Chapter 4.

Orphen rushes to Sapphire's side seeing as she has fallen down. He picks her up and takes her back. There Sapphire wakes up trying to remember what just happened. Orphen then walks into the room with a tray of food and he tells her that she blanked out in the middle of the street.

Orphen then asks if she is ok. "I'm fine Orphen. I just got a little tired." Sapphire says with a weak smile. She gets up to go into the bathroom. She spends some time in there but come out to ask Orphen something. "Orphen?", "yes Sapphire?" Orphen replies. "Can we go somewhere that I want to go please?" she asks. Orphen agrees to let her take them to a new area. They go downstairs and Sapphire proclaims "our destination is the West dragon's spring. I wish to figure something out." Cleo was happy to hear and Orphen just wanted to go along because Sapphire wanted it.


So now they are on the road again. Majic walks up to Orphen and says "master. You've become really soft ever since Sapphire came. I wonder why." Orphen just smiles and says "I wonder as well." Then Sapphire runs up from behind and hugs Orphen. Then Sapphire gets off and the both of them laugh.

Majic just smiles at the both of them. "Maybe it would be faster if we travelled by dragon." Sapphire then says to everyone. Everyone just stands there staring at her. Sapphire then takes out a blue whistle and blows into it. Then Sapphire's pet dragon Tidal comes out from the sky and lands in front of them. "Hop on everyone." Sapphire says. "I'm not so sure about this." Cleo says. "It's ok Cleo. Tidal won't hurt you in any way." So Cleo gets onto the dragon and they fly.

"Wow!" Cleo says in astonishment. Looking down at the beautiful scenery was making Cleo speechless. Sapphire just smiles and looks ahead. While Sapphire was keeping an eye out in front Orphen comes out from behind and hugs Sapphire. "I love you Sapphire." Orphen says to her. Sapphire then turns around and kisses Orphen in broad daylight. Cleo just sits there with jealousy written on her face. After about 6 hours of travelling they arrive at the West Dragon's spring.

"Here we are!" Sapphire says smiling. "Wow! This place is beautiful!" Cleo says to Sapphire. Orphen then walks to Sapphire and says "Why did you want to come here?", "it's a secret for now." Sapphire says in a sneakish tone. So everyone sets up camp while Sapphire goes out into the forest to collect some herbs and stuff for dinner. Orphen was with her as well because he didn't want her to get hurt while gathering.

While Orphen was watching Sapphire he couldn't help but say to himself "She is so beautiful when she is serene like this. I can't believe that this wonderful person went through so much pain and suffering." It was tranquil for a little while but then…

A class D Eos monster attacks the couple. Orphen stands back while Sapphire takes out her pendant and she calls out "POWER OF THE DRAGONS! FLOW THROUGH ME!" and she transforms into the Dragon of the east.

Cleo then comes in finding out about the monster attack. When she arrives she finds that the dragon of the east is fighting the monster. "ORPHEN!" Cleo yells out. Orphen then turns around and runs to Cleo to defend her while East fought the monster. After about 2 minutes of fighting Orphen sees that East is having trouble. Suddenly a giant thorn comes from the beast and pierces East's stomach.

"UNGH!" East says with blood pouring out of her mouth. "SAPPHIRE!" Orphen calls out not noticing that he called out Sapphire's name instead of East. Cleo then says "Sapphire? Is that Sapphire fighting? IS SHE THE DRAGON OF THE EAST!?" Orphen then turns around and says to Cleo "she is but right now I have to help her!" Orphen then rushes to Sapphire's side as she falls from the thorn and lands with a big thud.

Orphen arrives by her side and hold her tightly to him. He calls to her "Sapphire…SAPPHIRE!" but Sapphire did not respond. Then Sapphires eyes show that they have life in them. "I'm ok Orphen." Sapphire says weakly. "take my pendant and use its powers to destroy the monster." Sapphire says holding out her dragon's pendant. Orphen takes the pendant and places it around his neck. He then calls out "DRAGONS BLOOD! FLOW THROUGH MY VEINS!" and he becomes the Dragon of the West. Wondering how he knew that line he still fights the monster.

Cleo sees what is going on and is just sitting there gobsmacked. Sapphire then gets up and heals her stomach. She gets up still in dragon form and fights alongside Orphen. They fight for a while and they win. Sapphire though didn't heal her wound completely and falls to the ground in pain. Orphen then flies down to Sapphire and they both return to their normal forms. Orphen picks Sapphire up and takes her back to camp. "CLEO!" Orphen calls to her. "take the basket there and see us back at camp." Cleo nods and gets the basket full of herbs and foodstuffs that Sapphire collected.

They arrive at camp and Majic asks "Master? Is everyone ok?" he then stops when he sees Sapphire in Orphen's arms with her stomach bleeding. "SAPPHIRE! ARE YOU OK!?" he yells. Sapphire just lies in Orphen's arms eyes having no signs of life. Orphen then undresses her and places Sapphire in the spring. He undresses himself and then goes in with her. He then gets her into the centre of the spring and kisses her. "Please revive Sapphire. Don't leave me again." Orphen says in his mind. Sapphire opens her eyes and her wound heals completely.

Orphen seeing that she woke up holds her tighter and closer to him than he ever did before. "Orphen..." Sapphire says weakly. "Yes Sapphire?" Orphen replies.

"I can't breathe. Please not so tightly." Sapphire says trying to breathe. Orphen softens his grip and smiles at the fact that she is alright. "I'm so glad you're alright Sapphire. I thought I was going to lose you again." Orphen says with what looked like tears forming in his eyes. "Don't cry Orphen. I'm ok now. So please don't cry." Sapphire says with her hand holding his face.

Sapphire then notices that she has nothing on and is in the spring with Orphen. She goes bright red and then … "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Orphen couldn't help but laugh. Sapphire was bright red and in the water embarrassed about the fact that they were both in the spring. Orphen then walks over to Sapphire and says "it's ok Sapphire. We're getting married so don't blush at the fact that we're in the same bath together." Sapphire then starts to settle down but then slowly slinks into the water. Orphen grabs Sapphire's hand and pulls her closer to him.

Then Sapphire becomes more tranquil and accepts what he has done. She embraces him showing how much she loves him and he embraces her back. Cleo just sits there and she tells herself "those 2 are getting married. I can't stop that. I guess I should accept it." Sapphire then gets out of the water and grabs a towel that Orphen left for her. Orphen follows and gets his own towel. "Everyone. I will tell you a story from my past."

So everyone gathers around the fire and Sapphire tells them the story.

"Long ago before I even met Orphen. As you may know I am princess of Katsia. I was always there for my people and they did everything they could to help me. But after a while a war between the Katsians and the Dogsclawians broke out. The people blamed me. I ran to my secret spot to cry. The king and queen were worried. So they got a guy off the streets and paid him to be my friend. He approached me trying to see if he could stop me from crying. He saw my face and he fell in love with me instantly.

I looked at him but I showed nothing towards him. I ran away from him thinking that he would just spit at me and say that I'm a traitor. But instead he ran after me. He grabbed me from behind and embraced me with everything he had. After that we became friends. During our time together we went to the same school. I slowly fell in love with this man. After a while I went to his room to confess my feelings.

When I reached his room I knocked on his door. He came out and saw that I was blushing furiously. I tried to confess but instead I fainted and bumped my head on the wall. Next thing I know he was holding me in his arms saying that he felt the same way about me. So I went to ask the king and queen if we could get married. They didn't want it a first but then they softened up when they saw how much I loved him. On our wedding day it was so beautiful. We became husband and wife but then something terrible happened. A class A eos monster comes and kills him. It then gives me the curse of the eos and disappears. I run to my husband crying because he was dying. There in my arms he was dying and he tells me to go to earth and start my life anew. I followed his wishes after his funeral. And that's the story." Everyone sat there all speechless at what Sapphire went through.

Orphen then stands up seeing that Sapphire is beginning to cry. He sits next to her and Sapphire buries herself in his arms. As she cries Cleo sat there and said "who is the man you loved before Orphen?" Sapphire then says to Cleo "His name was Krein. His younger brother also loved me but I loved his brother. He became enraged. Using Eos magic he became the leader of the eos monsters. On my wedding day he came and gave me the curse that would one day cause me to become an eos as well." Cleo then says "what is the name of the man that cursed you?", "Kavrov." Is all that Sapphire said before crying her eyes out while being held by Orphen.

Kreitos then comes and says "What happened?" Cleo explains everything to Kreitos and he smiles. "You finally let those people know what happened to you didn't you?" Sapphire nods and continues to cry. Cleo then looks at Kreitos and sees that he is the perfect guy for her. Kreitos looks at Cleo sensing her emotions and says "do you wish to marry me?" Cleo was awestruck. How did he know that she wanted that? Orphen then hears the conversation and says "You can have her. I have your sister. Why not have the brat?" Cleo gets angry but before she could say anything Kreitos kisses her sealing the deal. Orphen smiles and looks back at Sapphire who was sleeping peacefully after her crying fit. "Why not stay with us Kreitos?" Orphen asks. Kreitos agrees to stay because Cleo was going to be with him. "how long have you loved her Kreitos?" Orphen then asks. "I loved this flower since the time when I met her as a child." Cleo then was wondering what he meant. Thinking deeply she remembers the guy whom her parents arranged for her to marry.

"YOU'RE MY HUSBAND!?" Cleo says in astonishment. Orphen couldn't help but laugh. Sapphire wakes up from the commotion and smiles. "I see that you're my brother's wife. Who knew?" Sapphire says to Cleo. Orphen just sits there laughing as Cleo sits there gobsmacked. Orphen then comes in and says "So when did you marry her?", "when she was only 14. her parents wanted her to marry me because they knew that my sister was the protector goddess." Kreitos explains. Cleo then understands and hugs Kreitos. "although I was arranged to marry you. I loved you very much Kreitos. And I still do. Since Orphen has your sister I have you." Cleo says with a smile on her face.

Everyone sits there smiling and laughing. Then Sapphire remembers "I forgot about dinner!" she yells out. Orphen walks to Sapphire, sits next to her and says "I will make dinner tonight. You need to rest." Sapphire blushes and agrees to let him make dinner. After a while dinner is served and they all eat. Orphen sits next to Sapphire while Cleo is sitting next to her husband Kreitos. "since you married my brother Cleo." Sapphire begins "I guess that makes us sisters." She finishes with a smile. Cleo smiles and says "I guess so." Cleo then gets a hug from Kreitos and she hugs him back.

Orphen then picks Sapphire up and takes her into her special tent. "Orphen?" Sapphire whimpers. Orphen just smiles at her and then says "you need to sleep inside the chamber tonight. You were injured and nearly died tonight so please sleep in there tonight." Sapphire smiles and gets ready to enter the chamber, she enters the chamber and goes to sleep. Orphen then goes into his bed and goes to sleep. Halfway through the night something bad happens. Orphen wakes up to the sound of an alarm. Kreitos was already there trying to figure out what was going on.

"What's going on?" Orphen asks. "Sapphire is having another nightmare!" Kreitos explains. Orphen goes to find the button to release her. He finds it and smashes it again. Sapphire comes tumbling out but she is still trapped in her nightmare.

"NO! STOP! I WILL JOIN YOU! JUST DON'T KILL HIM!" is what Sapphire said then she says "KAVROV! STOP!" Orphen when he heard that rushes to Sapphire's side and tells her "I'm fine Sapphire! Don't let him win!" Sapphire although is writhing in pain and so doesn't respond. Orphen does the only thing he knows will stop her. He kisses her and she quiets down.

Orphen then picks Sapphire up and takes her to his bed. When he came to get her he saw that Sapphire was shivering so he got his blankets and wrapped them around her to keep her warm. After that he slips into bed with Sapphire and wraps his arms around her to show that he is fine and that she is safe. "Why did she suddenly call out Kavrov's name?" Is all that went through Orphen's mind as he slipped into sleep.


The next morning Sapphire finds herself in Orphen's bed in the same situation as when they were back at the castle. And just like before Sapphire gets embarrassed, blushes and then causes a commotion. Orphen wakes up and smiles at her seeing how red she is. Sapphire then notices that Orphen is awake and freezes. "Morning there princess." Orphen says to Sapphire in a jokish tone. Sapphire then unfreezes and says "morning Orphen." Orphen then was surprised. She was able to say that without having a shake in her voice.

So after that they both get dressed and get out of the tent. Kreitos was outside with Cleo in his arms and smiling happily. Orphen tries not to blush but then he looks down at Sapphire who gives out a small laugh. He wonders why she did that but then Orphen and Sapphire head to the spring along to bathe together. While they are in the spring Orphen asks something "Sapphire?", "Yes Orphen?" Sapphire replies.

"Why is it that yesterday when you gave me your pendant I became what was like you but a red ninja costume?" Orphen asks. Sapphire smiles and says to him "well because when my dragon's pendant went into your hand you then got the power of the dragons flowing through you. The reason why I wanted to come here was for the reason of finding out who the dragon of the west was. And now I know."

Orphen looks at Sapphire with a confused look but is all of a sudden stopped by a pair of arms being wrapped around him. Next thing he knew he was hugging back. So Orphen and Sapphire share an embrace but are then interrupted by a certain blonde who yells out all of a sudden "GET A ROOM!" both Orphen and Sapphire go red. but Orphen was trying his hardest to hide his blushing. Sapphire turns around to see what Orphen is doing and laughs at him. Orphen in turn turns around and dunks her under the water. Sapphire was crafty though. She got his leg and when she got up tripped up Orphen so that he went underwater. When Orphen got up he saw Sapphire laughing and smiling happily. He couldn't help but laugh as well. Then Cleo and Kreitos join in the fun by entering the spring too.

So everyone but Majic was in the spring having a happy time. Then Cleo asks "So why is it that Orphen is a Dragon?", "I can explain that." Sapphire says "you see there are 4 Dragons in all. I am the Dragon of the East so I can control water and all water creatures there is also the Dragons of the West, South and North. West controls fire, North controls Earth and South controls wind. I am meant to find the other dragons so that I may be able to fight alongside them at the final day." Cleo then asks "Final day?" Sapphire then smiles and says "I can't say anything about that until I find the last of the dragons. I know that Orphen is the dragon of the West. I'm getting out now." And true to her words she gets out and grabs her towel.

Orphen follows her into her tent. "So why me?" Orphen says to Sapphire while they get dressed. Sapphire explains to Orphen "it is said that the Dragon of the West is the loved one of the Dragon of the East. I guess it was true." Orphen then understands and walks behind Sapphire and hugs her. Sapphire freezes again but soon unfreezes. "You're getting better. Now all we need to do is to get you used to me hugging you in the spring." Orphen says in a jokish tone. Sapphire just smiles.


At midday they left the West dragon's spring to head to the ancient ruins of the goddess. "So why are we going to these old ruins?" Orphen asks. "these ruins will tell you guys why I'm on earth." Sapphire states. So for a while they travel peacefully but then… "ORPHEN! Let's take a break for a while. Ok?" Cleo says aloud. Orphen looks at Sapphire to see if she needed any rest. Sapphire noticing that she is being watched looks up at Orphen. "I'm fine with taking a break Orphen. I will be down at the river fishing if you need me." Sapphire says with a smile. So everyone sets up camp and as Sapphire says she goes down to the river to fish. Orphen notices that she has non fishing rod and so yells out to Sapphire "You have no fishing rod Sapphire! How are you gonna catch any fish?" Sapphire smiles happily and goes further to the river.

Orphen follows Sapphire wondering what she is thinking. When Orphen arrives at the riverbank he sees Sapphire with her right hand transformed into a spear like appendage. Orphen tries to sneak behind Sapphire but she notices and says "HI ORPHEN!" scaring him and making him trip into the water. Trying to hide her laughter Sapphire walks over to Orphen to help him up. But when she gets there Orphen grabs her leg and flips her over. She gets up and is about to get angry for what he did but then she calms down when she sees Orphen laughing.

So they spend more time together while Sapphire catches some fish for dinner. After about 2 hours they arrive back at camp. Orphen holding all of the fish Sapphire caught. Cleo was surprised that Orphen's face couldn't be seen behind all the fish Sapphire caught. As a joke Sapphire trips Orphen over and Kreitos catches the fish. Sapphire's plan backfires as Orphen falls on top of her. Everyone laughs and then Sapphire moves off to cook dinner. Everyone is having dinner and is happily enjoying it then Cleo asks "So when is the wedding Sapphire?" Sapphire blushes a bit but then says "It will be in the spring. I want to see the cherry blossoms at our wedding so I chose the perfect day for it." Orphen then says "isn't the spring when you confessed your feelings to me at the festival of hearts?" Sapphire blushes again and nods. Orphen laughs then hugs Sapphire warmly. They share the embrace for a while and then finish dinner.

After dinner they all go into their tents. Cleo is sleeping happily with Kreitos while Sapphire is in bed with Orphen. There is one problem though… Sapphire is not sleeping. She is too busy thinking about Kavrov and the curse that was inflicted upon her. Sapphire then gets up, kisses Orphen's forehead and walks out of the tent for a while. She didn't notice that Orphen was awake though. Sapphire then sits atop a large rock and thinks for a while. "I'm worried." She says to herself. She then jumps when she hears "About what?" she turns around to see that Orphen is right behind her. Sapphire then turns away from him and says "I'm scared about the wedding…" Orphen looks at her confused then walks over to her. "Why are you scared?" Orphen asks, "I know that Kavrov will come back to kill you on our wedding day so I'm scared about it." Sapphire explains. Orphen looks at her sweetly and says to her "it will be fine Sapphire. I will not die. As long as I have my beautiful goddess I will not die." Sapphire then smiles gently and says back "thank you Orphen. I love you forever more." Orphen then embraces her and she returns it. They then kiss under the stars for a while.

After the kiss they go back to the tent. This is where things get I bit kinky. They go back to bed and Sapphire undresses and gets into bed. Orphen then gets the idea and does the same. Then they kiss and lets say this "they were having loads of fun" that night.

The next morning Orphen finds himself with Sapphire in his arms and with nothing on. "OH GOD!" he yells out. Sapphire responding to the yell wakes up and says "morning there Orphen." Orphen then looks at Sapphire and says "morning Sapphire." Orphen was looking like he just saw a ghost but Sapphire lies there smiling. Then Orphen figures it out and he calms down. They get dressed and go out of the tent. They exit the tent where Sapphire's brother was looking at them BOTH with a smug smirk on his face. Cleo was beside him smiling happily.

"Why are you looking at us like that?" Orphen asks. "We heard you last night Orphen." Cleo says with her smile getting bigger by the minute. Orphen then blushes but Sapphire laughs. "What's so funny Sapphire?" Orphen asks, "You treat it like it's a big deal Orphen. I mean I know that after that I will be having your child." Sapphire explains. Orphen then jumps when he hears that she is going to be having his child. "How do you know Sapphire?" Orphen asks. Sapphire smiles and says "I can see into the future remember." Orphen then calms down. Cleo then says to Sapphire "Congratulations Sapphire!" they both smile and then look at Kreitos. "Why are you guys looking at me?" Kreitos asks. "You're going to be an uncle!" Sapphire says with a VERY big smile on her face. Kreitos couldn't help but say "YES! ALRIGHT!" Cleo wonders why then Sapphire whispers to Cleo that he always wanted to have a niece or nephew. Sapphire then looks at Orphen who is on the ground looking like he just lost his soul and says "what's wrong?" Orphen looks at her and says "I'm fine. I just can't believe that I'm going to be a father." Sapphire looks at Orphen sweetly and kisses him. He kisses back and then they pack up camp.


They arrive at the ruins of the goddess and there they see a statue that looks remarkably like Sapphire. "Why is that statue like that?" Majic asks. "Because this place is dedicated to my sister." Kreitos says. "The people of these lands looked to her as their goddess because she is immortal. They asked for guidance, wealth and power. They got all that. But after while Sapphire began to lose her powers because of an ancient evil that came here long ago. When they found out they sealed her away to stop it from happening."

Orphen then looks at Sapphire wondering "How old is she really?" Sapphire sensing what Orphen is thinking then says aloud "I am as old as time itself Orphen." Everyone except Kreitos was shocked to hear that statement. Then Orphen goes behind Sapphire and says "I don't care how old you are. I love you all the same." Cleo then asks "Why is it that Sapphire looks like she is 18 then?" Kreitos then explains that she has the ability to stay the same age no matter what. Cleo then looks at Kreitos but doesn't care about his age either. "We'd better get inside." Sapphire then states. Sapphire takes Orphen's hand and leads him inside the main temple. Kreitos then shows everyone else inside.

They reach the inner sanctum where they see a large slab with sorceruos runes on them. "What do they say?" Cleo asks. Sapphire then begins to read "Long ago a powerful and ancient evil ravaged these lands. The people asked their goddess for help. She fought the evil but only managed to seal it away. The fight was finished but at a terrible price. The goddess that protected the lands was drastically weakened by the fight. So as a way for the people to keep their goddess safe they created a chamber and kept her frozen in time. One day the goddess will arise once more to save the earth again from this evil." Orphen was surprised that both Sapphire can read sorceruos runes and that she has to destroy this ancient evil.

He then looks at Sapphire who is staring off at the chamber in the centre of the room. "What's wrong Sapphire?" Orphen asks. Sapphire turns around and says "this is where they sealed me away for 1000 years. I miss those people. I wish I could have been there." Sapphire then starts to cry feeling guilty that she wasn't there to guide her people. Orphen walks to Sapphire and holds her close. He then says soothingly to her "it's alright Sapphire. They sealed you away to keep you safe and away from harm. They did it for you. Don't beat yourself up. It's not your fault." Sapphire continues to cry as Orphen holds her and stokes her hair trying to stop her crying.

All of a sudden a tremor goes through the temple where Orphen is separated from Sapphire and Cleo is separated from Kreitos. The tremor ends and all the guys are safe in one area where the girls are in another. Cleo wakes up to find Sapphire unconscious. "Sapphire!" Cleo says "WAKE UP! PLEASE!" Cleo says repeating the phrase 3 times. Sapphire wakes up and notices that Orphen is not around. Cleo is happy that Sapphire is alright but is scared because Kreitos is not there. Cleo was about to scream when Sapphire says "We have to find the guys! Don't worry we will find them and we will be safe once again." So over to the guys Orphen wakes up to see that Kreitos is at the wall of fallen stones trying to get through. Orphen runs to Kreitos asking what is going on. "Sapphire and Cleo are at the other side of that wall ORPHEN! If we don't get through they won't be able to protect themselves for very long." Orphen thinks that it's not possibly for Sapphire to lose her powers. But then he remembers the runes. She was weakened and so she does need help. "KREITOS!" Orphen yells. Kreitos looks to see that Orphen was gearing up to blast the rock wall.

"GET BACK!" Orphen yells out before letting loose the spell that got through the wall. When they got through they saw that the girls were not there. Orphen then gets Leki to follow the scent of Sapphires clothing. He got out a handkerchief that Sapphire gave him to get Leki to sniff them out. Over to the girls now. Both Sapphire and Cleo are worried about the guys. Cleo though was more scared because she is afraid of what is in the dark. Sapphire just stares off into the distance trying to find a way to get back to the guys. Sapphire then turns around and walks that way. Cleo follows Sapphire knowing that she is more in control in the situation. Sapphire then says an incantation under her breath. Cleo heard some parts of it. "I call for my shadow pet." Is what Cleo heard and then… a panther comes out from nowhere and walks to Sapphire. "Don't worry Cleo." Sapphire says to her "Shadow won't kill you." Sapphire finishes. So Sapphire gets out a cloth that was torn from Orphen's old clothing. "Take us back to our loved ones Shadow." Sapphire says.

The panther sniffs the cloth and directs the girls in the way the scent is directing him. With the guys Leki suddenly begins to growl noticing that a feline is in the area. Orphen then says "concentrate Leki! We need to find Sapphire and Cleo." Leki then stops growling and continues. To the girls they are following shadow and things seem fine. But then a bat comes and scares both Sapphire and Cleo. The both of them scream which can be heard by Orphen and Kreitos. Orphen runs ahead and finds Cleo but Sapphire is nowhere to be seen. "Cleo! Where's Sapphire?" Orphen asks. Cleo explains that a bat came and scared them both. Sapphire ran away somewhere during the whole thing. Kreitos comes and finds everyone and sees that Sapphire is nowhere to be found. "Go find her Orphen! She has your child." Kreitos states to Orphen. Orphen follows his advice and runs to find Sapphire.

Where Sapphire is. She is crying. Crying that she was scared and also that Orphen wasn't there. She stopped running to catch her breath. Shadow was behind her but then disappears into the shadows to wherever she came from. Sapphire sits down finding out that she is alone and screams out "I DON'T WANNA BE ALONE!" Orphen hears it and rushes to her side. Orphen eventually find Sapphire crying and comes up behind her to hug her. She jumps a bit but then settles down when she finds that it's Orphen who is hugging her. She hugs him back crying. "You're alright now sapphire. I'm here for you. Now let's get up and head back to the others." Orphen says.

Sapphire gets up and Orphen leads her to the others. Kreitos rushes to Sapphire to see if she is ok and sees that she has been crying. "Is everything ok? Sapphire?" he asks. Sapphire wipes off her tears and says "I'm fine Kreitos. Orphen came and saved me. He is always around when I need him." Smiling Sapphire takes Orphen's hand gesturing that she wants to leave. Orphen taking her gesture says to everyone "let's get out of here so that we can rest for a bit." Kreitos gets Cleo and takes her out of the temple. Orphen then gets Sapphire and takes her out following Kreitos.

When they all get out of the temple Sapphire appears fine but inside she is still scared. Everyone except Sapphire and Orphen go inside their tents for rest. Sapphire sits atop a large pair of statue hands to think for a while. "What are you doing up there?" Orphen asks Sapphire. "I'm thinking about the big day." Sapphire says. "May I join you?" Orphen asks. Sapphire nods and Orphen climbs up onto the hands sitting next to her. He smiles at Sapphire and she smiles back. "So when do you think the baby will be born?" Orphen asks. "I think 2 months after our wedding." Sapphire says with a smile on her face. Orphen then picks Sapphire up and places her on his lap.

"I love you Sapphire. I will always protect you." Orphen says soothingly to her. Sapphire nods and then says "I know. You will be my protector and my love. I love you more than anything else. You're my god Orphen." They kiss and then hop off the statue to go inside Sapphire's tent.