingers and made more small noises in his throat.

'My patient seems to be getting agitated,' Hikaru mused in mock surprise, 'maybe his legs are sore…' Hikaru stroked Kaoru's hips then scraped his fingernails lightly up Kaoru's thighs. 'I don't know,' he conceded, 'Tell me… Which part of your body needs the attention?'

Kaoru made an annoyed sound in his throat. Such a tease, he thought in annoyance, wriggling and shifting more under Hikaru. "It's..." He sighed in frustration and blushed again, dropping his head back. "Well you know how I had a headache earlier?" He paused to see Hikaru nod and added, "I have a different kind of headache now. Please help me?"

Hikaru grinned, partly at Kaoru's wit but also at his brother's discomfort. 'Ah I see,' he smiled, 'you meant here?' Hikaru slowly ran one finger down the length of Kaoru's erection watching for a reaction. He knew he should really stop teasing and start pleasuring Kaoru instead but there was no harm in playing with him a little first.

Kaoru shivered in anticipation, mouth dropping open and his breath hitching in his chest. He raised his head and glanced at Hikaru, grinning at him and still wearing that infuriatingly sexy nurse's uniform. He dropped his head again and sighed.

'Look at me Kaoru,' Hikaru whined, 'I want to see your face while I do this.' Hikaru slid his fist loosely around Kaoru's length. 'Tell me what you want me to do next little brother,' he ordered. 'No... Tell me what you need me to do next.'

Kaoru's head snapped up when he felt the fist around him and he looked at Hikaru's cheeky grin before he opened his mouth again, trying to get the words out. It took a while for his tongue and lips to form the words, but eventually he stammered, "M... move..." He swallowed. "Move... up and down..."

'With pleasure,' Hikaru grinned, doing as Kaoru asked and rubbing his brother's length, slowly to start off with. He was pleased he had finally got Kaoru to admit to what he wanted and even more glad that his brother wanted him. He began to move faster. 'Is your nurse doing a good job?' he asked with a glint in his eye as he watched Kaoru's cheeks flush making his brother look even more erotic than usual.

Kaoru bit his lip on a grin, cheeks pink as he felt Hikaru's pace quicken somewhat. "Yes, a very good job..." he replied, his own hands coming down to Hikaru's hair and threading his fingers into it. "I'll have to leave a tip of some kind..."

'I like the sound of that,' Hikaru replied, watching greedily as a few drops of precum became apparent at the tip of Kaoru's erection. 'What did you have in mind? And more to the point,' he continued teasingly, 'If I am doing such a great job why aren't you moaning my name yet?'

Kaoru grinned again, back arching very slightly as Hikaru continued. "I was trying not to make so much noise..." He glanced over to the door to emphasise his point and then added, "And I wasn't sure what I had in mind, just that you needed some kind of reward for taking such good care of your patient... How do nurses normally get paid?"

'Well I don't know how normal nurses get tipped,' Hikaru admitted, 'but seeing as I am giving you special treatment I think I deserve something pretty special too don't you? What I would really like,' Hikaru whispered, leaning in close to Kaoru's ear, 'is those tempting soft lips wrapped around my...' Hikaru left the sentence hanging. He was sure Kaoru could figure out his meaning on his own. They were identical twins.

Kaoru blushed again, turning catlike eyes to look at Hikaru. "Umm..." He wasn't sure how to phrase what he meant without disappointing Hikaru. "It might... I might..." He stopped, getting his words together and finally got out, "I might not be able to... I want to, but... My throat kind of hurts..." He thought for a moment, then smiled. "But fortunately, I have an idea... Hang on..." He moved himself and Hikaru so that he could reach the front of the nurse's costume and ran a hand down the front to the slight lump that had formed there. He placed a palm over it and moved his hand slightly, trying to get a reaction from Hikaru.

Hikaru felt a little bad when he remembered that of course Kaoru would not be able to do what he was suggesting, the last thing Hikaru wanted to do was hurt his brother. These thoughts were quickly wiped from his mind as he felt Kaoru tentatively touching him. He shifted his hips so that his already unbelievably short skirt rode up his thighs a little more. 'Mmm I like your idea,' he admitted, moving slightly to encourage Kaoru to do more.

Kaoru, encouraged by Hikaru's words and movements, moved more, but still just as slowly, realising how much fun it would be to tease his brother as a kind of retaliation for the supreme amount of teasing he'd endured earlier. As the skirt rode up, Kaoru laughed to see a flash of lace that soon revealed itself to be the edge of a pair of frilly French knickers. "You really went all out, didn't you?"

'Of course I did Kaoru,' Hikaru replied, breath catching in his throat a little as he felt Kaoru's slender fingers curiously sliding his skirt up. 'I wouldn't want you to be disappointed. Or would you have preferred it if I wore nothing? Easier access you know.' Hikaru was about to wink but his eyes were wrenched open as he felt Kaoru slowly massaging his fast growing erection and all he could manage was to moan his twin's name.

Kaoru had to hold back his own noise; feeling Hikaru getting harder was making him feel more aroused. Fortunately for him, he wasn't wearing anything that would make it more uncomfortable. "Are they quite comfortable?" he asked curiously.

'Amazingly so,' Hikaru confided, though it was getting harder to speak coherently by the minute. 'Mind you… Don't let that stop you taking them off Kaoru.' Hikaru started rubbing his hand along Kaoru's length more vigorously as he had neglected pleasuring his twin a little, distracted by the sensations running through his own body.

Kaoru had to let out a small whimper, feeling Hikaru's fingers stroking him and tilting his hips slightly. Carefully, as though asking permission, he moved his hand to the top of Hikaru's underwear, running his fingers under the band, then pulling them down slightly. After a silent questioning look, he pulled them down and off completely, leaving Hikaru in the nurse's outfit.

Hikaru could feel the heat building in his lower abdomen and he shuffled closer to Kaoru on the bed to try and entice him into moving faster. 'Mmm… You are such a hot patient Kaoru,' Hikaru gasped as he gazed into Kaoru's eyes that were reflections of his own, half lidded with lust. Hikaru could feel himself getting closer and he knew that Kaoru must be about to come too seeing as he had attended to his twin first to take Kaoru's mind off being sick. From the erotic look on Kaoru's face and the noises Kaoru was making it seemed Hikaru's plan had succeeded.

Kaoru's hips were moving erratically now, his body shuddering as he felt everything building up and eventually let out a loud gasping moan and came, white liquid going all on Hikaru's hand, and gave his brother's length one last tug before he slumped forwards, exhausted.

Watching Kaoru's face contort and listening to the noises his twin made was too much for Hikaru. 'Kaoru,' he moaned as he came almost simultaneously, all over the bed sheets, pulling his twin into a close embrace as he got his breath back. After a while he pushed his head up and, leaning on one elbow, gazed at Kaoru. 'Well? How was your medicine?' he asked cheekily.

Kaoru regained some composure and looked up, staring into Hikaru's eyes. "Mmh, yes..." he replied, smiling lazily. "I feel much better..." Indeed, amazingly, he did feel better. His head didn't hurt so much and his sore throat was not nearly as irritating as earlier.

'Glad I could be of service,' Hikaru beamed. 'Now... D'you think I could have my knickers back?' Hikaru gestured downwards where Kaoru's hand was still dangling from the lace which was taut around Hikaru's thighs.

Kaoru grinned and took his hand away, letting Hikaru pull the underwear back up. "Suits you, you know," the younger twin commented, hugging his knees and tilting his head slightly. "You should wear them to school sometime..."

'You can't fool me,' Hikaru tutted, 'I am willing to bet you would enjoy it a lot more than the fangirls. Besides, cross-dressing is for ukes you know. You should be the one to do it.' Hikaru stood up to rearrange his outfit but started to feel an ominous sensation in his nose. Suddenly he sneezed violently.

Kaoru had started to grin, but when Hikaru sneezed he looked at his brother in dismay. "Oh, Hikaru, I'm so sorry! I must have given you my cold..." His hand went to his mouth in surprise, but then he had a thought and grinned. Hikaru..." he looked up in what he hoped was a provocative manner. "How about you give me the nurse's outfit? I think there's someone else in need of treatment now."

Hikaru was about to protest that it was only a sneeze, he hadn't caught anything, but he couldn't even persuade himself that this was true. Then he saw how this could be worked to his advantage. 'Well your throat is recovering and we already know what kind of treatment seems to work... I suggest you prepare yourself for blowing something other than your nose.' Hikaru unzipped the dress, peeling it off. He glanced at Kaoru. He really wanted to see how Kaoru would react to his proposal.

Kaoru blushed a little, then grinned, leaning forward to kiss Hikaru. Against his lips, he murmured, "Hmm, well I can hardly refuse. Special treatment coming right up..."

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