By RshortyR

Once upon a time in a land of magical creatures and people, there lived a handsome lord, he was a man kind to his family and his only love now in this world was his dear little son Draco, he was young only three when his mother passed away and together and in silence we grieved…but that was two years ago and Draconis is now five and my son and home are in need of a mother.

I Lucius Malfoy of this manor have remarried a wonderful woman, Katarina; she has two young children herself, a lovely little daughter and a handsome little son, twins.

"Dragon," Lucius called into his son's room as he opened the door "have you dressed yet? Your step mother and siblings are going to be here soon."

"Yes papa," smiled the adorable blond child racing excitedly out of his closet, his shoes unlaced and a few buttons tied in the wrong place "do you think they'll like me? I've always wanted a brover and sister."

Lucius chuckled "they will love you Dragon, now come over here I'll help you finish," Lucius tied his sons shoes and fixed the buttons, "now you look like the little lord you are, come along they should be arriving any second…" as he was speaking horns sounded, the carriage was spotted and was entering the gate.

Scooping up his son he hurried to the door, placed his son down they both walked out as regal as one can look with a tiny boy holding tightly onto his father's hand.

Draco looked up at the carriage, it was his fathers usual black one with silver, but if had been decorated with sweet smelling flowers, the scent tickled his little nose as his eyes opened wide. The carriage door was opened and a little boy his age got out.

He was dressed in dark blue robes and he stood off to the left as his sister came out in a deep red dress with white lacings, she stood to the side as a hand covered with a white lace glove stuck out of the carriage and Draco felt his daddy stand taller, as the coachman helped out a lady as lovely as a picture.

She was dressed in green and white with properly placed black hair and Draco's first reaction of this woman made him uneasy, but refusing to disappoint his father he walked over with them and gave a little bow to his new family, kissing the knuckles of his new step sister and step mother.

During the year Draco's father was becoming extremely sickly, a few months after the new family arrived he stopped going to work and within that week he was bedridden. Draco stayed with his father whenever he could, reading to him from the children's books his daddy had bought him, or singing to him. Every time he sang his daddy smiled.

"Dragon you have the skills of song, just like your mother," smiled Lucius as he looked weakly up at his dear son "I love you, don't ever forget that."

"I love you too daddy, I'll sing forever if you get better," pleaded the small boy.

Lucius coughed weakly, "Dragon do something for, cough, me, go over to the fireplace and find a little bird, cough, push it." Draco did so and a drawer popped out.

"A secret place daddy," smiled the boy.

"And forever it will be our secret," Lucius smiled back, "promise to never tell anyone?"

"I promise daddy," agreed Draco lightly closing the hidden drawer and returning to his daddy's bedside.

Not long after the nursemaid and his step mother came in. His step mother stayed while the nursemaid ushered him out.

"I love you daddy," whispered Draco hugging the swiftly weakening man.

"I love you too Dragon," Strong wheezing shook his body and not two seconds later did he fall limp, Lord Lucius Malfoy had died with his only son in his arms…and with his death brought silent torment for Draco.