Chris walked to the beach to see some blond, working on something. He walked over, and saw that it was Meghan. "hey, ah what are you doing?"

Meghan shrugged, "I found all these old instruments, and I thought we could have karaoke night or something with a live band." She pointed to the drum set, bass, electric guitar, key board, and regular guitar.

Chris thought for a moment before smiling, "I thing I know what today's challenge is going to be! Thanks Meg. Now do you know who all is a musicians on the teams?"

She looked up at him, "Yeah, Me and Duncan are both able to play all of these instruments. Courtney can play the piano. DJ plays the drums. Geoff is a bass player. Bridgette can play the guitar, I think. Gwen is a key broadest, and Owen can play the drums. That is about it. Why do you want to know Chris? I also have to ask how old you are. Seriously dude." He just looked down on the blond girl before even trying to think of an answer.

"I'm twenty, thank you. As for why I want the information, I just told you that I have an idea about a new challenge."

"Huh, I never would have thought you were that young."

Chris looked miffed at that and just walked off down the beach, as Meghan again began to try to set up the drums, buy one of the stands was bent beyond repair. She looked around for a moment before going into the trees, to see if she could find some pieces of wood that she could set up as the stand that she needed.

Soon, as she ventured further into the forest, she found the pieces of wood that she needed. Though as she turned back to go back to the beach, she heard a snarl from her right, looking over, she saw a wolf looking over at her. "Hi there. Come here, I won't hurt you." She tried to distract it from looking at her like an early dinner. It was making her very uncomfortable. As she began to back up, she heard another snarl from behind her. Looking back she saw that she was completely surrounded by Wolves. I'm gonna die, was the main thought running through her mind.