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A groan came from the man rudely awoken from his slumber. Glaring sleepily at his soul pager, he sat up on the futon. Reaching over, he picked the pager up, and answered the call.

"Lieutenant Abarai, you're needed at the Souls Society. Report back immediately." The strange voice commanded.


Sir Yes sir" the half awake Lieutenant replied sarcastically. The person on the other end of the line hung up, leaving Abarai Renji to carry out his orders. Sighing, Renji stood up, laced his fingers together, and stretched. The tattoos on his arms and shoulders rippled when he reached above his head, and a well defined six pack tensed slightly. Once he was finished, Renji bent over to fold up the futon, revealing long, muscular legs.

I wonder why I'm needed at the Souls Society all of a sudden. Renji thought as he stashed the futon in a nearby closet. Taking his clothes off the shelf in the closet, he pulled a shirt on over his head, and slipped on a pair of black pants over his boxers. On the plus side, I will get to see him again. Renji's heart started to pound just at the thought of seeing his lover again after four months. I can't wait to see him, to run my fingers through his long, dark…. Shaking his head to get rid of the mental picture, Renji continued to tug on his socks, and pull his bright red hair into a ponytail. Grabbing his shoes, he stepped out onto the street in front of Urahara's store. He quickly looked around, making sure that no one was within sight. Realizing that he was alone, Renji unsheathed his zampato, and summoned the door to the Souls Society.

The young man rolled over once again, unable to sleep. Visions of his lover haunted him every time he closed his eyes. Sighing in frustration, Kuchiki Byakuya sat up in bed and looked over at his clock. It was well past midnight.

"I need a drink" Byakuya said to himself as he stood up. The moonlight streamed in from window above his bed, giving his onyx hair silver highlights. His black silk pajama pants swished quietly as he made his way down the stairs to the kitchen.

Stumbling into the kitchen, Byakuya flicked on the lights. The sudden glaring light made him squint for a few moments until his eyes adjusted. A series of overhead track lighting was the culprit, with bright florescent lights that revealed every detail of the young man's features. Byakuya's smooth, flawless pale skin almost glowed under the bright light, while washboard abs was under slight shadow due to his muscular chest.

As he reached to open a cabinet, the phone rang, the shrill sound shattering the silence. Who could be calling at this hour? Byakuya wondered. Could it be him? He thought.

"Get a hold of yourself, Byakuya." He said aloud, shaking his head. He walked across the kitchen to answer the phone. "Hello?" he asked, slightly annoyed. A deep, mysterious voice responded.

"Captain Kuchiki, your Lieutenant, Abarai Renji, has been ordered to report to the Souls Society." Byakuya couldn't believe it. Renji was coming back! "He will now be stationed at the Souls Society along with you, until further notice. Greet him at the main entrance to Souls Society in twenty minutes." The line went dead.

Byakuya was a blur of motion as he prepared to leave. He dashed up the stairs to his room, almost tripping over the threshold of his bedroom door. Silently cursing himself for his clumsiness, he 

threw open the doors to his walk in closet, revealing rows and rows of clothing and shoes. Still in a hurry, Byakuya grabbed whatever was closest to the door, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a tight red t-shirt, and a pair of black converse sneakers.

Hmmmm….boxers or briefs? He wondered as he slid off his silk pants. "Fuck it, I'll just go commando." Byakuya muttered, struggling into the tight pants. Once that decision was made, he pulled the thin cotton t-shirt over his head, slid into his converse, and ran out the front door.

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