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More fluff. This time born of a lighter grade, less aggressive plot bunny. It is a tad on the confusing side, but that adds to the charm (I hope).

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"Hey uh, Snake?" Ace started suddenly "I gotta talk to yah… c'mere."

The serpent in question looked up from his hand and tilted his head. He thought about asking him to wait after the round, but he did like being able to breathe through his nose. Whatever it was, it was probably important. Ace wouldn't ask him to come out if it wasn't. He'd just wait around until he was smoking outside or something and approach him, if not just ambush him at another time.

"I foldsss." He hissed, slithering out of his chair and throwing the cards on the table. He followed his boss out of the shack. The other members of the Gangreen Gang whined and grumbled, ignoring him for the most part. They snatched up his cards and took his chips while he made his way toward his waiting boss. Ace fidgeted, holding the door open and ushering him outside.

Snake expected to be smacked upside the head or get yelled at, but Ace remained silent leading him away from the door. Whatever this was it must have been damned important. Ace was being secretive and quiet, and this rarely bode well for anyone. Without thinking Snake fished out a cigarette and lit up. He froze mid inhale, thinking that this would without a doubt send Ace into fist-throwing tirade about the terrible habit. Instead of that, though, the Gangreen leader shoved his hands in his pockets and mumbled something that sounded oddly like 'go ahead'. Now Snake knew for sure something was off – he wasn't sure what, but it didn't stop that knot of worry balling in his stomach.

Ace led him away a bit further, making no comments about the smoke or what it was exactly he was planning on talking to the serpent about. Snake was trying to remain calm about this situation, but the silence and the way Ace was carrying himself meant something was weighing heavily on his mind. He wasn't sure if it was good or bad yet – for all he knew it could be great news. But it was better to be silent until Ace started to speak.


"Yesss bosss?"

"Look, this ain't gonna be easy…" He quickly amended himself, watching Snake half choke "It ain't nothin bad. I just gotta tell you somethin'."

"I'm listeningsss…"

Snake eyed his leader while finishing off his cigarette. Ace seemed grateful for the time to think – something that bothered Snake a tad more than it should have. Ace was good with words. He could talk his way out of anything or into anything no problem. Something was inhibiting that ability, and Snake felt the knot of worry ball in his stomach again. He stubbed out the butt of the cancer stick and looked expectantly at Ace. The boss Gangreen, noticing the reptile's eyes on him, took a breath and seemed to gather himself before speaking.

"You know I… Whut I mean is… I kinda… I… you know." Ace mumbled lamely, looking in the opposite direction of the serpent.

Snake blinked at him curiously. Normally he was able to decipher Ace's speech but he was being too vague, even for him. Snake decided whatever it was it had to either be a carefully guarded secret Ace had undoubtedly thought he told him already or it was something so absurdly simple it just had to be there. But which was it? What was he supposed to 'know'?

"You… don't know." Ace murmured helplessly, peering at him. "You gotta… C'mon Snake you gotta know-"

"I'm s-sssorryss boss. I dunnosss what yoursss talking aboutsss."


Ace rubbed his face and grimaced. He looked almost… upset. The reptile shifted, checking over his shoulders before he risked moving close enough to his boss to cup his leaders warm face. It made the look on Ace's face soften a bit, but not nearly as much as he liked. Snake began to worry. Was there something really wrong? Was he going away? What as going on? Ace should look this calm and conflicted at the same time. The serpent stuttered nervously, watching Ace reach up to grasp his colder hands.

"Bossss." Snake whispered, trying to keep from shaking "Bosss…. Pleassse tellsss me theressss nothings wrongsss."

"Naw, nothing like that. I…" He swallowed, squeezing the thin fingers "I wanna say what it is but I can't. I dunno- you really don't know?"




"Relax, wouldja." He snapped, yanking Snake closer "I'm tryin ta tell you somefin and yah keep interruptin me!"

"Sorryss bosss"

"Stop apologizing."


Ace grunted and let his head drop, sighing heavily. Snake carefully removed his hands, freeing up Ace's. They immediately rubbed his eyes under his shades, knocking them askew. Snake hissed nervously, giving his boss some space. Ace didn't seem to like this idea. He lurched forward and looped his arms around the skinnier gangster, pulling him towards his chest.

Snake went ridged, turning into a hissing board at the feel of Ace's hands on him. He had expected a hit by now or at least a playful shove. But Ace was hugging him. Tightly. This wasn't normal behavior. Something had to be terribly, terribly wrong. The reptilian chanced a glance up at Ace, only getting an eyeful of greasy black hair and green skin. He couldn't for the life of him understand what the hell was going on.


"Shut up."

That ended that. Could Ace really be doing this just out of the goodness of his heart? No, that was absurd – but what the hell was he doing? Why was he doing this? Could he maybe risk enjoying this? It was warm and Ace rarely ever did this unless he was completely hammered, and even then it was only because he was half passed out.

Snake decided that, whatever Ace was doing, it was worth the later punches to the face or random beatings. He carefully reached up, sliding his hands over Ace's warm chest and around his neck, enjoying the comforting hold. Whatever put Ace in this mood, whatever was making him this nice, whatever it was that he was supposed to know because this was some sort of link – it was not a bad thing. It was something he could see himself getting used to.

"Please tell me you get it now." Ace muttered suddenly, sounding like he was pleading with the skinner Gangreen.

For the record, Snake still had no goddamn idea what Ace was talking about. It was a good thing, that much he had decided. He knew it got him this, and that was good. He wanted more of this. But to do so would be to lie- and he didn't want to lie to Ace. Maybe he did know and the warmth was just messing with him. If he figured it out later, it wouldn't exactly be lying. Ace squeezed him tighter and Snake sighed, pressing into the other gangster. He was pretty sure he knew, somewhere inside his head. He could figure out the specifics later.

For now, he just rested his head on Ace's shoulder and softly hissed: "Yeahsss. I know."

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