"The surface is so cold and worthless," he touches a metallic finger to his chest, "all the things that I have still come from there." he stands tall over her, his face showing traces of bitterness. "So paint the windows in front of my face, when you know damn well there's no one behind them."

Raven stares at him, her hood pulled over her face so her expression cannot be read. He thinks that makes her seem like a child, hiding behind her hood, so she can figure things out. It makes her seem so self-conscious. Cyborg knows that is what she is doing now, he can see it in her eyes, she is trying to make sense of what he just said, what he just told her, before she speaks. He knows that cold, calculating look of her eyes. He is not surprised when she simply turns on her heel and leaves the room.

He still should explain.


"I suppose I've accepted that this is how I'm going to be from now on," Cyborg lets a sigh escape his lips. "It doesn't mean I like it or still don't wish..." he trails off.

"Wishing never changes anything." Raven speaks, finally.

"God, I know," he says, her words sharp and stinging to him.

Cyborg reaches out to pull down her hood, revealing short-cropped hair and large, dark eyes. He leans in and rests his forehead against her own for a second, then tilts his head to the side and kisses her. He knows that she most likely will not reciprocate the kiss, but to his surprise, this time she does. The kiss is emotionless, however.

"I want to help you feel normal." Raven says shortly, unfastening her cloak and laying it off to the side.

Cyborg kisses her again, placing his hand on her back and guiding her towards him.


"I wish your body was not so warm to me... I wish your body was not so warm to me, just so you know." Cyborg says quietly in her ear.

The feeling of her heat stealing through him reminds him of what it felt like to be fully human, releasing a flood of emotions he is not prepared for. Surely, Raven must be able to sense it. She must be able to sense it all, so why does she not say anything? Cyborg closes his eye for a moment and when he looks down at Raven, she is looking up at him, her pale lips slightly parted in a questioning way.

"And I'd kill to taste what it must be like, 'cause it's every one of my empty parts that you fill, now." Cyborg says, bending his head down to rest against hers.

Raven pulls away, away from him and away from the bed. She slowly gets dressed as Cyborg stands up. There is a heavy silence between them, suffocating and thick.

"Maybe, it's all for the better, now." Raven says, pulling her hood over her head again, to calculate what cryptic thing he will say next.

"Maybe things don't all make sense," Cyborg replies, watching her eyes sweep over him.

Pause, silence, another moment dropped off, left behind and laying still.

"You won't see me," Cyborg says slowly.

"I can't see you." Raven says. "I can't understand."

"And all it was was something..." Cyborg sighs softly as he leaves the room.

"Was something beautiful..." Raven turns and places a hand over her mouth. "When tides and dreams don't seem so tall at all."


Just So You Know by American Head Charge. Not meant to be too in character, or to be too serious. Just to get the damn idea out of my head. Lyrics are the italic stuff, duh.