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Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it! All the dialogue, even, is courtesy of "Death in the Saddle".

Short. Really, really, short. Almost a drabble, even. But I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


It was getting harder by the day to deny the inevitable. Booth had once told her that "everything happens eventually", and that you just had to be ready for it. She knew that "everything" included the moment that she both dreaded and looked forward to, but found it difficult to recall a time she had been less prepared in her life.

"But making love? Making. Love. That's when two people become one."

"It is... scientifically impossible for two objects to occupy the same space."

It was a common, and very wrong, assumption that she didn't realize how he felt about her. As an anthropologist, it was her job to notice the slightest details. She saw the broad smiles, the ones that reached his eyes and seemed to be saved especially for her. His hand, which always seemed to rest on the small of her back, or her arm, and the way he stood defensively next to her at all times. The way that they understood each other without speaking a word baffled her just as much as anyone else. She couldn't think of a way to describe the way they worked except that they just did. All these facts were noted carefully in the recesses of her mind, logically concluding to something more than attraction, and much, much more than "just partners".

"Yeah, but what's important is we try. And when we do it right, we get close."

She often wondered if he knew the effect he had on her, as well. He had to, to be able to taunt her the way he did. To dangle his feelings, the prospect of more for them, in front of her, trying to coax her into being the one to snap. To cross the line.

"To what? Breaking the laws of physics?"

Booth was wrong sometimes. When he was, it thrilled her, gave her a chance to gain the upper hand for awhile, correcting his mistake with a smug expression. This was no different. Just when he seemed sure he had her, she would pull back, refusing to be the one to lose the game that had begun before their partnership.

"Yeah, Bones. A miracle. Those people- role-playing and their fetishes and their little sex games- It's crappy sex. Well, at least compared to the real thing."

But just as often, Booth was right. And that scared her more than anything."


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