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Just a few things; the capitilaization oh 'he' or 'him' refers to Ace, not God. The 'her' is up to you XP I could tell you who that may be, but where's the fun in that? Told from Snake's POV. Just basically fluff, if not a bit of angst. Yes, in my world, Snake is a smoker, so deal.

Now you may enjoy.

I wish He would look at me like he looks at her. The way He stares, unblinking, at her. Even under those shades I can tell He stares. It's always the same with that ass. Always her, always her… Never me.

I hissed and took another drag. He had left that afternoon. It unnerved Billy, the poor old dimwit, but as always, that bastard calmed him with words. I never understand how He has such a mastery over the language; he barely finished 10th grade. He calmed them all the same way…. I even believed him until He was out of sight. Then He was gone, and I knew where He went.

I let the smoke puff out in rings, thin arms hanging lazily over the ancient oil barrel I leaned against. Why do I trust Him so much? There have to be more reliable people in this world I can ally myself against… but this is different. He's is more than just a leader… to me anyway. He was the one who took me in. The first person I trusted, the first thing I cared about,

The first love I ever had.

I spat the nicotine from my mouth and hissed again. I'm pathetic. I know it full well. He doesn't have to pound me continually to get it though my head. I'm smarter than that.

So why do I love Him so much?

I blinked and stared at a seagull as it picked at garbage, only to be scared off by another. I smiled. It reminded me of us when we were little. The good times, the times before she came in and swept Him off his feet.


I took one last, long drag and flicked the butt away. I had been gone long enough; the rest of the gang would worry about where I had run off to. They should be used to this by now though… I always did this when He ran off with that slut. He's the reason I need those "over priced cancer sticks" as He so affectionately put it. It's a wonder my nerves haven't splintered yet.

I sighed and shuffled my feet as I made my way to the ramshackle shed we called home. Most of us anyway. I could already see Grubber and Billy playing with something they must have found. Arturo was perched atop one of the garbage cans, surveying their play. He always loved playing leader. I'm sure it was the only reason Arturo held a grudge against me; I was always left in charge when He ran off.

Billy bounded over to me immediately, asking where He was, if I had seen Him, and when He was coming back. I could only smile and lie to the poor oaf. I told him He'd be back that night, and when he woke up, He would be there to lead us like normal. He seemed content after that, it almost made me wish I could have been that foolish to feel that way too. I wished I could have held more faith in what I said. I wished what I said could have always been true.

Needless to say, I was surprised when he showed up late that night. He was limping a bit, obviously tired. His clothes were skewed, torn, lopsided; his shades too. His greasy oil black hair was ruffled. He had scratches and red smears all over his narrow face and upper clothing, looking somewhat like blood, but I knew better. He seemed deep in thought; His thin fingers balled into fists and shoved in His pockets, His mouth etched into somewhat of a frown, the single snaggle fang poking out over His lower lip. He raised His head as He approached, His usual grin breaking over Him.

I looked down and chastised myself for staring.

He sauntered over to stand in front of me, His eyes boring into my skull. I made the mistake I always made; I looked at Him. He smirked, tipping his shades to arch a brow at me before He spoke.

"Looks like ya caught me…"

"Looks like it."

He paused for a moment, placing His hand on the trashcan near where my hand rested. If He had moved over a few inches…



"How come yer out 'ere waitin' on me?"

I shrugged. I never knew why I did anything for Him, it just came so naturally to me. I couldn't bring myself to take my eyes off His hand. The next words slipped from my lips before I could think about them.

"Why do yous always leave Ace?"

He was silent. Out of fear I looked up at Him; fear for my life, fear for insulting Him, for loosing my home… for loosing Him. He simply blinked at me, His face stoic for a few moments before a causal grin broke out on His face. He withdrew His hand and snickered at me.

"You wouldn't understand."

Then He went inside, leaving me alone.

A soft hiss escaped me as a sighed and took another cigarette from the pack, lighting it and taking a lengthy, heaving drag. I looked up at the stars, choosing one of the dimmer ones, I blew smoke at it.

"I wish..."

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