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The situation was clearly one-sided. Jashin's race, the Super-Paleolithics, had the superior minds and technology- but Hyperion and the Kyo'akks were stubborn, and they would not back down. There was only room for one civilization to colonize the planet Earth, it seemed… but if the two races went to war, there could very well be none left when it was over.

Just when it seemed all hope for a peaceful resolution was lost, Jashin offered a surprising compromise.

"Emperor Hyperion… you know that the results of a war between us would be disastrous," he said. "This is our offer…"

Appearing between the two rival rulers was the image of a far-off, oddly looped galaxy.

"The Dark String… This will be your domain, Hyperion," Jashin intoned. "Do with it what you will, and never seek the green Earth again."

Hyperion scoffed at this. "What sort of offer is this? We know nothing of this Dark String, while you have investigated the Earth more than we have. Simply because you found the secrets of Ganga radiation…"

"As our end of the bargain," Jashin continued, paying no heed to Hyperion's objections, "we shall seal ourselves as well within this planet. Neither of us shall look upon its surface and be tempted to fight for it again. It shall be left to nature, to develop in its own way."

"But of course you realize," Hyperion said with a sneer, "as far away as that, we may easily build an army strong enough to defeat yours."

"Without Gekiganium and Ganga radiation, found only on this planet, you shall never defeat us," Jashin said. "We will monitor the Earth, and if we find Kyo'akk meddling we shall strike fiercely. Our greatest technology will be passed on… Do not forget that. Now go with all speed to the Dark String! Leave the planet Earth, Kyo'akks!"

With a wave of his arm, Jashin summoned a great black vortex that swirled around Hyperion and the Kyo'akks. "We will return, Jashin!" Hyperion roared as they were pulled in.

"We will be ready," replied Jashin.

Thus, the conflict between the two great civilizations of Earth ended. However, several million years later something happened that neither side could have predicted- a third great civilization emerged to control the world… the human race. But the remnants of the Super-Paleolithic civilization, and the secrets of Gekiganium and Ganga radiation, were buried too deeply for humans to uncover… or so it appeared.

Nekketsu Robo – Gekiganger 3