Broken- A Rock Lee Love StoryBroken- A Rock Lee Love Story

Chapter 1- Village Hidden in the Leaves

Name: Tsukiko (moonchild) Arakawa

Age: 13

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Indigo

Body Type: Emaciated

Chakra: Gold (lightning type)

Personality: Kind, Honest, Smiles Easily, Soft, Vulnerable, Strong Sense of Justice, Shy, Hopeful, Prone to Panic Attacks, Usually Patient

Village Hidden in the Clouds 11 years previously

A little girl was clawing at the wall trying to find a way out of the blazing shed. Her mother was struggling not to cry and her father was pouring gasoline onto the flames. . . She screamed in agony as the flames licked her back and neck. She fell unconscious and the flames blazed on around her. A boy broke through the wall and reached for the small child. The boy and the girl had the same color of hair. . . . Silver. The man raced back to his village and presented the girl to the village leader, The Hokage of Konohagakure. The wizened man looked at the horribly burnt toddler and sighed

3rd Hokage: Kakashi . . . take the girl and. . . .

Kakashi:. . . .

3rd Hokage: Leave her someplace. . . anyplace

Kakashi: But Master Hokage. . . She's a little girl . . .

3rd Hokage: She's a danger to our village and your mission in the first place was to

lower her chances of realizing her power

Kakashi: How can she be a danger when she's just a baby?!

3rd Hokage: Her chakra is beyond anything we've ever seen and she must be twice as powerful as Naruto Uzumaki. . . .

Kakashi: Why do we have to destroy her?

3rd Hokage: Just leave her somewhere. . . . I am counting on you. . . . but do not kill her. . . .

11 years later

Tsukiko: Hi I'm Tsukiko Arakawa . . . Nice to meet you

Neji: Nice to meet you too I'm Neji Hyuga

Lee: And I'm The Youthful ROCK LEE!

The boy in green gave Tsuki thumbs up. She giggled softly at his grin that was stretched wide and he seemed happy. The other boy seemed too quiet and business-like Tsuki looked behind the boys and saw a girl with two buns on the sides of her face and a small smile. Tsuki smiled back shyly the other girl approached with her hand out.

TenTen: Hi I'm TenTen! Nice to meet you Tsuki!!

Tsuki smiled and remembered the question the boy called Neji had earlier.

Tsuki: Oh you guys are looking for the way back to your village!!

TenTen: Yes please! Can you show us?

Tsuki: Sure. . .Which Village are you from?

Neji: Konohagakure

Tsuki: Oh ok please follow me

Lee: Thank you so very much !!

The four were on their way back to Konoha. . . Tsuki, TenTen, and Lee were talking and laughing the entire trip. Neji remained quiet. As they approached the Village Hidden in the Leaves, they spent one last night about a days walk away from the village. Tsuki and TenTen were sitting on a rock talking about different styles of fighting.

Tsuki: You see a katana is much more effective when it is held this way. See?

TenTen: hmmm I never thought of it like that . . . cool!

Tsuki: Do you want to try?

TenTen: Sure!

TenTen grabbed Tsuki's Razor-sharp Katana and held it as instructed. Tsuki and TenTen began sparring. Before that point Tsuki had won every spar between the three Team Guy members. TenTen was not going to lose again she raised and rushed towards Tsuki. The sword pierced Tsuki almost instantly. Her stomach tissue gave in and blood oozed out of the wound. TenTen screamed, horror-struck Lee and Neji came running in to the scene. Tsuki was on the floor her eyes slowly graying. Blood covered the scene. Lee grabbed the broken girl and started at a blinding sprint to the village. Neji stayed behind to walk TenTen to the village.

TenTen: Oh no . . . Oh no . . . I didn't mean too . . . She just moved in the way I'm so sorry . . . Oh no . . . I just meant to scare her.

Neji: I know TenTen . . . I know

TenTen: Is. . . Is she going to be all right??

Neji: I believe so her heart is still beating.

Konoha half an hour later, The Hokage's Office

Lee: Lady Hokage!!

Tsunade: What is it now Lee?

Tsunade looked up in pure annoyance then saw Tsuki covered in blood. She immediately jumped to her feet and ran over to where Lee had set her down. She got right to work and started applying pressure to the wound.

Tsunade: What happened?!

Lee: TenTen and Tsuki were just sparring and TenTen unintentionally stabbed her in the abdomen.

Tsunade: I see . . . SHIZUNE!

Shizune: Yes my lady?

Tsunade: Get me a bowl of water!

Shizune: Yes my lady!

Shizune ran off to get the water and Tsunade started to bandage the wound but before she could so much as reach the gauze she whirled around and The girl was healed. She even sat up! She looked around with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. . . she turned to look at Tsunade and reddened.

Tsuki: H-Hello there . . .

Tsunade: Uhh . . . Hi . .

Tsunade blinked a few times . . . one minute ago this girl was at death's door and now she was blushing?

Lee: Tsuki?!

Tsuki: Yes Lee?

Tsuki looked around at all the blood on her clothes and on Lee's front . . . She got to her knees and looked at all the blood around Lee.

Tsuki: Lee are you hurt!?

Lee: No! I thought you were Tsuki! Do you not remember TenTen unintentionally stabbing you?

Tsuki: No not really I remember falling but that's about it. . . . I'm sorry I probably should have told you how fast I heal . . . .

Tsunade: Tsuki . . . Which village are you from?

Tsuki: I don't know I've been drifting since I was small . . . . I don't have a village really.

Lee: Lady Tsunade! Maybe Tsuki can stay here with us in our village . . . she has been so kind to us and even showed us the way when we were lost! Surely she MUST be a good ninja!

Tsunade: I don't know Lee . . . . We don't even know if she's a rogue ninja or just another drifter. . . .

Lee had the cutest puppy dog face he closed up on Tsunade practically on his knees

Lee: Please Lady Hokage!! I will keep her under surveillance she has nowhere else to go

Tsunade: All right Lee . . . but keep a close eye on her. . . Where are Neji and TenTen I need to speak with them?

Lee: TenTen was in a state of shock so Neji was going to walk her back. I believed Tsukiko was going to die so I carried her here.

Tsuki: I'm right here. . . . .

Tsunade: Oh right. . . well it's really late so get off to bed I'll talk to you two in the morning.

Tsuki and Lee began to walk out the door Lee was grinning to himself and Tsuki was feeling really nervous. . . The village leader wanted to have her watched. . . Tsuki couldn't remember doing anything bad . . . . so why was she being watched?

Lee: Tsuki do you want to stay at my house for the night?

Tsuki: Ok where do you live?

Lee smiled and grabbed her hand leading her further into the village. Tsuki looked down and blushed frantically . . .

Tsuki (his hand is so warm . . .)

Lee: (She is so cute when she blushes!)

Lee grinned happily at her and opened his door. The house was diminutive and stifling but it was nice. Lee led her over to a small bed and urged her to sit down.

Lee: You can sleep on the bed I will sleep on the floor. Goodnight Tsuki I hope you sleep well -

Tsuki: Good . . . . night Lee

Tsuki fell asleep instantly and immediately immersed into a dream.

The Dream

Clawing at the wood. . . can't get out can't get out

Help someone . . . .


Father? A boy with blue eyes

Safe . . . . Finally . . . .

Konoha 5:00 AM

Tsuki woke up in Lee's arms he was sitting there holding her. His black eyes filled with worry. He immediately dropped her and pretended like nothing happened. He realized he dropped her and helped her back up.

Tsuki: Oww . . . .

Lee: You were having a nightmare and I am sorry. I was worried and you looked so sick.

Tsuki: hmmm it's ok I was a little startled that's all

Lee: Tsuki is it all right if I show you around the village today?

Tsuki: Ok!

Tsuki's stomach growled a little and Lee laughed. He had such an easy laugh . . . He went into the small kitchen and Tsuki followed him she sat at the table and nearly fell back asleep. Lee shook you and looked kind of sad.

Tsuki: Why are you sad??

Lee: I burnt the toast . . . I am so sorry please forgive me Tsuki!

Tsuki laughed and got up Lee looked confused.

Tsuki: It's okay It's just toast. . . . Although I do feel bad for the toaster . . .

It was Lee's turn to laugh again. . . .

Lee took Tsuki into the village and took the liberty of showing her around and introducing her to everyone. Tsuki took a particular liking to Hinata and Kiba laughing and occasionally joking with them. Hinata was predominantly fun to tease because she seldom realized it. For a few weeks Tsuki had to go through extensive training so that she could become a ninja . . . most people said that it would take her years to catch up with the other genin in the village. It only took her 14 days. The Hokage was very ill at ease with such rapid progress with a girl who had no prior training. She eventually put it in the back of her mind when she realized that as fast as the girl was learning she was also making quite a few friends. Lee seemed especially fond of her and that Shino Abarame for that matter too. Maybe Shino was just intrigued because she was new to the village. Tsuki depleted most of her time with Lee, as she DID live with him and he was the first person she met from the village. Lady Tsunade sat back at her desk and stared back at the reports she had 3 Chunin looking after her and they all said she was a nice respectable girl . . . It settled it. Tsuki would become a Hidden Leaf Ninja. The only problem was , which team would she be put on . . . they were all filled . . . Just at that instant Lee, TenTen, Neji, and Tsuki practically broke down the door.


For one year you had been the fifth member of Team Guy. It had only taken an hour of you, Lee, and TenTen's begging to let you be a Hidden Leaf Ninja. Neji kind of asked but he didn't really beg. Tsuki had begun to grow her hair out it was about waist length and always in a ponytail or braids. Tsuki was in the village with Lee trying to find TenTen a 14th birthday present.

Tsuki: this is. . . . nice?

She held up a small carving of a weird animal that she didn't really know.

Lee: You do not like it do you?

Tsuki: I think maybe we should get her a blade sharpener for her shuriken . . . .

Lee: That may be a good idea

Tsuki: Umm excuse me can we see the blade sharpener again?

Vendor: Yes one moment

The vendor disappeared under the counter and Lee sighed. Tsuki raised her eyebrows and looked over at him. They were nearly the same height when they had met now he was 4 inches taller. His eyebrows were furrowed and he was thinking hard.

Tsuki: Lee are you okay?

Lee: yes do not worry about me.

Tsuki: hmm . . . .

Tsuki and Lee paid for the sharpener and wrapped it up in pretty blue wrapping. He was thinking hard about something. They walked slowly towards the training grounds . . . Lee suddenly turned around and looked like he was about to say something but he closed his mouth and turned away blushing. Tsuki laughed a little and poked his shoulder.

Tsuki: What is it Lee?

Lee: oh it is nothing do not worry about it. . . .

Lee and Tsuki approached their house, yes Tsuki never really moved out and they just grew accustomed with the bed/couch trade off. Lee got the couch some nights and Tsuki got the couch other nights. It worked . . . kind of Lee was so nice he gave Tsuki the bed if she was too tired. . . It wasn't really her idea he just kind of picked her up and carried her to the bed.

Tsuki: Lee I'm gonna go to TenTen's house to help her get dressed and stuff. . . . I'll see you there okay?

Lee: okay . . . bye Tsuki!

Lee Waved and Tsuki walked out the front door with TenTen's present tucked under her arms. The door closed and Lee stood there with a sad smile on his face.

Lee: I love you . . .

Lee had developed feelings for Tsuki in the past year that he had known her. Tsuki had no clue she was oblivious to everything romantic he did.

Tsuki's POV

I was walking to TenTen's house when she nearly suffocated me to death.

TenTen: TSUKI!! C'mon let's get inside!! None of the boys have arrived yet and we're giving Hinata a makeover!!

Tsuki: Poor Hinata!!

TenTen: Well her fault she arrived first!

Tsuki rolled her eyes and walked in Hinata was strapped to a chair her eyes pleading for a way to escape. TenTen and Ino had done the unthinkable . . . . Lipstick.

Hinata: Tsuki . . . . Please . . . . Help me

Tsuki: Oh . . . Hinata I'm sorry . . .

Tsuki chuckled to herself , Hinata looked mortified, she did also look pretty but that was besides the point. Hinata struggled against the ropes, which were a bit much considering. TenTen, Sakura, and Ino suddenly gave Tsuki a strange look. Tsuki began to back away. She backed into Hinata's chair and stumbled. Hinata squeaked and Tsuki began looking for an escape route. TenTen held her weapon high in the air and Sakura tied her with chakra strings. Tsuki stared up in horror and let out a long mortified scream.

Lee's POV

I heard Tsuki scream from inside Tenten's house. I immediately started running what else could I do? I hope the girls were alright.

3rd person POV


TenTen: Hehehe!!

The door practically exploded and Lee came flying in ready for combat. He looked around and his eyes fell on Tsuki he immediately began to laugh. Tsuki was sitting strapped to the chair. Her hair was down and she had . . . . Make-up. Tsuki really wasn't all that concerned with her physical appearance so it was kind of funny when Lee walked in. Her head hung down in defeat and her eyes were searching for an escape. Sakura untied her and Hinata, Hinata just looked plain terrified.

Hinata: Can I please . . . . go wash off the make-up ?

TenTen: Nope!

Tsuki was trying to fight back a heavy blush; Lee kept glancing at her with the same pained trying to fight the blush look. Sakura just laughed at the sight of them. TenTen was struggling to keep Hinata out of the bathroom. Ino was fixing her hair when Shikamaru and Choji arrived. Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at Lee who was fighting with himself to not look at Tsuki. Choji just went over to give TenTen her present.

TenTen: Ch-oji . . . just . . . . PUT IT ON THE COUCH!!

Hinata: Help!

Soon after all of the guests had arrived TenTen sat everyone down in the living room and had locked all of the doors except for one . . . the closet. She put a bottle in the center of the semi oval circle. A few people realized what was going and were trying to excuse themselves to the bathroom or the kitchen (Choji) or even to go home. TenTen just stood there and denied everyone, often putting on a puppy dog face that no one could resist.

TenTen: Ok umm Sakura you spin first!

Sakura: Ok!

Sakura spun first and the bottle rotated in 5 full circles before finally stopping and landing on Neji. TenTen got a minor injured look on her face but opened the closet door for them. Seven minutes later TenTen opened the door and they walked out Sakura was blushing and Neji just had a poker face and didn't say anything. TenTen gave the bottle to Neji and he took it and laid it gently on the floor. He began to spin it it spun 4 rotations before landing on TenTen. Her eyes lit up immediately and they spent the next cough "seven minutes" in the closet. Tsuki gave them an extra 5 minutes because it was Tenten's birthday. Finally after TenTen got over her 4-minute aftershock she handed the bottle to Tsuki. Tsuki glanced over at Lee and spun the bottle . . . It landed on Shino

Shino: . . . .

Tsuki: ok . . . then

Shino walked over slowly to the closet and Tsuki followed shyly. The door closed behind them and Lee looked like he was about to cry. Tsuki barely had time to take a breath when she was pushed against the wall. Her eyes opened in surprise as Shino ran his hand slowly and gently through her hair.

Shino: Are you afraid?

Tsuki: Honestly?

Shino: Yes

Tsuki: I'm about to wet myself.

Shino chuckled and leaned forward a little brushing his lips on her hers. Tsuki's heart was freaking out her eyes widened. She averted her face so the full impact of the kiss struck her cheek.

Tsuki: I'm sorry Shino . . . I'm saving my first kiss for someone special . . . and I don't know you that well . . . . I'm sorry

Shino: I understand

Shino instantaneously unconstrained her and sat down on the other end of the closet. Tsuki took a few breaths her heart was still going to fast. after a few minutes Shino sighed.

Shino: Your heartbeat is going too fast . . . . Are you all right?

Tsuki: I think so.

Shino: Do you know this "special person" yet?

Tsuki: Yeah. . but I don't think he thinks the same about me.

Shino: Just remain as . . . youthful . . . and he definitely will.

Tsuki: how do you . . . .?

Shino: Heheheh it's kind of obvious

Tsuki: hmmm . . .

Shino: Green . . . is a . . . nice color

Tsuki: Yeah.


Lee: It has been 7 minutes . . .

Hinata: Just wait a few more . . .

Hinata knew Shino liked Tsuki so she wanted to give him enough time to make his feelings clear.

Lee: Oh!

Lee left abruptly, and nobody went after him. No one really realized that he liked Tsuki also but then again not a lot of people paid that much attention to him in the first place.

TenTen: We'll wait a few more minutes.

Inside the Closet

Shino: Tsuki is there any chance for me?

Tsuki: I don't know . . . Life works in weird ways.

Shino chuckled again. He then kneeled over to where Tsuki was sitting again and he touched his lips against her cheek softly.

Shino: Just in case I never get another chance to do this. . .

He kissed her hand and sat down again. Tsuki blushed furiously she took a deep intake of breath and began to speak.

Tsuki: Shino why do you like me I mean I'm not even that likeable. Infact the first night I was here the Hokage was having me watched to make sure I wasn't going to hurt people!

Shino: You have a kind spirit . . . and my bugs do not gross you out.

Tsuki: Well I actually think they're kind of cute!

Shino: Hmm . . . . well Lee is a lucky boy. . . . and I'm pretty sure he likes you the same way. . . he looks at you the same way I do.

Tsuki: Well I wouldn't know that because you're face is always covered up. . . and it's even too dark now to see it. . . what color are you're eyes Shino?

Shino: Brown . . . .

Tsuki: Really? Hmm. . . Will you show me sometime?

Shino: Only if you promise . . .

Tsuki: Promise what?

Shino: Not to tell anyone what color they are. . . I want to keep people guessing.

Tsuki laughed and nodded. That's when the door opened slowly. Tsuki and Shino walked out slowly. . . they had been in their longer than 7 minutes that was for sure but why? Hinata smiled and gave Shino a questioning look. He shook his head slowly and looked down for a minute. Hinata got a sad look and no on except Tsuki and TenTen noticed this exchange. Tsuki looked around and realized who wasn't there.

Tsuki: Where's Lee?

TenTen: When you went in the closet he disappeared . . . I don't know where he went.

Sakura: Huh? Lee left?

Tsuki ran out of the door and called his name. He wasn't there! He wasn't anywhere! Tsuki ran to the gates to the Hokage's office and even to their house he wasn't to be found. Tsuki settled high in a tree and began to feel tears on her cheek. She stood up on the branch and shouted his name one last time. She felt miserable if what Shino said WAS true Lee was probably somewhere deeply hurt. She began to cry herself to sleep . . . she really didn't mean to but she fell asleep on the branch 60ft in the sky.

Lee's POV

I heard Tsuki call out my name but I didn't go find her. She probably wanted to tell me how much she liked Shino. Another girl I liked falling in love with another man. I will find a way to win her heart. I went to go find her; she was asleep in a tree I climbed up to get her down. She had tearstains on her cheek and she was mumbling something in her sleep. I picked her up and held her in arms just like I did the first night she came.

Tsuki: I. . . am . . . so . . .

Lee: Whaa?!

Tsuki: sorry

I'd forgotten she was asleep and thought she had woken up. My eyes focused on her lips, Her perfect lips that looked so soft. I heard a crack. The branch was beginning to break! The way I was sitting didn't allow me to get up and we were basically trapped. I heard a shout from the ground. Shino was standing there looking up.

Shino: Throw her to me!!

Lee: Do NOT Drop her!

Lee hesitated for a moment but he dropped her. Shino caught her and Lee had the mobility to jump down. Lee gave Shino a guilty look.

Lee: I am truly sorry . . . I-

Shino: You put her in danger.

Lee: I know I am a fool . . . .

Shino: She could have died.

Tsuki: ungh . . .

Shino: She likes you a lot.

Lee: She does?

Shino: Sadly yes. . . more than she'll ever like me, because she likes you so much . . . you take her she'll probably be more comfortable waking up in your arms than in mine.

Shino handed her tenderly to Lee. . . she sighed in her sleep. Lee smiled softly at her and Shino began to walk away.

Lee: Thank you . . . We probably would have died or I would have. . .

Shino: I didn't do it for you . . .

He walked off into the setting sun leaving Lee embracing Tsuki, dead to the world, in his arms. She cuddled unknowing into his chest Lee took a deep breath and stared at her pearlescent tresses.

Lee: I . . . Love you

Tsuki: hmmm . . . .

It started to rain, it rained softly at first and then it started torrenting. Tsuki, abruptly jolted awake. She forced herself out of Lee's arms and fell in the mud. Lee chortled and helped her up. Tsuki had a upset bewildered look on her face she started to cry.

Lee: What is wrong Tsuki!?

Tsuki: I was having such a good dream . . .

Lee: What was it about?

Tsuki: hmmm

Tsuki looked in Lee's child-like eyes and innocent smile . . . .

Tsuki: Never mind . . .. I . . . Forgot?

Lee: I wish you would tell me . . . but if you feel awkward then you do not have to.

Tsuki: Hmm . . . I had a dream that we were . . . . .never mind. . . .

Lee: What is it?

Tsuki: Lee if I tell you something will you freak out?

Lee: No

Tsuki: I kind of . . .

Hinata: Tsuki . . . Lady Hokage needs you right away she says your father is here. . .

Tsuki: My Father 0.0??

Tsuki stared in wide-eyed disbelief. She had a Father?? Well biologically everyone had a father. She had been told that her parents . . . died. The old woman, Granny, who took care of her for 4 years, said they had abandoned her on her doorstep when she was two. Granny had died when she was 6. Leaving her scared and alone for the second time in her life. Now her father was here? What did that mean?? Tsuki broke off into a dead run towards to the Hokage's office. She reached the door and. . . . . .

End of Chapter 1- Village Hidden in the Leaves