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Getting it Right.

Rose and Scorpius share a hate/hate relationship. So everyone thought – even Rose and Scorpius themselves. It just took them a while to get anything right. [ScorpiusRose postDH]

Prologue: The Prologue One.

Rose Weasley loved a lot of things about Hogwarts.

She loved the swivelling staircases and the silence of the library. She loved the chaos in the corridors between classes and the decorations at Christmas time. She loved her friends and she even managed to love her cousins (though most of them were complete idiots half the time).

But most of all, she loved arguing with Scorpius Malfoy.

All right, so she couldn't stand the bloke. What, could you blame her? He was full of himself and utterly infuriating! Every time he gave her the "I'm better than you," smirk or tried to flick his hair like a supermodel, she literally wanted to commit crimes. Ever since she met him on that first train ride to Hogwarts, Scorpius Malfoy had been the most irritating thing she'd ever come across! But she had to admit, it was always satisfying to hurl an insult at him as they passed in the corridors.

The rumour mill was never quiet within the stone walls of the castle. Whispers met ears and gossip was shared. It was common knowledge throughout Hogwarts that Rose and Scorpius couldn't stand each other. While at first it had been rather exciting – oh my god, look! – Merlin, I have to know the story now – I wonder what he did? – did she just HANDCUFF him? – it had soon become more or less normal to see them yelling at each other. Quite frankly, since they did it so often now, it had gotten so old that it became rather boring.

Yes, it was common knowledge how they felt about each other. They shared a hate/hate relationship.

So they thought. So everyone thought. It just took them a while to get anything right.

A/N: Welcome to the fic that ruined my life.

Pretty much all of this story takes place in Rose and Scorpius' fifth-year. However, since the plot wasn't working without the history between the two, the first four chapters will be on what happened during their first four years at Hogwarts.

Also to be clear off the bat, in this story, Rose is a Ravenclaw, Albus is a Gryffindor and Scorpius is a Slytherin.

I first wrote this story as a 16 year old, many years ago. It's been through so many re-writes and revisions that I've literally lost count. I've cried over this story, hated it, wanted to strangle it, then fell in love with it all over again. This is just the beginning of an insane NextGen universe that took over my life and spawned my love affair with the R/S ship. At the end of the day, this story is my baby!

Thank you for giving it a shot. I hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I enjoyed writing it!

- Moon. xoxo