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Draco had finally found the perfect hiding spot, it looked like the room hadn't been using in years, it looked comfortable though, chairs and couches, a desk and even some blankets. It must have been a students private study, a wave of the wand cleared the dust away and Draco curled up in a chair, half facing the door and away in the shadows so if he decided to remain still he would go unnoticed. It was perfect for a two day hide.

Food he didn't have to worry about, he had gone longer then two days without it. Unshrinking his trunk he pulled out a book and began to read, it would help him keep his mind off his breaking heart.

Sirius knew where the boy was and began following the map; his heart gave out to his little cousin. James could be freighting at times and the guards didn't help that. After Harry had made his announcement he slipped away, Draco had wandered deep into the dungeons and Sirius made no effort to move quickly, he seemed settled with no one around.

Reaching the door he knew would be locked he wondered if he should move quickly or knock. Deciding after a few minutes for middle ground he unlocked the door and opened it slowly. If it wasn't for the map Sirius wouldn't have seen the boy perched in the corner chair wrapped in a blanket.

"Draco I know you're in here," Sirius called out "I just want to talk? Come out."

No movement and he glanced at the map again, still on the chair "I see you over in the corner, come on out. Are you alright?"

Draco then unwrapped the blanket and Sirius was almost sure he had appeared from nowhere "how did you know I was here?"

"I know this place;" Sirius lied "are you alright?"

"I'm fine and would like to be left alone," Draco stated.

"Are you sure you don't want to come out and see Harry? Or your godfather? Or your mother?" asked Sirius.

"Katarina is my STEP-mother," corrected Draco and allowed himself to reveal an emphasis of hatred.

"Are you coming out?" asked Sirius.

"No," answered Draco "Are you going to tell anyone I'm here?"

"Not if you promise me that you'll be okay here," asked Sirius.

"I promise I'll be fine," replied Draco and felt fairly confidant that his cousin was going to keep him a secret.

"Then I'll be silent," replied Sirius "how long do you plan on staying here?" as he rose to leave and felt a shiver go down his spine, he knew the young Malfoy had placed up secrecy charms, he couldn't tell if he wanted to.

"Two days and I appreciate it," replied Draco curling back up and Sirius ceased to see him.

Sirius left he couldn't tell but he did have plans on showing the map to Harry.

Draco waited out his two days and at nine am he rose planning on heading to Gringots and removing the step family from his life forever. As he was uncurling from the blankets the door opened, Severus and Prince Harry were standing there with his sneak of a cousin.

Too late to hide himself again he watched them enter and planned to bolt through the door, a shadow caught his eye and he remind standing, almost positive he was going to be arrested for something.

"I'm really glad I found you," smiled Harry "Dorr… Draco."

Draco blinked for a moment "why?"

"Draco if you'll have me I can think of no one else, your fun and handsome with a quick wit, I've fallen in love with you," Harry's voice was certain of his love but his eyes held a bit of fear.

"My prince I too have loved you from the moment I saw you, but what about the princess? Isn't she your choice?" asked Draco and Harry shook his head.

"I chose you so if you'll have me, Draco marry me," asked Harry taking both of Draco's hands in his.

"I will," Draco flung himself into his arms "I'm sorry I lied, I just…"

"Shhh, it's alright, everything will be fine," assured Harry as they both walked out of Hogwarts hand in hand.

It was a few days later, after Draco had been introduced to the royal family. The queen adored him and the king approved upon word of his breeder status and the wedding was planned that summer. Draco had never had this kind of bliss and had to constantly remind himself that this was real. He was given beautiful apartments done in different shades of greens, black and white, his clothing was soft and luxurious and he never had to lift a finger. Everything was find and dandy except for the last part. He enjoyed doing the little things himself, like dress, pour tea, pick out his clothing, draw his own bath, and going places by himself… the list was just endless. A consort prince had so many privileges and restrictions and he was humiliated when all the high lords and ladies, the grand dukes and duchesses and even the king, queen and prince all stared, some truly mortified when he went to pour his own tea.

So now here he was placed in an etiquette class being trained by the same old man who trained all three royals.

Being a Malfoy and trained even thought usually a slave he knew how to walk, talk, dance, and dine so mostly it was self control to be princely. It confused Draco to no end why would he want to be like Marc, Katarina and Hazel and have people and house elves wait on him hand and foot, his answer it is the way to be royal. Royals must never bother themselves with the little things, they are too important, and there are many more things that need to be addressed then pouring ones own tea.

"So let me get this straight," smirked Draco finding himself in a very courageous mood that day "I am to stand there in my underwear and allow someone else to dress me?"

"Yes sire," replied Reeves the etiquette teacher.

"Do you stand in your underwear and allow yourself to be dressed?"

"No sire I'm am not of good enough blood nor stance to be so privileged," replied Reeves.

"Would you like it?" asked Draco.

"It would be an honour," he replied.

"To be groped and lazy," countered Draco.

"No sire to be privileged,"

"And if I was really keen on my body being seen only by my betrothed how would I be portrayed if I sent them all away?"

"As a common child," replied Reeves and Draco could see the argument going all day and sighed, Reeves smiled seeing the fight won at leased for now and continued the lesson.

Later that day as Draco was having his hair brushed by a pretty serving girl he asked her "do you enjoy waiting on the royals?"

"I do sir," she replied after a silent moment.

"Why?" questioned Draco turning to face her, "be honest I will not tell."

"I get to see such pretty things" and Draco couldn't believe she was this dull witted.

"And how do you feel personally?"

"I don't understand sir," her brown eyes were wide now.

"Are you treated well?" asked Draco.

"Oh yes sir I get three meals a day, a clean bed to sleep in," she replied.

"Are you ever overworked? Hungry? Beaten? Bossed around to the point you just want to curl up and die?" asked Draco his mind wandering.

"Sir you're scaring me," replied the frightened girl.

"It's alright," smiled Draco "please answer truthfully."

"Sometimes I work long days, but that's usually when there are parties or something going on, I'm never hungry there is always so much to eat, I've been smacked a few times but it didn't really hurt, and I've never wanted to die sir," she replied her eyes shining with honesty.

"Thank you…" he looked at her.

"Anna," she replied.

"Anna," repeated Draco "you can go if you want." She left walking calmly, Draco was thankful she didn't run, the last thing he wanted to do was scare her. So life at the castle was great for her but Draco planned to spend his now hours of free time questioning guards and servants. Well in between his duelling class, one hour a day and his one hour etiquette class, this was obviously loathed.

Rising from his chair he waved away the personal serving girl and grabbed his own cloak, trying desperately to avoid his guard, but after his several disappearing acts at Hogwarts he was given an elite guard from the kings own bodyguard.

Jasper was his name and Draco learned his name swiftly, ducking around a corner he managed twenty paces down the hall before he was spotted.

"Sire you should stop sneaking like that you'll earn a terrible reputation." He chuckled.

Draco sighed and looked up at him suddenly a taken back at the statement he read through oclumency, 'no wonder the prince loves him, such innocently beautiful eyes'.

"Can't I just be alone," asked Draco sadly, then louder he asked where Harry was.

"In his study reading over some documents for his father," Jasper replied.

"Can I see him?"

"He shouldn't be disturbed,"

Draco's eyes steeled and he felt the guard brace himself for a fit, "I need to speak with him."

"Very well then sire, if you'll foll…"

"I know the way," Draco practically growled as he took the lead well aware of Jasper behind him, knocking on the door he received a curt 'enter.'

"Draco!" exclaimed Harry surprised to see his betrothed "is everything alright?"

Draco flashed his eyes up at Jasper who took the hint and shut the door behind him giving the young couple complete privacy "No my prince,"

"Harry," he interrupted "you can call me Harry, I keep saying that."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt I just can't take it anymore," Draco's voice dripped with sadness.

"What do you mean?" asked Harry his heart sinking.

"I can't take all these rules, I can't dress myself, and I can't make my own tea, draw my own bath! I don't like it, I like freedom. I like being able to be myself not watched and instantly obeyed. I'm not that kind of person. Forgive me but if this is how I'm supposed to live I don't think I can do it, you made the wrong choice, I love you but I can't," tears started to roll down his perfect porcelain skin and Harry moved over to embrace his beloved.

"Draco I know you're a very different person from the people around me, no royal that's for sure but simple and good. This is the reason I fell in love with you," smiled Harry wiping the tears away from his eyes, "I love you and if I have to restructure the entire royal way of life to make you happy by the goddess I'll do it. So for starters I'll order the dresser to lay off, and if it means so much you can pour your own tea, milk and sugar lumps, you don't have to scare the wits out of me by saying that your leaving, I'm here for you Draco to listen, to help, to love you and I do love you," Harry kissed the last tear away and was suddenly on his back as Draco flung himself at him in a strong embrace.

"Oh Harry you've made me so happy, I feel like I'm in a dream, everything is perfect," tears started again.

"Draco don't be upset," replied a once again worried Harry.

"These are happy tears, I've never had someone be so kind to me," as Draco curled into his arms Harry began to think, all be did was agree to change some rules and said he loved him, surly there had been other people.

"Draco how many people have said I love you," asked Harry.

"A few," replied Draco "but you and Sev matter most," he then leaned forward and kissed him; Harry's mind flew off the topic and settled completely on the delicious blond in his arms.

The too broke away for air after a long snog and Draco smiled; Harry felt his heart melting as he looked at the perfect blond in his arms. But something told him that behind all the smiles and bright eyes that there was something bothering him.

"Draco, I love you…" Harry smiled back "I'm supposed to do these documents for father but they can wait. What do you want to do today?"

Draco looked thoughtful for a moment, "I don't want to get you in trouble."

"I promise I won't," assured Harry "anything on your mind at all?"

"Well I do need to go to Gringots and sign some papers for my family inheritance," replied Draco.

"Then we'll go, and have a nice private dinner after," Draco kissed him again before getting off his lap and holding out his hand to help Harry off the floor.

"It's a date," Draco grinned as Harry took his offered hand.

Harry's guards along with Draco's were gathered and the six made their way to Diagon Alley, Gringots was busy and the press ever a buzz. They snapped thousands of pictures of the royal couple before they entered the great doors of the bank, the goblins and guards shutting them out.

"What can we do for you today highness's?" asked the goblin placing aside all other work.

"I need to discuss my inheritance," replied Draco "may we speak?"

"Of course, if you'll just follow me to the office," replied the goblin leading the couple to the interworking of the goblin bank.

Once placed in a small office with a goblin before them did he speak, "ah Mr. Malfoy I have your documents here, according to this you are the sole controller of the Malfoy fortunes and estate."

"I am aware and would like to look over the figures since my father's death," replied Draco suddenly breaking free of his shyness and taking control.

Hundreds of sheets were handed over and the goblin said he would return in a few hours.

"Draco love what are you looking for?" asked Harry watching his tiny blond pour over the papers making his own notes.

"For how much my family spent, hidden accounts, homes and valuable possessions," replied Draco blankly.


"To make sure that they are thrown out into the streets without a Knut," replied Draco making a few more notes.

"They are your family," replied Harry obliviously confused.

"And I Hate them," his voice taking on a tone of venom.

Harry blinked in surprise, "Why? What did they do?"

"What didn't they," snapped Draco turning a fierce glare on his fiancé, then flinching his eyes soft again "I'm sorry," the last two words came out a whimper.

Harry was quite disturbed now; his calm, quiet love had acted violently before suddenly returning to the doe eyed submissive he loved.

"It's alright Draco, do you want me to leave for awhile while you look over the papers?" asked Harry keeping his voice calm.

"Its up to you Harry," replied Draco "I know you get bored when forced to sit idle, I'm sorry you felt the need to come, I shouldn't have pulled you away from your own work."

Harry sighed "it was boring anyway, I'm going to visit the Weasley twins shop, and then maybe honey dukes want anything?"

Draco's eyes sparkled at the thought of a treat; he was so usually denied them "Chocolate!"

Harry smiled and kissed his love "alright I'll bring you back some."

"Thank you," smiled Draco kissing him back, as soon as the door was shut he turned back to the papers and began working full force.

Note were made and Draco frowned, six pages of large unnecessary spending, four homes, and endless jewellery and gowns, as well as half a dozen first class trips. It was disgusting the money they would spend on themselves and deny him bread and water! Draco was saddened and angry as he pulled his legs to himself unwilling to cry.

"Sire is everything alright? Asked Jasper and Draco flinched violently pulling out his wand; he had not known that the demon was inside the office.

"I'm fine," he whispered out his heart beating miles in minutes, quickly he tucked his wand away.

"Are you certain sire?" asked Jasper.

"I promise I will be soon," replied Draco looking up at his concerned guard "do you like working for the royal family?"

"Yes," he replied.


"I can advance in the ranks, prove my worth, I am currently as you know an elite guard and one day hope to be general," Jasper replied.

"Do you even like me? I've evaded you many times, Hogsmead, the castle?" asked Draco curiously.

"I admit you have your frightening moods sire but I do like you," replied Jasper "I'm I permitted to ask a question?"

"You should know me well enough that I don't really care if you do or don't," replied Draco calmly.

"How did you notice and manage to avoid me in Hogsmead? And Hogwarts and the Castle?" asked Jasper.

"I…" started Draco "I really don't know, I saw a flicker of a movement, a shadow and then I run."

"You're remarkably fast for a human boy," replied Jasper thoughtfully.

"I am completely human so do not assume anything, my father years ago told me that I came from the purest of bloodlines, not a creature, muggle born or muggle in it, and for that I am sure," Draco hissed out his eyes glaring "I hold nothing against muggle-born, creatures nor muggles I have never met one whom has harmed me. Infact what I do loath is my blood kind. These pure bloods and their self righteousness. We are nothing more then incestuous humans."

Jasper nodded silently, he had crossed a line with the Consort and watched as the lecture bubbled out of him before he slumped over exhausted and whispered an apology knowing that he could hear.

"I too should ask for forgiveness, I crossed a line my prince," replied Jasper and received not another lecture, not banishment or even a hit, but tears filling the young Consort prince's eyes.

He flinched when he met them, "please don't hurt me I'm sorry I shouldn't have been cross."

Stunned Jasper did the only thing he knew he held the sobbing boy, "we have both been un-thoughtful, and I will forgive you if you forgive me?"

Draco nodded "please."

"Of Course," replied Jasper standing back up and going to his place by the wall just as the goblin walked in.

Draco and the goblin talked long into the day, Draco had successfully locked them out of his will and any claim to money, their properties including the dowry that Katarina brought into the marriage we repossessed and Draco wanted them put up on the market for the vast amount of gold they spent. The secret accounts were also located and emptied into ones bearing Draco's name and all the jewels were taken into custody as well. The day had been long and the goblin tired now, but Draco was fired up. He wanted six fully armed guards to escort him to Malfoy Manor and watch as they each packed one basic bag and left his life forever. He was Slytherin and after waiting for his power all these years he was finally going to watch them get what they deserved. He couldn't hide the malicious grin as Jasper went to gather Harry and collect the guards. His day had arrived.

Harry arrived back at the bank, carrying a magicked bag filled with hundreds of items, smiling he handing Draco a chocolate frog, causing the grin to grow.

"Everything's settled," replied Draco taking a small savouring bite of the chocolate before putting it away again for later.

"Excellent ready for dinner?" asked Harry then taking in the sight of six armed guards, "Draco what's going on?"

"I hope you don't mind," smiled Draco softly, his words worried and rushed.

"No but what's going on?"

"I want my relatives out tonight, so I was going to ask if you wanted to come with me and help me get them out."

"Sure love," replied Harry wondering what Draco and the goblin had talked about.

The group apparated to the edge of Malfoy manor and Katarina greeted them with a smile on her face; Draco was pleased she was scared.

"My Prince, darling Draco what do I owe the honour," she curtsied.

"By order of inheritance I decree that these lands and all lands bearing the Malfoy name are hereby seized from your grasp, and that the title lady Malfoy be striped from your rights, by decree of Lord Draconis Malfoy," said Draco his voice wavering by the end, and not by his own choice. He then pulled in closely to Harry looking up at Jasper who knew all Draco wished to do.

"Lord Malfoy, future Consort of the Prince will allow you to pack one bag of your belongings before vacating the premises and lets it be well known that he wishes no further contact from you," finished Jasper and Draco looked at him gratefully, Harry on the other hand felt a bit peeved, his guard knew more about his future husbands wishes then he did, he knew he should have stayed with him.

Draco watched as the woman who should have loved and protect him turned red with rage and then actually started to cry, she was being cast out of all she knew. his heart actually beat a few times for her, but he refused to let it go out to her.

Draco didn't care if he was cast in a dark light, didn't care if they called him heartless or evil. They had no idea about his life, the abuse, the starvation and in Marc's case the touching. Just the thought made him feel dirty.

After inspecting the bags after they were finished, as expected they tried to smuggle valuables out, Draco confiscated them. Hazel was crying along with her mother but Marc just watched him with livid eyes, eyes that promised he would regret everything. Refusing to show weakness Draco didn't curl into Harry like he desperately wanted to.

"So how'd you catch a prince?" Marc said snidely.

"To this day I still don't know," Draco replied honestly "I dressed up like everyone else, went to the ball and proceeded to be myself."

"I bet you fucked him," Marc smirked and Draco drew back a bit "ha you did didn't you? And where did you get those robes? Fucked someone to get them too?"

"I've never slept with anyone," Draco whispered it was the only way to keep his voice steady, he felt sick, Harry would hate me if he kept talking like this, I'm dirty.

"You're a dirty liar, all the Slytherins know you've been sleeping with Snape for years, you spend hours and even nights in his room, and Blaise said you gave him head, among other people," smirked Marc.

"All filthy lies and accusations, Severus is my godfather, I don't love him like a lover, he was the ones who gave me the robes, they were my mothers old ones I fixed them up so I could wear them," Draco screamed at Marc but one look from Katarina and he backed right down, Draco was terrified, the last time he yelled back it was the dungeons for a week. The starvation nearly killed him.

'I think Draco's been through enough," Harry cut in "and you will not speak to him that way, whatever he might have done or not done is in the past and I forgive him, now get out!"

The homeless family grabbed their single bags and left the life they had known for years, Draco was glad to see them go, but something in the back of his mind nagged at him. Something bad was going to happen, his instincts had never yet led him wrong.

Afterwards Harry took him out to dinner, Draco tried to eat to please him but he was having trouble stomaching the food.

"It's not true," Draco whispered.

Harry put down his fork and thankfully his knife as well "I know."

I sensed he was unsure "you don't believe me, I've never slept with anyone, you can even take me to get tested, I'm pure," that he was certain of but I didn't know if I could hide it if he asked me about the rest.

"I believe that," replied Harry and my blood froze "It's a big deal to my family to have 'pure untouched consorts' and while I do believe you never had sex…" he trailed off.

"I've kissed before," Draco admitted lowering my eyes in shame "and I've done oral before but I didn't want too."

"Oh Draco," came Harry's voice softly my eyes burned, he was going to reject me now "did they make you?"

Draco nodded refusing to cry, "I was bad, I wasn't fast enough, he liked it and every time he found me I had to do it again. I got good at avoiding him, but I had to or I would be punished," I was shaking violently by this time and Harry moved to touch me "don't!" I cried out "I'm filthy," he didn't seem to care as he pulled me into his arms.

"Who did this too you?" he whispered as I sobbed silently on his shoulder.

"I… I don't know," Draco lied.

"Draco you don't have to lie to me, you said you got good at avoiding him," whispered Harry rocking me gently back and forth.

"Not now," I begged holding him tightly. Harry nodded, told the guard to cover the check handing him several gallons and apparated back to the castle.

I stayed with him that night, he held me close whispering gently in my ear, he told me he loved me, that I was safe and whenever I wanted to tell him who it was he would listen. My heart grew for him, snuggling close I felt asleep.