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A/N: Mistakes are mine. Today is my birthday, and I needed a little Cassidy. So I write this: I Know it's short and Kinda pointless. But this is all I can think of with an hour left of my birthday.

It wasn't Cassidy's father, who made him join little league; even though sometimes he wished it was. It was harder to hate his mother, than his father. His father favored Dick it was obvious, but at least his mother gave him some attention. It started when his mom was scarce around the Casablancas home and big Dick would come home asking where dinner was.

"Where were you?"


"Why isn't dinner on the table?"

"I've been out all day Dick."

"Where have you been then, Betina? You haven't been home for the past month."

"I have to. Your the one never home."

"Fine Betina, but answer me this. Where have you been?"


"Really I thought you where here? Out where?"

"How's it your business?"

"Your my wife."

Cassidy remembered sitting at the top of the stairs with Dick, listening to their parents argue in the kitchen. He remembered all her heard was his breathing. Betina had paused and finally spoke.

"Looking for something for Cassidy to do. He just sits around all day."

"Yeah, alright. What did you find?"

"Little League." She spurted out, and Cassidy choked on air.

He wasn't cordinated enough to play baseball. That would mean he would have to run, and catch, and throw, and hit a ball. He didn't matter how much he pleaded to play soccer, to point how much he couldn't play; his mother wouldn't budge.

So he stood in his foyer three days later, wearing that retched white, blue, and orange uniform. His mother smiled at him, and took him to the field. Cassidy thought nothing of it at the time, but his mother had stayed a few extra minutes after Cassidy was out by the pitcher's mound. He waved to his mom as if to tell her 'I'm fine you can leave.' But she wasn't looking to him.

Betina would take him to practice earlier, and his coach would make him run down the street and around the block. When he came back his mom would be smiling, a rarety from her; and his coach's shirt would be wrinkled. Cassidy didn't know why his shirt was so wrinkled until three weeks after he joined the team. When Coach Goodman first touched him.

It took him three months of begging, to have Dick help convince his parents to let him quit. Once Dick was on his side, Big Dick was a shoe-in and Betina was left with no choice. But still like a normal routine she would get in the car, and one day Cassidy followed her on his bike. She'd still go to the field early and Coach Goodman would be there. He walked over to the car, opened the door and kissed his mother.

Then six months later, his mother left. Cassidy didn't care, not really. He actually hated his mother, for making him join the little league team because she is sleeping with Goodman. So Woody Goodman had gotten into two of the Casablancas' pants.