The Will Of Fire ... And So It Begins

Kakashi stood at the entrance to the cave and watched the rain pour down. The torrential downpour started two days after he and his team stepped foot into Rain Country, and it became obvious rather quickly that this was not a normal rain storm. For starters, it hadn't let up in twelve days now...and no matter what they had done to hide their presence, the enemy shinobi managed to find them and attack...usually at the most inopportune times. So now, his hand-picked ten-man team was holed up in a dark and dank cave, counting the moments until the enemy tracked them down once more.

Kakashi frowned. It wasn't supposed to go this way. When they had left Konoha three months earlier, it had been with the intention to track down the Akatsuki and end their existence once and for all. He had promised himself, and all those who'd been injured or killed over the course of the last year, that his main mission as Sixth Hokage would be to remove the threats to Konoha...starting with the Akatsuki. He shook his head at his own stupidity...he should have realized it wouldn't be so easy.


And so the sequel begins! But just what has Kakashi gotten himself and his fellow shinobi into? He knows it won't be easy...nothing he does ever seems to be...but will he find the strength he needs when friends lives are held in the balance and one of the ones he hopes to save turns against him? Can the Will of Fire truly be enough when everything Kakashi thought to true is put to the test?

Journey with Kakashi Hatake as he tries to prove the Will of Fire is stronger than anything the Akatsuki might throw at him. Look for the updates to be posted soon under the story title The Will of Fire - and thank you once again for allowing me to spin my tale for you.