Okay people

Okay people! For those of you that have me on you favorites or alerts I am not updating my other stories cause the laptop is still in the death valley and is barely holding on. Message me if you think your laptop has a Trojan on it!

Now if any of you are still reading, Courtney never got sent home. They found out what Harold did and got him out of there before Duncan could kill him. This starts a week after that episode. On to the story!

Meghan grabbed her bag and jumped off the boat onto the island. Her black combat boots made a slight thud as she landed. She grabbed a ponytail holder and rapped her long gold hair up in a sloppy bun. She yanked her sunglasses out of her bag and thrust them on to her face. A snarl was etched on her face and her pale blue eyes were glaring at anything that moved. It was about three in the afternoon and none of the campers were in sight. Meghan flexed her arm muscles and did a few stretches to loosen her leg and back muscled up. She bent down to roll her dark blue jeans up and her t-shirt sleeves. A knee brace is revealed on her right knee and a few scratches are visible on her left arm.

Meghan finally looked up, the snarl still on her peach lips. Walking towards Chris' tent, she stalked away from the white beach.


Duncan and his usual buds were hanging out at the cabin when one of the guy saw Duncan holding a picture of someone. The girl was young but gorgeous! Golden hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and a curved but muscular build; DJ couldn't help but let his mouth drop. "Dude! Courtney is going to kill you when she sees that!"

Duncan stuffed the picture into his stuff and looked past DJ before saying, "It's nothing!"

"You telling me that ain't nothing? Shoot brother! What are you blind?" DJ couldn't help but wave his hand in front of Duncan's face, trying in vain to get a response.

Finally, Duncan got sick of it and saw that it was about time to eat! "Dude can we forget about all this and go eat? Or what ever we are suppose to do with that food Chef cooks."

At the mention of food DJ nodded his head. They walked out of the cabin and towards the mess hall.


Courtney walked into the mess hall and immediately noticed that Duncan was sitting with some new kid. She looked evil or something. Suddenly she looked up from the CD player and her eyes swept the room. Even thought they didn't come to rest on Courtney they still felt like a sweep of danger. Courtney grabbed her food and walked to her table with the other girls for the killer Bass.

"Do you know who that new girl? Why is Duncan sitting with her?" Courtney couldn't help but glare. Then Courtney looked over again and saw that Chef was yelling at the girl.

Chef and Meghan:

"Yo! Little evil girl! You gonna eat or what?"

Meghan turned to look at the man and just cocked an eyebrow before standing up (Shorter than him but still tall) "Are you calling that food? I thought it was what they had on their shoes."

Chef looked ready to explode! "What you just say to me girl?!"

"I didn't know you were deaf and dumb! I'll talk real slow for you. I. AM. NOT. EATTING. THAT. Is that better?"

In an Army voice Chef yelled, "Give me five laps around the island and twenty pull ups from the cliff."

Meghan pulled herself to her full height. In a voice that was large and small at the same time she yelled, "Are you telling me what to do Sergeant! I am the youngest Major in the Army now you give me Five hundred pushup NOW! Drop Sergeant!" Chef's eyes widened and he dropped as Meghan started counting. The other campers just stared but Duncan laughed!

After Chef was done Meghan sent him back to the kitchen and she walked over to Duncan and the others. The scowl was gone and she was smiling.

Duncan turned to the others and smiled will grabbing Meghan in a hug. "Guys, I would like to introduce my younger sister and protégée to you, Meghan Elizabeth. Our parents aren't all that great and she got hurt so they sent her here with me. She is on the killer Basses team now and will be in the girls cabin."

"Hi!" everyone said at the same time.

"What up?"

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