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Ok, I got the inspiration for this one while I was reading VFSNAKE's 'Conspiracies and Deception' (don't ask me how it came to me). It's mainly just something I'm gonna do for fun, so odds are it probably won't be so hot. So if you don't like it, just go read something else.

That said, here goes...


Nanotech Ninja


As far back as he could remember, Asuma considered his father to be somewhat of a relaxed individual. It was hard to make the eldery man loose his cool; but on the rare occasion that happened, people quickly remembered why he was the Hokage.

This was one of those times, the reason being the unfortunate ANBU Sarutobi had by the throat when his son came up..

"Dad! What the hell?" Asuma had no idea what happened, but knew that whatever it was, the man in his grip was going to pay dearly.

The Hokage's voice was surprisingly calm, though his eyes betrayed the fury they held, "This was supposed to be his day, Asuma." He said, not taking his eyes off the man he was throttling.

"'His'?" Asuma blinked, "Oh yeah, Naruto's 8 now. He was supposed to have enrolled in the academy today."

"I'm afraid that didn't happen. It seems when Naruto tried to attend class, he was attacked on the way.."

"Is he all right!?" Asuma started to leave for the hospital to make sure. Just like the way his dad saw the blonde as a surrogate grandson, he'd taken to Naruto more like a younger brother.

"He's not at the hospital, Asuma. I don't know where he is now...all I do know is this..this BASTARD.." There was a resounding snap as the Hokage broke the man's neck, "And two others took Naruto somewhere outside Konoha and made an attempt to get rid of him. Fortunately, Gai was out on a training run and caught them while they were taking their hate out on him before the final blow. However, Naruto was nowhere to be found afterwards." He hurled the lifeless corpse aside, tears starting to form, "All..all they found was Naruto's right arm in the grass. One of them admitted that somehow Naruto managed to get away in the fight. Gai and others are still searching for him...I can only pray they find him.."


Naruto gasped for air. He didn't know whether it was from fear or the pain, all he knew was he could hardly breath at the moment. Last he remembered was three shinobi muttering something about 'finishing off the demon', then a man dressed in green attacking...as he did, one of then brought his sword down on him and...

"Itai..." He tried to bite back the pain, still clutching the stump where his arm once was. It had stopped bleeding at least, but the rest of him had taken a beating. As he tried to catch his breath, he looked to see where he was. When he was trying to get away, the ground gave out from under him and he tumbled down some kind of hole.

A few minutes later the pain had subsided enough to be tolerable and he got up from the heap he was in.

"Where am I..?" He asked to no one in particular, wherever he was it was pitch black aside from the sunlight peeking through the hole he fell through. As he looked up, it seemed almost like some kind of vent. He crawled up to his feet and tried to feel around for a door or something. "Hello..?"

He ran his hand over the first wall he came to until he felt a switch of some kind, accidentally activating it as he did. He flinched when every suddenly burst into view. Blinking to clear the spots, he found it was some kind of room. Weird machinery lined the walls, but they looked like they were all off. In the middle stood a strange-looking table with a big glass ball on top. His curiosity roused, he slowly advanced on it. As he got close, he noticed inside it was some kind of oily grayish-blue fluid.

"Looks kinda..ew, kinda like snot.." He muttered, absentmindedly giving it a poke. Unfortunately for him, the poke was enough to jostle it into motion. Naruto's eyes widened as it rolled off the table and crashed to the floor.

"Oh no.." He started to panic, thinking someone heard it. However, his fear of being caught was superseded by the sight of the liquid starting to move on its own, forcing Naruto to stumble backwards. The puddle slowly collected into a small mound, the tip stretching out slightly.

Without warning, it shot straight towards him. The boy never had time to scream before it impacted, and the next thing he knew was darkness.


"Naruto! Naruto, can you hear me!?" The sound of the Hokage's voice ripped through the darkness.

Naruto groaned as he forced an eye open, "O-Ojiji? That you?" He winced at the sudden bright light and tried to shield his eyes, only to stop and stare at his hand, "Ojiji, how..how did I get my hand back...? And why is it shiny??"


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Warning! there will be SasuSaku bashing and poking fun at Kakashi.

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