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Troy's POV

Okay, so what? I made one mistake that night. I honestly never thought that it would happen! Like, how was I supposed to know if it would happen or not, I'm no psychic! I sighed, this is way too hard for me. I mean like, I'm 18, the captain of the best ball team I ever knew and everyone, including my own team, hates me… Except of course when we're playing they love me again. This is why this is so confusing, they hate me then they love me. But that doesn't matter. That night was the best, but it also meant for fate to take its path and destroy something I loved. Okay, I'm probably just mumbling and trailing off to many things so let me just take it back to that night, where it all began.

July 26th 2008, was the night I lost my virginity, and so did my girlfriend's. But we willingly kinda just let it happen. I was drunk and my girlfriend was too. The thing was, we weren't protected. So anyways, we made love that night. The next morning we were just happy, you know, I mean I wouldn't have done that with any other woman than my girlfriend. Well then, on August 8th 2008, the day of the olympics, she fainted. I mean like, we were just watching the opening of the olympics then she just passed out. She fainted on my watch before but it was usually of dehydration. That time though, I knew it was different. But I, along with our parents who were there, just set her on her bed because we all knew she's fainted before and stuff. She woke up that night with a gut feeling, and ran to the washroom threw up a couple of times and took about 3 at home pregnancy tests… All were positive.


After about 2 hours leaving my girlfriend in her room, I continued to watch the olympics. She fainted while it started but she's done that before because of dehydration so I just left her. I don't know why though, but I have this funny feeling. I shook it off and just continued watching. Then I heard running footsteps upstairs. I knew it was just my baby girl. Then I heard someone gasping for air and gagging noises. So did each of our parents who got interrupted watching. We all gave a concered look at each other and I quickly sprinted upstairs. The others followed me. I ran into her room and knocked on her ensuite bathroom door, everyone else was waiting outside of her room.

"Hey! You okay?" I asked pressing my ear to the door.

She was sniffling, then gulped. "Troy- " then more gagging noises continued.

"Baby! You okay? Let me in please," I asked. This is scaring me, what's wrong with her?

She cleared her voice. "Come in," she whispered. I walked in, she was sitting by the toilet, knees up and crying her eyes out. I jumped over to her and sat down, wrapped my arms around her and tried to comfort her. "T-t-troy?"

"Yeah baby?" I kissed her forehead.

She sniffled some more, so I gave her a tissue and let her blow her nose out. "Uh-I-uh…" she licked her lips, "I-I-I… I'm scared."

"Why babe, I'm right here to protect you, tell me why," I said trying to comfort her.

She kept her eyes tightly shut, "I'm pregnant," she said. Oh shit.

End flashback

Well, that's how that happened. I'm telling you right now, I don't regret getting her pregnant, I just wish she knew that. I mean, it's just, I… I broke up with her. It pains me and her to say this but, I did. I think the shock of becoming a father was too much for me, but now I understand, I just so wished she knew that.. Anyways, with the big word that she was pregnant was already out at the time, breaking up with her really just did not help at all.


I walked over to my girlfriend and her locker. This was totally not gonna be easy. I can't believe I got her and I into this! I regret getting her pregnant, for God's sakes I'm just 18! I can't be a father! Why the hell is she keeping the damn baby?! Ugh, I have to break the news to her though.

"Hey," I started, I didn't say it nicely and she noticed.

"Uh, hi, what's up with you? Seems like your tense," she replied.

I made a face, "I am tense!" I shouted. She just kept a confused look at me, "WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THE BABY?!"

"TROY! I can't kill someone who's never done any wrong to me, let alone a baby who hasn't!" she screamed back, hands in the air.

"Shit! Why the fuck are you keeping it then without my fucking permission?!"

She had tears in her eyes, I hated it when she was like that but for some reason I didn't care. "Troy," she whispered.

"ANSWER ME!" I demanded.

"Look," she started, "When I told my parents they weren't happy for damn sure and neither were your parents. They accepted that fact though, why the hell can't you?!"

I scoffed, "Look, I can't handle this anymore, it's over."

She started bawling her eyes out and dropped to the floor on her knees. If anyone notices they know she's pregnant, hopefully they'll think she's just becoming hormonal. I better run from the scene before anyone sees me not comforting her.

--Later that night—

"HOLY SHIT!" I exclaimed banging the wall with my fist. My parents weren't home so I didn't care about making noise. "FUCK! WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT?!"

I broke down on my bed. I just gave up the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't believe I felt like I needed to go, and she was with child. Shit! I started crying until I really couldn't anymore. I had just broken up with my baby girl, my world, my child and my Gabriella Anne Montez.

End flashback

Yeah, me and Gabs are officially over. I just wished I can at least say that I am truly and seriously sorry. If she doesn't forgive me still, I at least want to hold her one more time. I sighed, I can't believe I did that. Everyone hates me now since the word got out and yeah. It's just not going well for me lately.

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