It was about 10 o'clock at night

It was about 10 o'clock at night. I we were all at my mom and Ella's house when I heard the slightest whisper.

"Max?" I recognized the voice immediately, it was Angel's.

"Yes sweety?" I asked, wondering why she wasn't asleep.

"Well, none of us are asleep… so can we play a game?" There she goes reading my mind again.

"Yeah, I've got a really good idea, but most of my ideas are good, in fact I can't think of an idea that I have that isn't good, can you? Well except for maybe the time when I decided I wanted to become an interior designer and moved all of the furniture in our old house and forgot to tell Iggy…"

"Yeah, not one of your best!" I heard Iggy chime in.

"Hey, it's not my entire fault I just-" I cut Nudge off with a sigh. "What?" she asked.

"So what's your great idea for the game?" As if I didn't already know.

"You guessed it Max!" said Angel sounding excited, "Truth or dare everyone!"

"Yes, my favorite!" said Ella, which she didn't have to 'cause we all knew it anyway.

We all gathered into a circle. I heard Total muttering something about 'something as unsophisticated as this is just embarrassing' I gave a little laugh.

"So who wants to go first?" I asked reluctantly.

"ME ME ME ME ME!!" Nudge screamed as loud as she possibly could.

"Okay Nudge, go ahead." I decided to just let her do it.

"Alright, Gazzy, truth or dare?" she asked with a smile that told me she was up to no good.

"Um… I don't know what to choose…" I couldn't necessarily blame him and after a while he said, "Truth"

"Who's your best friend in the whole wide world?" What he said next, nobody ever imagined…

"Iggy, duh." Just kidding… "Okay my turn, Iggy truth or dare?"

"Dare!" said Iggy with no hesitations.