Benign Smiles

Benign Smiles

"He's a benign alien, you know," Tosh said, placing a reassuring hand on Ianto's arm.

"Tumors are benign, too, but that doesn't mean anyone wants to find out they're hanging around," Ianto said, sending a sharp look at the Doctor's back. He was standing much too close to Jack, in his opinion.

Not in Jack's, obviously. Despite the fact that the alien had called him wrong; there were many things that were wrong with Jack, but nothing was wrong with Jack himself. Especially nothing wrong enough to leave him behind with only the dead for company.

It was Jack's right as the wronged party to forgive the Doctor; it was Ianto's prerogative as Jack's lover to never forget the hurt the alien had caused Jack.

Just as a melancholy haze began to settle around Ianto's angry thoughts, Jack's gaze met his, and he smiled. A small, happy smile, not huge and extravagant like the ones he usually gave to all and sundry, but a real one that he only ever let Ianto see. One that always sent warm, fuzzy feelings fizzing around Ianto's heart with happiness.

Ianto decided maybe it was alright for the Doctor to visit, if it made Jack smile like that.

At him.