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Inspired by: that moment I had with my mom, where we did what happened in this story (more-or-less) about 2-3 years ago. Except we had coffee. (well, she did, I had a Cafe Vienna lwlz.)
Also inspired by: Jonah: A Veggietales Movie, that part where Khalil asks Jonah coughDr. Archibaldcough what the heck they're doing. I love that line. Except Aang's not intent on seeing a city destroyed. XD
Also Also inspired by: Avatar, dur.
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It was still dark when the waterbender opened her deep blue eyes. She had been awakened through the soft shaking of someone's calloused hands. This was accompanied by a deep, calm, soothing voice that nearly put her back to sleep.

"Katara." The voice spoke again, and she began to focus on the shady silhouette of a fourteen year old bald monk.

"Get up." Aang murmured delicately, giving her one last prod on her shoulders. Katara looked blearily at where at where she guessed his eyes would be and frowned.

Aang, it's still dark outside, what are you waking me up for?" she muttered crossly, still not fully awake yet.

"I want to show you something." The airbender replied eagerly, unaffected by her harsh words.

"Can't this wait until morning?" Katara answered, trying to not let her body heat escape from under the covers. "I'm going back to sleep." Rolling over so her head was turned away from Aang, she closed her eyes again.

"Alright," The monk said slowly, removing his hands from her shoulders. "But you're gonna miss it." He said in a slightly sing-song voice. Turning around, he walked out of the room airily, leaving her in a huff.

Katara tried to move back into her comfortable position she had left, shutting her eyes tightly, only to open them again. Tossing and turning around in the bed, she finally lay facing the ceiling with arms wide in disgust at herself. Aang's comment had piqued her interest, and as she shuffled around in the lonely bed, the waterbender discovered it was impossible to get back to sleep.

Letting out a long, slow exhale, Katara wrenched open the covers. Cool night air seeped in, and she hastily covered herself in a night-robe. However, being made of silk, it didn't stop the cold very well.

Fully awake now, Katara walked out of the room and down the hallway; bare feet growing numb from the hard concrete floor of the Temple.

Stepping outside to the courtyard, she quickly located the airbender. Seated on the edge of the balcony, his legs dangled below the surface, which dropped down into a seemingly bottomless canyon.

Walking up next to him, Katara gently placed a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head around, Aang looked up at her and grinned.

"You came." he said softly, not wanting to completely break the silence.

"Of course." she replied loftily, kicking her own feet over the edge.

Briefly giving her a warm smile, he returned to his former position. He stared out into the deep sky, facing determinedly east, waiting for something to happen. Katara mimicked his pose.
A minute passed, measured through the breaths he took. Nothing happened. Puzzled, she looked over at the airbender, yet he gave no sign of recognition. Several more seconds passed, and finally she gave in and let her question fly.

"What are we doing?" she asked loudly, peering in the dark to try and see his reaction.

"Shh." he quickly cut her off with a whisper. "It's starting. Don't talk, just watch." and without another word, he resumed his silent vigil, leaving Katara no choice but to sit it out.

Suddenly, Katara noticed something. The night was not as dark as before, and the stars seemed to dim slightly. Softly, brilliant golden rays began to overshadow the nighttime sky, illuminating the mountain peaks.

The mist began to collect the liquid dew drops shimmering a molten gold. Other shades of pink and orange began to light up the rim of the dome of sky; dark black fading into a radiant blue.

As she watched this spectacle slowly take place, Katara's mouth was left slightly open in wonder. Beside her, the airbender, inhaled slowly, letting out a contented exhale. Copying his motion, Katara breathed in deeply. A strange scent washed over her, fresh and new. If the morning air could have such a lightheaded smell, this was it. Slowly she let go of the momentary breath, soothed by the misty taste of dew.

Minutes passed as the sun's beams began to fill the sky. Katara felt a gentle breeze, and with it carried the voice of a bird singing. Soon it was joined by others as animals living high in the mountains began stirring to life. So taken aback by the simple beauty the new day had to offer, she didn't even notice the presence of Aang's hand carefully placed over hers.

"Was it always like this?" Katara asked him suddenly, breaking her vow of silence, "Every day, before the war?" She looked over to him, staring intently as she searched for an answer. He looked down at his feet, hands returning to their place in his lap.

"More or less..." Aang said slowly, quietly. "Gyatso always loved watching the sunrise. He wanted to welcome the day..." He trailed off, and returned to gazing out to the East again.

Silence again. Riveted as Katara was to the the Summer day breaking forth, she couldn't stifle a yawn. At that, Aang turned his eyes back to her, grinning sheepishly.

"Sorry," he apologized. "I didn't even notice how much time passed. I think I've kept you awake long enough, huh?"

"No, I'm fine," Katara insisted, betrayed by instinct as she tried unsuccessfully to hide another yawn. Shivering slightly, she realized just how cold she really was.

Aang merely rolled his eyes at her and grinned, scooping her up off the ground into his arms. Throwing her arms around his neck for support, Katara clung tightly onto him for a moment, before loosening her grip. Looking up into the airbender's soft grey eyes, she smiled.

"Thanks Aang." she whispered, "It really is beautiful." Letting out a contented sigh, she nestled her head against his shoulder. Nuzzling against his skin comfortably, her breathing became light and easy.
Glancing down at the slumbering figure in his arms, the airbender smiled.

"Yeah...beautiful." he whispered, and turning around, he carried the sleeping Water Tribe girl into the Temple.

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