Byakuya stood alone at the entrance to the Souls Society. The weak lighting from the hanging lanterns cast a shadow, obscuring his facial features. The young man tapped his foot impatiently. Why do I have to be five minutes early?! He thought furiously while feeling stupid standing by himself at the gateway. Byakuya knew that Renji was always on time, or a little late, so rushing to the gate wasn't really necessary. He actually had time to get dressed and put on underwear before going to meet him.

"Because you're a lovesick fool," Byakuya muttered darkly to himself, answering his own question aloud.

"Excuse me, but you're a lovesick what?" someone innocently asked in front of him. Byakuya raised his head and was face to face with his Lieutenant, Abari Renji. His face turned beet red, realizing that not just anyone had heard him, but his lover had. Renji burst out laughing, realizing that he had just startled and embarrassed the great Captain Kuchiki. "That color looks great on you," Renji managed to get out in-between laughs, "it matches your shirt!"

"Shut up." Byakuya said, regaining his composure. "Aww. That's not the way you greet your boyfriend Byakuya," Renji teased, while hugging him around the neck. "I'm sorry," Byakuya replied, as he placed a hand on Renji's upper back, while slipping an arm around his waist. "Is this better?" he asked, knocking Renji's legs out from underneath him, causing him to dip in his arms. Byakuya leaned over, planting a very suggestive kiss on Renji's lips. Renji's eyes widened in shock. Usually Byakuya's against PDA. Not that I'm complaining. He thought.

Byakuya broke the kiss, leaving Renji wanting more. "My place, now." Byakuya growled. "Don't we have to report in?" Renji questioned breathily. "We can do that later." He replied, dragging Renji towards his mansion by the hand.

Byakuya kicked open the door to his mansion and pushed Renji inside. He then shoved him against the hallway wall, and crashed his lips against Renji's, barely giving the red-head time to respond. Oh hell no! I'm not going to be uke that easily. Renji thought with a smirk. Byakuya felt Renji shift, and before he knew it, he was pinned to the floor, with a triumphant Renji on top of him.

"Who said you could be seme?" Byakuya asked playfully.

"Who said I couldn't?" Renji taunted.

Time to fix that rebel attitude. Byakuya thought. Suddenly, he flipped Renji over, so he was on his back, with him on top. His mouth was less than an inch away from Renji's.

"I believe I did, uke." Byakuya replied. Renji could feel his breath on his lips, and it sent a shiver down his spine. He couldn't stand it any longer, and pulled Byakuya down so that his lips would meet his own, catching him by surprise. Renji took advantage of this, and slipped his tongue inside Byakuya's mouth, exploring the wet cavern until Byakuya started the battle for dominance.

Byakuya could feel Renji getting hard underneath him, the battle for seme was turning him on. He smirked, breaking the kiss, and grinded his hips on Renji's groin. This caused Renji to let out a deep moan. Byakuya wanted to hear more. So he grinded into Renji again.

"Please, no….ah!" Renji gasped, arching his back against Byakuya. His moans were driving Byakuya crazy. He wanted to hear more. Suddenly, he had an idea. Byakuya stood up, pulling up Renji in the process. He started to drag Renji towards the living room.

The living room was dark, with contemporary furniture. A plasma screen tv hung on the wall above a large stone fireplace. A black leather sofa with a matching ottoman faced the fireplace, with a red side table next to it. Dark hardwood floors with a thick, white shag rug completed the look.

Byakuya turned the lights on, then dimmed them. He threw Renji onto the ottoman, and then took his shirt off, while kicking off his converse. Renji stared at his muscular chest approvingly, then peeled off his own shirt. Byakuya sauntered over to him, then crouched over him on the ottoman. Renji pulled him down for another kiss, while undoing the button and zipper over Byakuya's now painfully large and obvious erection. His eyes widened when he realized that Byakuya wasn't wearing any underwear, causing Byakuya to smirk.

"Like what you see, do you?" Byakuya teased, while helping Renji pull his pants down. He bent down slowly to peel the skin-tight jeans off his calves and feet. Renji couldn't stand it. He let out a growl and pounced on Byakuya, both of them crashing to the floor , next to the side table. Renji started to trail a line of kisses down Byakuya's neck and chest, then traced the outline of his six-pack with tongue. Byakuya let out a deep, loud moan. He wanted Renji, NOW. No fore-play, no protests, NOW, and Byakuya always gets what he wants.

Renji sensed a change in Byakuya. Suddenly, he found himself face down on the ottoman while Byakuya was pulling something out of the side table. What the fuck is he doing?! Renji thought. He turned around, holding a set of handcuffs. He bent over Renji, and cuffed his wrists to the legs of the ottoman. Renji gasped in surprise. He was stuck face-down, bent over the ottoman, with a very aroused Byakuya behind him. Renji let out a squeak when he felt Byakuya ripping off his pants.

Renji felt something warm reach underneath him and stroke his cock. It was Byakuya's hand covered in lube. Renji groaned.

"Byak-ah!" he cried out when Byakuya's lubed index finger pushed inside of his ass. Renji kept on letting out mews and groans as Byakuya inserted another finger. Renji's moans were becoming too much for Byakuya. The suspense was killing him. He was rock hard, and needed relief now. He lubed up his cock, scissored his fingers, and pushed inside of Renji. Renji let out a cry of pain and pleasure when Byakuya entered him. Byakuya slowly pulled out, and pushed in again. He started out slow, since he hadn't really stretched Renji much.

"Fa-ah! Faster!" Renji yelled. Byakuya growled, and picked up the pace, slaming into Renji like there was no tomorrow. He reached under Renji and wrapped his hand around his manhood, starting to slide up and down. Renji started to buck into his hand, while trying to back into Byakuya. Byakuya slid in deeper, causing Renji to moan loudly. He'd found his prostate. Soon the combination of the hand job and fucking grew too much for Renji and he came, crying Byakuya's name while spilling his juices all over the ottoman and Byakuya's hand. This sent Byakuya over the edge, and with a final push, he spilt his seed into Renji, coming with a deep, primal groan. After the aftershock of their orgasms, Byakuya uncuffed Renji, and they both slumped to the floor on top of the shag carpet. Byakuya pulled Renji on top of him. Renji sighed, and snuggled into Byakuya's chest, starting to fall asleep. Byakuya reached over to the couch, pulling down the throw blanket. He draped the cover over Renji and himself, then wrapped his arms around his lover. Soon the two of them drifted off to sleep, safe and content in each others arms.

So there it is, the rest of the story. This one is kinda short, because it's the first one I wrote. This is a few months old, so it's not as good as the one I just finished. The new story's a threesome between Byakuya, Renji, and Ichigo, and is way more descriptive. So be on the lookout for that. Thanks to everyone who reviewed! I really appreciate it! I'd list you all by name but there's too many of you! However, don't let that stop you from reviewing now that this one's complete! I'll also take suggestions of pairings from other anime, so don't be afraid to message me. Hoped you enjoyed the story!